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W-City (W市) is a location in Magical Girl Raising Project universe and the main stage for Magical Girl Raising Project: ACES.

General Information[edit | edit source]

W-City is described as a small and quiet city with people earning an average income and the security system was better than any other city. A merger that was being suggested was declined by the mayor of the city as they saw no benefit in the merge.

The entirety of W-city belongs to the Puk's Faction. When a Magical Girl from the Puk faction leaves W-city without permission, an alarm rings in Puck's manor. This creates a signal to the rest of the Magical Girls from the Puk's Faction, including Puk Puck herself, that one of their own is leaving on their own free will.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Puk Puck's Mansion[edit | edit source]

Puck's manor is a place where anyone affiliated with the Puk Faction stays. Outside of the manor consists of a garden and the main gate. The manor has a main hallway and several warehouses behind them. One of the warehouses, warehouse 3, has Snow White's confiscated belongings.

According to Fal, the exterior of the manor looks like a European styled house that is straight out of the Renaissance Era, while the interior is completely Japanese themed, filled with tatami mats and sliding doors.

Kaneki Mountain[edit | edit source]

Kaneki Mountain or Kaneikiyama, is a place where the 3 sisters went for a picnic.

City Park (Central Park)[edit | edit source]

A park where Snow White, Uluru and Sorami Nakano sat down on a bench and took a break at. During their break time, the trio was attacked by the Shufflin II.

Department Store[edit | edit source]

The department store is a place where Uluru, Sorami Nakano, and Premium Sachiko used to visit when they were younger. They once ran an errand there given by Puk Puck. The department store consists of a sake factory, a cracker store, and a supermarket.

According to Sorami Nakano's magic, Premium Sachiko ran passed the backdoor of the department store when she escaped.

Amusement Park[edit | edit source]

Also known as the Monkey Mountain Amusement Park. As its name suggests, monkey was its theme with mascot, facilities, roller coaster, shops and others having a monkey theme. However, due to poor sales and not getting many tourists from other cities, the amusement park got shut down.

Puk Puck used to bring Uluru, Sorami Nakano, and Premium Sachiko to the amusement park when they were kids. It is at this location where Premium Sachiko was hiding and eventually found.

D82 Warehouse[edit | edit source]

A warehouse marked 'D82' which was located at the beach that Uluru, Premium Sachiko, and Snow White used as a temporary safehouse. It is at this location where CQ Angel Hammer contacted Snow white and told her the truth about Puk Puck.

Characters From This Place[edit | edit source]

Puk's Factions
Puk Puck
(Deputy Leader)
Other Members
Puk Puck.jpg Uluru.jpg Sorami Nakano.jpg Premium Sachiko.jpg Irene
Beastman Brandia
Ann Sardy, Burstis
Magical Ponzi

Characters That Came to This Place[edit | edit source]

Team Deluge
Research and Development Division
Princess Deluge
Armor Arlie Blade Brenda Cannon Catherine Bluebell
Princess Deluge ACES.jpg Armor Early.jpg Logo-Image Unvalaible.jpg Logo-Image Unvalaible.jpg Blue Bell Candy.jpg
Secret Team
Dark Cutie
the Dictionary
Dark Cutie.jpg Monoshiri Mi-Chan.jpg Glassianne.jpg
Osk's Faction Brainwashed
Lethe (Leader) CQ Angel
Shufflin Ⅱ Snow White Shadow Gale Ripple
Lethe.jpg CQ Angel Hammer.jpg Shufflin Ⅱ.jpg Snow White ACES.jpg Shadow Gale ACES.jpg Ripple ACES.jpg
M.G Resource Department Inspection Department Others
Pfle Pythie Frederica Mana Fal Patricia The First
Lapis Lazuline
Pafuru2.png Pythie Frederica.jpg Mana.jpg Fal.png Patricia.jpg Ratsumukana

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