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Template documentation follows
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This template is designed to add an infobox in any article under the Light Novels and Mangas page.

To use this template, enter the following and fill in the appropriate fields. Most fields left blank will not show up. Don't forget to include brackets, to make the fields into links.


{{Infobox Work
|color         = 
|writecolor    = 
|image         = 
|japname       = 
|romname       = 
|engname       = 
|author        = 
|design        = 
|illustrator   = 
|label         = 
|publisher     = 
|format        = 
|coverchar     = 
|volume        = 
|page          = 
|length        = 
|status        = 
|releasedate   = 
|infosource    = 
|previous      = 
|next          = 


{{Infobox Work
|color         = #000000
|writecolor    = #FFFFFF
|image         = [[File:Volume 11-LN-Cover.png|280px]]
|japname       = 魔法少女育成計画 episodesΔ
|romname       = Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku episoodoΔ
|engname       = Magical Girl Raising Project: Episode Δ
|author        = Asari Endō
|design        = 
|illustrator   = Maruino
|label         = 
|publisher     = Takarajimasha (Japan)<br/>Yen Press (English)
|format        = Light Novel/Manga
|coverchar     = [[La Pucelle]]<br>[[Stella Lulu]]
|volume        = 11
|page          = 285 (Japanese)
|length        = N/A
|status        = Japanese - Completed<br/>English - Unreleased
|releasedate   = June 10, 2019 (Japan)
|infosource    = ISBN 978-4-8002-9571-2 (Japanese)
|previous      = N/A
|next          = N/A

Results in...

Infobox Work
Volume 11-LN-Cover.png
Japanese 魔法少女育成計画 episodesΔ
Rōmaji Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku episoodoΔ
English Magical Girl Raising Project: Episode Δ
Author Asari Endō
Character Design Maruino
Illustrator Maruino
Publisher Takarajimasha (Japan)
Yen Press (English)
Format Light Novel/Manga
Cover Character(s) La Pucelle
Stella Lulu
Volume 11
Pages 285 (Japanese)
Length N/A
Status Japanese - Completed
English - Unreleased
Release Date June 10, 2019 (Japan)
Information Source ISBN 978-4-8002-9571-2 (Japanese)
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