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The First Lapis Lazuline
Japanese Name 初代ラピス・ラズリーヌ
Romanized Name Shodai Rapisu Razurīnu
Nickname(s) Professor Tanaka (By The Pure Elements)
Personal Information
Debut Age and Occupation
Gender Female
Classification Magical Girl/Human
Status Alive
Affiliation None
Partner(s) The Third Lapis Lazuline
Pythie Frederica (Former)
Pfle (Former)
Student(s) The Third Lapis Lazuline
The Second Lapis Lazuline
Princess Deluge
Princess Inferno
Princess Tempest
Princess Quake
Known Relative(s) Unknown
Kills None
Killed By None

The First Lapis Lazuline (初代ラピス・ラズリーヌ) is a character first mentioned in Magical Girl Raising Project: Restart and first appeared in Magical Girl Raising Project: Episodes and reappeared in Magical Girl Raising Project: JOKERS, Magical Girl Raising Project: ACES and Magical Girl Raising Project: QUEENS.

After the incident of Restart, she told The Third Lapis Lazuline to erase all the people's memories about The Second Lapis Lazuline.

The following information contains significant spoiler(s):
She was only mention by name in Restart.
In JOKERS, she led the Manmade Magical Girl plan and created the Pure Elements.
In ACES, she worked with Pythie Frederica to prevent Team Puk from retrieving Premium Sachiko.
In QUEENS, she appeared in the battlefield to retrieve The Third Lapis Lazuline and her memory.


Magical Girl

She is described as an elderly woman with blue hair and costume.






Lapis Lazuline

She was taught by The First Lapis Lazuline. Blue Comet(The Second Lapis Lazuline) would inherit her name and became her successor.

The Third Lapis Lazuline

The First Lapis Lazuline was her mentor and her name was inherited by Blue Bell Candy and became her second successor. Blue Bell Candy follows the orders of The First Lapis Lazuline.

The First Lapis Lazuline had Blue Bell Candy erased the memories of The Second Lapis Lazuline from Miharu Yatsu due to her knowing too much about the Magical Girls and the Magical Kingdom.


They are partners prior to the events of QUEENS. Pfle and The First Lapis Lazuline were secretly developing their own technology to create Magical Girls. Pfle paid a large sum of money into their project.

Pure Elements

She created the Pure elements and wanted to use them for her own gains.

Pythie Frederica

They are partners during the events of ACES as their goals were the same. Both don't trust each other. Her reasoning was by working too much with Pythie, other people might think that they're her allies and thus would hurt their reputation.


  • Her name, along with the Second and Third Lapis Lazuline are based off a gemstone called Lapis lazuli.


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