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TLDR: Type the name of the color on the color label.

{{Example Infobox
|color           = Joker


This template lists all the available colors for the new portable infobox. To add colors, simply type the name of the colors that appear on the title on each box listed below such as "Default", "Unmarked", "Anime", etc (case sensitive).

Note: This template you are viewing is not meant to be use on any articles except Character Infobox 4/doc 2. This template serves as a reference on the colors available.


Currently, only a certain few infoboxes can use these colors.


Each color is created to match their articles and is also named after them.

  • Wikia
    This is the basic color and can be used when an article doesn't have its dedicated color.
    1. Placeholder
      This color doesn't have a name so it's nicknamed "Placeholder" and only appears if the color field is left blank. Users will often see this color on infobox's template.
    2. Default
      This color is also used when an article doesn't have its dedicated color. Majority of the characters' articles will use this.
  • Character
    Similarly, this color is use for characters related-articles. Characters with sprite artwork will use the "default" color.
    1. Unknown
      This color is used for characters without a sprite artwork.
    2. Human
      This color is used for human characters.
  • Light Novel, Manga, Drama CD / DVD
    All the colors' names correspond to their articles and should be used in this way unless using on your own profile. Color name such as Unmarked is used for the first light novel Magical Girl Raising Project , Unmarked-1 is used for the first manga Magical Girl Raising Project (1), and Dreamland is used for the Drama CD Magical Girl Raising Project in Dreamland
  • Music
    Similarly, this color is use for music related-articles.
    1. Anime
      This color is used for both the anime and Musica Magica related-articles.
  • Fanbook
    Both colors are used for Magical Girl Raising Project Fanbook and Magical Girl Raising Project Official Fanbook while the other two uses the "anime" color as they are anime-related.
  • Others
    Colors that don't match with any of the above labels.


======================================== Wikia ========================================

====================================== Character ======================================
===================================== Light Novel =====================================

======================================= Manga =======================================

=================================== Drama CD / DVD ===================================

======================================== Music ========================================

======================================= Fanbook =======================================

===================================== Others =====================================

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