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The Island is a location in Magical Girl Raising Project universe and the main stage for Magical Girl Raising Project: breakdown.

General Information

The Island is a place that the deceased Lir Kuem Satabourn used as a villa and a research facility. It is also the place where the Mages gather to find out the one who will inherit Lir Kuem Satabourn's land.

The only way to get to the island is via a magical gate.


Main Building

Located in the middle of the island. The Main building consists of the main hall where all the Mages gather to decide the next inheritance. In the main building is a kitchen where John Shepherdspie likes to cook, and several guest rooms where all the mages and the Magical Girls stayed.


A small room located next to the Main Building.


Located around the Northwest where a certain Goddess emerged.

Fav LNFalThe following information contains significant spoiler(s):
John Shepherdspie was found dead beside this fountain by Ragi Jie Nent, Dreamy☆Chelsea and Pastel Merry.


Located around the Southwest where Touta Magaoka, Yol and Rareko were hiding.

Magical Gates

There are 2 magical gates located on the North and South of the island. The gates are the only way to reach the island. However, both were destroyed.

Fav LNFalThe following information contains significant spoiler(s):
Meyer was found dead beside the North Gate by Miss Margarite and Rareko.

Characters From This Place

Former Owner Team John
Lir Kuem Satabourn John Shepherdspie
Logo-Image Unvalaible Logo-Image Unvalaible

Characters Invited to This Place

Invited Inheritors and their Magical Girls
Team John Team Touta Team Ragi
Pastel Merry Dreamy☆Chelsea Touta Magaoka Miss Margarite Ragi Jie Nent Clantail
Pastel Merry Dreamy☆Chelsea Logo-Image Unvalaible Miss Margarite Logo-Image Unvalaible Clantail
Team Mana Team Agri
Mana 7753 Tepsekemei Agrielleimaid Quarky Love Me Ren-Ren Nephilia
Mana 7753 Tepsekemei Logo-Image Unvalaible Love Me Ren-Ren Nephilia
Team Yol Team Navi
Yol Meyer Rareko Navi Ru Clarissa Toothedge Francisca Francesca
Logo-Image Unvalaible Logo-Image Unvalaible Logo-Image Unvalaible Logo-Image Unvalaible Logo-Image Unvalaible Logo-Image Unvalaible


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