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Infobox Mascot

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Template documentation follows
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This template is for character-related articles specifically Mascot only.

To use this template, enter the following and fill in the appropriate fields. Most fields left blank will not show up. Don't forget to include brackets, to make the fields into links.


{{Infobox Mascot
|color       = 
|writecolor  = 
|name        = 
|image       = 
|japname     = 
|romname     = 
|nickname    = 
|type        = 
|status      = 
|affiliation = 
|masters     = 
|transform   = 
|students    = 
|kill        = 
|killed      = 
|debutnovel  = 
|debutmanga  = 
|debutanime  = 
|appearances = 
|kanji       = 
|romaji      = 
|english     = 


{{Infobox Mascot
|color       = #000000
|name        = Fav
|image       = <tabber>Unmarked=[[File:Fav LN.png|280px]]|-|Anime=[[File:Fav.png|280px]]</tabber>
|japname     = ファヴ
|romname     = Fabu
|nickname    = N/A
|type        = [[Mascot#Cyber Fairy|Cyber Fairy]]
|status      = Deceased
|affiliation = [[Magical Kingdom]]<br/>[[Magical Girl Department#Magical Girl Resources Department|Magical Girl Resources Department]]
|students    = [[Sister Nana]] (Former)
|masters     = [[Swim Swim]] (Former)<br/>[[Musician Of The Forest, Cranberry|Cranberry]] (Former)
|transform   = [[Snow White]]<br/>[[Ripple]]<br/>[[La Pucelle]]<br/>[[Top Speed]]<br/>[[Calamity Mary]]<br/>[[Ruler]]<br/>[[Swim Swim]]<br/>[[Tama]]<br/>[[Minael]]<br/>[[Yunael]]<br/>[[Magicaloid 44]]<br/>[[Sister Nana]]<br/>[[Weiss Winterprison]]<br/>[[Hardgore Alice]]<br/>[[Musician Of The Forest, Cranberry]]<br/>[[Nemurin]]<br/>[[Pechka]]<br/>[[Clantail]]<br/>[[Rionetta]]<br/>[[Nonako Miyokata]]<br/>[[Melville]]<br/>[[Cherna Mouse]]<br/>[[Detec Bell]]<br/>[[@Meow-Meow]]<br/>[[Genopsyko Yumenoshima]]<br/>[[Pfle]]<br/>[[Shadow Gale]]<br/>[[Masked Wonder]]<br/>[[Akane]]
|kill        = [[Nemurin]]<br/>[[Ruler]]
|killed      = [[Ripple]]
|debutnovel  = ''[[Magical Girl Raising Project (Novel)|Magical Girl Raising Project]]''
|debutmanga  = ''[[Magical Girl Raising Project (1)]]''
|debutanime  = ''[[Welcome to a World of Dreams and Magic!]]''
|appearances = ''[[Magical Girl Raising Project (Novel)|Magical Girl Raising Project]]''<br/>''[[Magical Girl Raising Project: Special Edition]]''<br/>''[[Magical Girl Raising Project: Restart]]''<br/>''[[Magical Girl Raising Project: Episodes]]''<br/>''[[Magical Girl Raising Project: Peaceful Days of 16 Magical Girls|Magical Girl Raising Project: Peaceful Days]]''
|kanji       = 間宮 くるみ
|romaji      = Kurumi Mamiya
|english     = Madeleine Morris

Results in...

Japanese Name ファヴ
Romanized Name Fabu
Nickname/s N/A
Voice Actor(s)
Kanji Name
間宮 くるみ
Romaji Name Kurumi Mamiya
English Name Madeleine Morris