Umemizaki Private Academy (梅見崎中学校) is a location in Magical Girl Raising Project universe and the main stage for Magical Girl Raising Project: Black.

General Information[edit | edit source]

Umemizaki Private Academy is a traditional school located in the human world. The Magical Kingdom was able to borrow the old school building to house their Magical Girl class. The school's motive was to nurture the elite Magical Girls into fine professionals upon graduation.

Classes were divided into two sections, General Education where the students will be studying in their human form, and Magical Girl Education where the students will be studying in their Magical Girl Form.[1]

Similar to regular students, the Magical Girls are required to wear their school uniform or gym clothes when they're not transformed. They are allowed to interact with the normal students, however, they are not allowed to discuss Magical Girls or anything related to the Magical Kingdom.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

According to Calcolo, Puk's Faction was the one that came up with the idea of creating a Magical Girl school. However, after Puk Puck's demise, Osk's Faction stepped in and decided to take over the project and execute it themselves. Problems arose after the other factions began fighting over the control of the project with no set successor to Puk Puck.

During the days when the project was managed under Puk's Faction, they were able to launch two successful trials. Eventually, they gathered the data from those two trials and would later be named Alpha and Beta. The homeroom teacher was supposed to be left untouched, however, that said teacher was from Puk's Faction and had her name removed. Thus, they began to look for a Mage that could become a Magical Girl who ended up being the Magical Girl Calcolo.[3]

According to Pythie Frederica, the school's original purpose was supposed to be a sub-plan for Puk Puck to saved the Magical Kingdom. However, during the events of QUEENS, Puk Puck was killed by her own plan, leading to Osk's Faction taking over and continuing the project.[4]

It is unknown if Osk's Faction is continuing Puk's legacy or using the class for their own gains.

Rules and Regulations[edit | edit source]

The rules in Umemizaki Private Academy are more of a guideline that lets a student better themselves as a Magical Girl. [5]

  1. Respect
    • Students are to greet with energy and respect their elders.
    • Students are to be polite and avoid fights.
  2. Uniform
    • Students are to always wear their school uniforms or gym clothes when not transform.
    • Students are to always wear their Magical Girl outfit when transform.
    • Students must ask permission when they want to alter their Magical Girl outfit.
    • Students must always carry their Magical Phone. Personal phones and other communication devices are not allowed.
    • Students may use Mascot for support outside of school only.
  3. Attendance
    • Students must be punctual and arrive and leave the school at the designated times.
    • Students must contact their teacher if they are ill and are going to be absent.
    • Students may be excused if a family member has passed away.
  4. Classroom Etiquette
    • Students may not detransform during normal or special class hours unless instructed to do so.
    • Students are not allowed to abuse their unique powers.
  5. Facilities
    • Students may only enter the health room if their injuries deem to be Class B or above.
    • Students are not allowed to use the library outside of specially assigned class times.
    • Students must ask permission if they wish to buy goods. Students will exchange money with their teacher and purchase the goods on their behalf.
    • Students are not allowed to access the rooftops, courtyards, or other prohibited areas.
  6. During School
    • Students are not allowed to enter Umemizaki Academy’s Middle School block.
    • Students are allowed to interact with the normal students of Umemizaki but not to the point of them discovering the identities of the Magical Girls and those living among them.
  7. After School
    • Students should avoid detransforming after class ends.
    • Students should not talk about their lives as Magical Girls or the Magical Kingdom on social media.
    • Students may use Magical Girl social media but are not allowed to talk about their school life.

School Anthem[edit | edit source]

~Oh the winds blow on the Land of Magic, and our blood runs hot with passion.

We will traverse beyond the edge of time, eternally.

Oooh, Magical Girls, let your voice reach out wide~[6]

Locations[edit | edit source]

Umemizaki Middle School[edit | edit source]

Umemizaki Middle School is a human school located inside Umemizaki Private Academy. The school is divided into two sperate buildings.

  • Old School Building
    The old school building was borrowed to the Magical Kingdom to houses their Magical Girl class and can be access through the magical gate.[7]
  • New School Building
    The human school where the normal middle schoolers attend. The students of the Magical Girl class are prohibited to go or interact with them. Rumors have it that some of the Magical Girls had tried sneaking in.
    • Science Room
      As the name implies, it's a room where the normal students attend their science lessons. The room also contains mercury ore where a student borrowed it to Wrappy Tip who later passed it onto Miss Lille for her use in the second mock test.[8]

Magical Gate[edit | edit source]

Located somewhere in the school, the Magical Gate acts as a transportation device that brings Magical Girls from Umemizaki Private School to a building that holds Class 2-F.[9] There seem to be multiple gates across the building serving each student back and forth from school, preventing any students from traveling simultaneously.[10]

Class 2-F[edit | edit source]

Also known as the Magical Girl class, it is located inside the old school building. Class 2-F is specifically designed to nurture Magical Girls. The class can only be accessed via the Magical Gate.

Garden[edit | edit source]

Located inside new school building, it is a garden that comes with its own security system and an exquisite view. It's a hidden garden tended by the Gardener Mage. Students cannot enter without permission or an invitation. The garden is said to be beautifully trimmed. Within it is a well-designed bench with a cute motif and an archway with a cobbled path marked with heart symbols. It also contains a Magical Gate that only Tetty Goodgripp uses to go back and forth from school, thus making her and the Gardener Mage the only two people from Umemizaki Middle School to know about this secret garden.[11]

Halna's Office[edit | edit source]

Located inside new school building, It is an office where Halna Medhi Melen does her paperwork. Her office is decorated with furniture such as carpets where "one could feel their feet sinking in" and a candlestick for light source. Her office was also said to be the only place in the school were sprinklers and fire alarms were hidden from view. The appearance of her room, despite its rather abstract decorations, has the general layout of a principal's office.

According to Halna, the design of the office was originally made and finalized by Puk's Faction before Osk's Faction took over the project.[12]

Gymnasium[edit | edit source]

Located inside new school building, the gymnasium is a large hall that is said to be big enough to hold four classrooms, although the size would not be able to contain the power of all the Magical Girls. The Magical Girls of Class 2-F attend their physical exercise inside the gymnasium, albeit with the restraint of power. The floor and the walls of the hall were said to be all boarded while the steel frames of the ceiling were all visible.

Inside the hall contains several white and orange balls that were placed inside of a large bag, a large ring attached to a plate and a large horizontal net that was placed between two poles. The floor was then covered with several court lines.

This hall is also where the first mock battle takes place.[13]

Lab Room[edit | edit source]

Located inside new school building and contrary to its name, the lab is not for experimenting but rather a room that sets up the homunculi. Located inside new school building, In order to enter the lab, two officials have to swipe their cards at the same time. Inside the room contains several information terminals that are used for controlling the homunculi.[14]

Mountain[edit | edit source]

The mountain area is a location where the students attempt their second mock battle. Nothing is known much about this area other than the fact that it contains a countless number of trees.[15]

Observatory[edit | edit source]

An observatory located on top of the mountain. Inside the observatory lies the master controls where only people with administrative authority can operate it. As the name suggests, the master control is capable of managing the homunculus.[16]

Lessons[edit | edit source]

The Magical Girl class contains required lessons to be taken by students and teachers in their Magical Girl form.

History Class[edit | edit source]

The history class teaches the topic of Modern Magical Girl Criminals. The class includes, although not limited to, teachings of the past crimes of Cranberry and those who followed her ideals. This includes Lake of Fire Flame Flamey, Melville, Calamity Mary, Killing Sawblade Saw Fran, Iron Wall Lily-Lulu,[17]Gatling Parako, Halberd Emimin,[18],Bella Lace, Miss Box and Bottle-Cut Girl.[19].

Physical Exercise[edit | edit source]

Also referred to as P.E, physical exercise is the sports class where Magical Girls compete in recreational activities. Depending on the occasion, the activities could be a marathon, a mock battle, or any other ball game. These activities are also typically used to monitor a student's power and growth as a Magical Girl.

Mock Battle 1[edit | edit source]

The Mock battle is one of the activities during P.E. It is used as a simple way to measure a Magical Girl's physical abilities and the use of their magic.[20] It is considered to be a close replica to a real battle. New rules were added as a result of testing Kana.

  1. Hurting other Magical Girls is not allowed.
  2. No damaging the gym equipment.
  3. Players are out if they receive any direct hits from a Homunculus and are counted safe if they managed to block a hit from them.
  4. New Rules! All groups will fight a Homunculus team at once instead of one group at a time.
  5. New Rules! Players have five minutes before time runs out, or all the Homunculi are destroyed. Whichever comes first.
  6. New Rules! Anyone who fouls will be out. This being hurting other Magical Girls or damaging the gym equipment.
  7. New Rules! The team with the most eliminations wins.
Magical Girls Status Elimination Method
Tetty Goodgripp Eliminated Foul for attacking Mepis Pheles.
Wrappy Tip Safe N/A
Miss Lille Safe N/A
Armor Arlie Safe N/A
Drill Dory Safe N/A
Mepis Pheles Eliminated It's assumed that Mepis was out due to headbutting Tetty.
Kana Eliminated Out due to being attacked by the Homunculus.
Kumi-Kumi Eliminated Foul for damaging the floor.
Classical Lillian Safe N/A
Thunder General Adelheid Eliminated Foul for damaging the floor.
Psyche Plains Safe N/A
Diko Narakunoin Safe N/A
Sally Raven Eliminated Foul for attacking Miss Lille as she thought she was attacking a Homunculus.
Princess Lightning Safe N/A
Ranyui Safe N/A

Mock Battle 2[edit | edit source]

The second mock battle takes place on the mountains at 11pm. Each group is stationed on different parts of the mountain awaiting the homunculi to be released before the battle begins. However, the homunculi were released slightly earlier and went out of control. Turning the mock battle into a real battle between life and death.

Magical Girls Opponents Situations
Tetty Goodgripp Pukin Brainwashed by Pukin's magic and was later seen panicking and unable to continue.
Wrappy Tip Sustain a lot of damage from the homunculi but was saved by Princess Deluge.
Miss Lille Defeated by Pukin but was saved by Wrappy Tip. Last seen melting.
Ark Arlie Defeated Pukin with the help of Princess Deluge and each other.
Drill Dory
Mepis Pheles Calamity Mary Kicked by Mepis and was sent tumbling away after being sliced by Adelheid.
Kana Sonia Bean Destroyed Kumi-Kumi's powered armor but was slammed down hard by Kana, tearing her legs and melting away.
Classical Lillian Melville Entangled by Lillian's net and had her throat sliced by a black raven summoned by Sally.
Thunder General Adelheid Calamity Mary Had her back sliced by Adelheid and sent tumbling away by Mepis's kick.
Akane Had her body Sliced by Adelheid but not before grabbing onto her for Melville to shoot her.
Melville Stabbed by Melvill's harpoon but managed to slash back and was defeated by Sally.
Psyche Plains Flame Flamey Defeated Flame Flamey by spraying white foam around her.
Diko Narakunoin Cranberry Fought Cranberry but was kicked far away.
Sally Raven Melville Defeated Melville by slicing her throat with her raven.
Princess Lightning Homunculi Struck down multiple Shadow Magical Girls.
Ranyui Cranberry Defeated by Cranberry and lost consciousness. Sent to the hospital later.

Characters From This Place[edit | edit source]

Information Bureau
Halna Medhi Melen
Logo-Image Unvalaible.jpg

Characters That Came to This Place[edit | edit source]

Group 1
Tetty Goodgripp Wrappy Tip Miss Lille Drill Dory Armor Arlie
Tetty Goodniegl.jpg WrappyTip.jpg MissLille.jpg Drill Dolly.jpg Armor Arlie Black.jpg
Group 2
Mepis Pheles Kana Kumi-Kumi Classical Lillian Adelheid
MepisPheles.jpg Kana.jpg KumiKumi.jpg ClassicalLilian.jpg ThunderGeneralAdelheit.jpg
Group 3
Princess Lightning Ranyui Diko Narakunoin Sally Raven Psyche Plains
PrincessLightning.jpg Ran Yui.jpg Narakuno Indiko.jpg SallyRaven.jpg PsychePlains.jpg
Others Team Snow White
Calcolo Snow White Uluru Princess Deluge
Calcolo.jpg SnowWhiteBlack.jpg Uluru.jpg Princess Deluge ACES.jpg

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • While Umemizaki Private School is located in the human world, Class 2-F is located inside the Magical Kingdom
    • Once the Magical Girls enter the school, students must transfer through a Magical Gate to reach their actual class.
  • This is the first location in the main arcs that do not include the name of the city.
  • The mock battle was chosen over a ball game during P.E. was due to Halna and Calcolo wanting to test Kana's capabilities.[24]
    • There were no winners in both mock battles.

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