• Regarding spoilers, I'm okay with removing the second spoiler. I did question myself once why there are two spoilers. I was looking at other wiki for a spoiler template reference and the one I found had two so I added two. Another thing is since there's a spoiler banner at the top, we should be able to remove the coding for 'click to reveal' since as you said the spoiler on top is enough and the wiki is all about spoiler so i don't why we still have to put one up(although the banner looks nice). We also included death in some of the relationships too.

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    • Thank you for the message!

      I do think it would be wise to keep the "click to reveal" coding in the top introduction to certain characters, as some roles the characters have in Mahoiku are significant to the overarching story. For example, by immediately referring to Melville or Rain Pow as antagonists for their respective arc, it takes away the huge plot twist in their stories. This doubles for characters like Ripple, Pfle, or Deluge. Their story twists/roles are super important and I want to keep them under a reveal tab just in case. The best part of the series is the surprise element! I do very much appreciate the concern!

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    • Alright. Maybe it's just me but always prefer the censored version which you then have to click to reveal then the one we're using right now which you have to click to expand just saying.

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