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Hi all, I'm BlitzSparkz. It's been a year since I joined and edit on this wiki. What a wild ride it has been. Cheers to Black(and eventually, White) and more Mahoiku contents.

I joined this wiki since September 2018 and originally, I wasn't planning on editing. However, I noticed some things were either missing or outdated, so I decided to edit them which was how I started.

I mainly edit the wiki designs and add some QOL improvements to make it easier for editors to navigate. Occasionally, I might write short summaries on some articles however, most of the time I leave those to experts. Also, I like (round)tables and hates wasting space.

To-do List
  • Revamp Image/Gallery (Size, Orienatation etc)Check-green.png
  • Add Higher Quality and Transparency Images
  • Create Documentation for TemplatesCheck-blue.png
  • Add more Images
  • Update Deceased CharactersCheck-green.png
  • Update Black-Related Articles
  • Update ItemsCheck-blue.png
  • Update GlossaryCheck-green.png
  • Add Image CategoryCheck-green.png
  • Update Magical Ability ArticleCheck-green.png
  • Update Cyber World ArticleCheck-green.png
  • Update Merchandise ArticleCheck-green.png
  • Update SIDE-DCheck-green.png
  • Add More PreloadsCheck-green.png
  • Clean up Lyrics TableCheck-green.png
  • Create and Update New Infobox DesignCheck-green.png
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Rank Unmarked Restart Limited JOKERS
1 Hardgore Alice Clantail 7753 Lady Proud
2 Tama Keek Captain Grace Prism cherry
3 Nemurin Pechka Pythie Frederica Princess Quake
4 Magicaloid 44 Shadow Gale Mana Princess Deluge
5 Swim Swim Detick Bell Funny Trick Umbrain
6 Ripple Lapis Lazuline Tepsekemei
7 Snow White
8 Weiss Winterprison
Rank ACES&QUEENS Breakdown F2P Black
1 Monoshiri Mi-Chan Love Me Ren-Ren Stella Lulu Sally Raven
2 Sorami Nakano Nephilia Jouvet Princess Lightning
3 Patricia Miss Margarite Sera Sera Mepis Pheles
4 Dark Cuite Unnamed Person Ranyui
5 Uluru Eljeena Classical Lilian
6 Amy Psyche Plains
7 Clio Tetty Goodgripp


Rank Unmarked Restart Limited JOKERS
1 Hardgore Alice Pechka 7753 Marika Fukuroi
2 Snow White Pfle Funny trick Princess Inferno
3 Ripple Shadow Gale Mana Filuru
4 Top Speed Detec Bell Kuru-Kuru Hime Stuntchica
5 Tama Clantail Hana Gekokujou Styler Mimi
6 Magicaloid 44 Lapis Lazuline Archfiend Pam Prism cherry
7 Nemurin Keek Tepsekemei
Rank ACES&QUEENS Breakdown F2P Black
1 Uluru Love Me Ren-Ren Stella Lulu Mepis Pheles
2 Monoshiri Mi-Chan Miss Margarite Clio Kana
3 Dark Cutie Clarissa Toothedge Jouvet Ranyui
4 Sorami Nakano Navi Ru Sera Sera Kumi-Kumi
5 Lethe Ragi Jie Nent Sera Sera Tetty Goodgripp
6 Nephilia Adelheid
7 Princess Lightning
8 Sally Raven
9 Wrappy Tip


Rank Unmarked Restart Limited JOKERS
1 Swim Swim Lapis Lazuline Pythie Frederica Princess Deluge
2 Tama Keek Sonia Bean Marika Fukuroi
3 Hardgore Alice Clantail Archfiend Pam Grim Heart
4 Snow White 7753
Rank ACES&QUEENS Breakdown F2P Black
1 Dark Cuite Love Me Ren-Ren Sera Sera Princess Lightning
2 Monoshiri Mi-Chan Francisca Francesca Melty Pane Diko Narakunoin
3 Lethe Classical Lillian
4 Puk Puck Tetty Goodgripp
5 Uluru Psyche Plains
6 Blue Bell candy Mepis Pheles


Black Class 2-F VS Homunculi / Shadow Magical Girls (Mock Test 2)
Class 2-F VS Homunculi (Mock Test 1)
Thunder General Adelheid VS Princess Lightning
Restart Pechika, Clantail & Lapis Lazuline VS Melville
Pfle & Shadow Gale VS Clantail
Limited Investigation Team VS Namiyama Students
Kuru-Kuru Hime, Funny Trick, Tepsekemei, Mana & 7753 VS Pukin
JOKERS Marika Fukuroi VS Princess Inferno
Marika Fukuroi, Styler Mimi & Prism Cherry VS Shufflins
ACES Monoshiri-Mi Chan VS Ripple
Monoshiri-Mi Chan VS Sorami Nakano
Snow White VS Dark Cutie
Breakdown Clantail VS Clarissa Toothedge
Team Agrielleimaid Quarky VS Dreamy☆Chelsea
Anyone VS Francisca Francesca
QUEENS Snow White VS Princess Deluge
F2P Stella Lulu vs Monako
The Resistance vs Amy
Unmarked Cranberry VS Team Ruler
Ripple & Top Speed VS Calamity Mary
Hardgore Alice VS Calamity Mary


  • Magia Record
  • Demon Slayer: kimetsu no yaiba
  • Toaru Majutsu no index
  • Hyperdimension Neptunia the Animation
  • Magical Girl Raising Project
  • Gakkou Gurashi!
  • Rewrite
  • Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?
  • Made in Abyss
  • Yuki Yuna Yuusha no Shou
  • Kiniro Mosaic
  • Zombieland Saga
  • SSSS Gridman
  • Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya
  • No Game No Life
  • One Punch Man
  • Naruto Shippuden
  • Yu Gi Oh!
  • Digimon
  • Pokemon
  • Jewelpet


  • Made in Abyss
  • Gakkou Gurashi!
  • Magical Girl Raising Project
  • Nogi Wakaba wa Yuusha de Aru
  • Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 3rei!!


  • Assassin's Creed Series
  • Watch Dogs 2 and Legion
  • Naruto Storm 4
  • Magia Record
  • Batman Arkham Series
  • Tomb Raider Trilogy
  • Just Cause 3&4
  • Soul Calibur VI
  • MapleStory
  • Halo Series
  • Ninja Gaiden 2&3
  • Mirror's Edge Catalyst
  • Sonic Unleashed
  • Saints Row 3&4
  • Skate 2&3
  • Dead or Alive 5&6
  • Dragalia Lost


  • Magical Girl Raising Project (The Entire Series)