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Super-Hot! Back-to-Back Battle Events! (乱入バトル確変中!) is the 10th episode of the Magical Girl Raising Project Animated series.

Major Events[edit | edit source]

  • Hardgore Alice's human form was revealed
  • Snow White returns the Lucky Rabbit's Foot to Hardgore Alice
  • Hardgore Alice's backstory was revealed
    • her status was deceased
  • Snow White discovered Hardgore Alice's human form
    • Hardgore Alice gave backed the Lucky Rabbit's Foot to Snow White
  • Both Yunael and Minael's human forms and backstories were revealed
  • Team Ruler fought Cranberry
    • Minael's status is now deceased

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

“Super-Hot! Back-to-Back Battle Events!”

A few days after the massive tragedy on the highway, Snow White and Hardgore Alice can be seen tending to each other’s emotional wounds. Along with the announcement of the new dropout, a new rule is announced: that the standing Magical Girls would be reduced to four. The Magical Girls scramble, having realized that the game wasn’t over.[1]

Summary[edit | edit source]

Just as it seems they are finally getting along with each other, Snow White vents her frustrations at Hardgore Alice following Fav's latest update on the new deaths and rule changes. On her way to school the next day, Alice is attacked in her civilian form by Swim Swim, who had learned of her secret identity after Minael disguised herself as Alice's stuffed rabbit. In her final moments, Alice calls out to Snow White, thanking her for giving her a reason to live and leaving her with the Lucky Rabbit's Foot before passing away. Meanwhile, it is revealed that Cranberry and Fav arranged the deathmatch as a selection exam to recruit Magical Girls for the Magical Kingdom. Later, Swim Swim prepares to confront Cranberry, who injures Tama and kills Minael, who was lying in wait.

Reference[edit | edit source]

  1. Synopsis was taken from Crunchyroll.

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