Magical Girl Raising Project

Childhood Dreams

As a child, Koyuki had huge dreams of becoming a Magical Girl. Her favorite pastimes are to watch Magical Girl Anime, such as Cutie Healer.

As she grew, others began to dismiss her dreams as childish, but Koyuki continued to aspire to become a Magical Girl. During this time, the only person she could talk to about Magical Girls was a boy by the name of Souta Kishibe, who shared her hobbies and dreams of becoming a Magical Girl. Most notably creating her Magical Girl persona, Snow White.

Eventually, as they graduated from elementary, Koyuki and Souta moved apart, but Koyuki's dreams of becoming a real Magical Girl remained with her.

A Popular Social Game

At her 2nd year of middle school, Koyuki was interested in a social game known as Magical Girl Raising Project. Within this game, she was able to play out her fantasies in becoming a Magical Girl.

Her avatar was an exact copy of the Snow White character she created as a young child, and she spent hours playing the social game.

One night, Koyuki was visited by Fav, who appeared from her phone to inform her that she had been chosen to become a real Magical Girl. Surprised at first, when she was transformed into Snow White, her immediate reaction was that of joy. As Fav explained the Magical Candy system to her, Koyuki had gotten to work fast.

The New Girl

As a rookie Magical Girl, Snow White was a very hard worker. Thanks to her abilities, she was easily able to find people who are in distress and help them.

In the weeks since she's become a Magical Girl, she's risen to the top of the ranks, outclassing even the veteran Magical Girls. This gave her a reputation among websites that tracked Magical Girl sightings, as well as among the other 14 Magical Girls.

During her time helping people, she had helped the elderly cross the street, return stolen items for a child, and helped a little girl find her lost house key.

Finally, she was assigned a mentor. During one of the weekend chats, a Magical Girl named La Pucelle had been assigned as a mentor towards her. Excited to meet another Magical Girl in real life, the two agreed to meet up in a tower nearby.

Reunion with an Old Friend

Volume 1-LN-043

Snow White & La Pucelle

During the meetup, Snow White and La Pucelle introduced each other. It was here that she learned about the various rules of the N-City Magical Girls. The districts they govern, the names of the other Magical Girls, as well as any important information she may need for her work.

During this time, La Pucelle also explained to her that some Magical Girls may be too dangerous to interact with, while others aren't so keen to work together. Snow White disliked that notion, believing that Magical Girls should strive to be an ideal source of hope for all.

It was at this time that La Pucelle revealed himself to be Souta Kishibe, the boy who she had met before. He explained that he also became a Magical Girl and that not only girls are eligible to become Magical Girls. From this point on, Snow White and La Pucelle's relationship strengthened, and they agreed to become partners.

Elimination Game

Fav later announced that there were far too many Magical Girls in N-City, and in that they will cut down the number of Magical Girls from 16 down to 8. The revelation shocked Snow White and the other Magical Girls. Fav explained that the Magical Girl with the least amount of candies will be dropped out every week.

With business as usual, Snow White remained at the top of the list for the whole week. During Fav's first announcement, he had announced that Nemurin had been eliminated from the group. Bidding farewell, Snow White wished Nemurin luck in her life.

A few days later, Snow White had found out that Nemurin had in fact died of a heart attack, and that Fav's elimination game involved death. After hearing this, she felt heartbroken. La Pucelle continued to support her, and the two continued to do their jobs as Magical Girls, regardless of the costs.


During one of their nights talking with each other, La Pucelle had been late to their usual meetup spot at the tower. Not thinking much of it, Snow White continued to wait alone at the steel tower. There, she was approached by two other Magical Girls, Ruler and Swim Swim.

Before she could react, Ruler had used her ability to stop Snow White from moving. Swim Swim then began stealing half of Snow White's candies. During this time, La Pucelle had been chasing the Peaky Angels back to the tower. After seeing what transpired, La Pucelle angrily shoulder charged the tower, causing all 3 Magical Girls to fall from a great height.

Rescued by La Pucelle, Snow White revealed that they stole most of her candies. Surprised that there are still some remaining, the two nervously awaited the announcements. It was then that Fav announced the second elimination to be Ruler.

Splitting Up

Thanks to the heist attempt by Team Ruler, La Pucelle had decided that it was best to split up with Snow White. He had decided that since Snow White would be the number one target, and because Snow White is unwilling to fight other Magical Girls, La Pucelle would handle the fighting, while Snow White would lay low and continue helping people as an ideal Magical Girl should.

During this period, Snow White continued to be targeted by other Magical Girls due to her high amount of candies, but as she began laying low, it became harder to find her. She also randomized her meeting places with La Pucelle, to make it harder to track by other Magical Girls.

Unfortunately, due to the little amount of contact with La Pucelle, the next time Snow White had heard about La Pucelle was when it was announced that he had died in a traffic accident.

The announcement had a major effect on Snow White, as she began to separate herself from many of her social friends, and became secluded as a result.

Encounter with Alice

It was at this time that Fav introduced Magical Items into the death game. Snow White was tempted to purchase one of the four items for sale but was unable to do so thanks to the cost of it being a reduced lifespan. In the middle of this, she was suddenly approached by a black-dressed girl, with pale white skin.

Snow White had assumed, thanks to her previous experiences, that this Magical Girl was here to kill her, and retreated further into an alley as the Magical Girl followed her. When the girl revealed to her that she had been looking for Snow White, the girl suddenly was decapitated by an attack from Magicaloid 44. However, the girl, now headless, proceeded to kill Magicaloid easily.

The amount of blood and gore had shocked Snow White into unconsciousness, as she blacked out after the incident. When she awoke, she received an urgent message from Sister Nana, asking her to come to meet up. Not only that, but she was apparently holding the Lucky Rabbit's Foot. When she asked Fav, he revealed that the Rabbit's Foot was purchased by the 16th Magical Girl.

Meeting up with Nana and Winterprison, they were glad that Snow White agreed to team up. It was here that Snow White met the black dressed girl again, who introduced herself as Hardgore Alice, and Sister Nana's apprentice. She revealed that she had purchased the from Fav, and did so to give it to Snow White, for protection. Still uneasy about Alice, Snow White was unsure of working together with her and was generally distrustful of Alice.

Sister Nana and Winterprison, however, departed, looking to negotiate with Swim Swim for her cooperation as well, leaving Snow White paired up with Alice.

National Highway

Snow White, like all the other Magical Girls, had received an emergency contact from Fav, warning them of a large attack within the National Highway. While Snow White and Alice had no idea that the attack was being conducted by Calamity Mary, they nevertheless headed out to help the people in need.

In the middle of the destruction, Snow White and Alice focused on helping the wounded people. At some point, Minael and Tama had considered ambushing them, but was threatened away by Alice. All the meantime, Snow White continued to bring injured people to safety.

After seeing the remnants of the National Highway, Snow White had come to the conclusion that this was no accident. She had realized that somehow, this was the work of a Magical Girl. The revelation has thrown her into a deep bout of cynicism for the remaining Magical Girls. This, combined with Fav announcing that they will cut the Magical Girls down to 4, made Snow White reach her breaking point.

After a heated argument with Hardgore Alice, Snow White relinquished her Rabbit's Foot, and vowed to never become a Magical Girl again, separating with Alice as she went back home, losing her faith in the world around her.

Alone Once More

The next day, Snow White had resolved to unofficially forfeit her right as a Magical Girl. While she didn't outright quit, she no longer cared about what would happen to her otherwise. It was then that during her trip to school, she happened upon a crowded scene.

Approaching it, she found the dying body of a human girl, who revealed herself to be the human form of Hardgore Alice. It was here that Snow White had realized that Alice was the same girl that she helped find the key towards during the beginning of her career and that Snow White inspired her to have a new lease on life.

Using the Rabbit's Foot, Alice had wanted Snow White to see how much of an ideal Magical Girl she really is, and how she can inspire people. Heartbroken by the scene of losing another person who cared for her, Snow White once again took up the mantle of a Magical Girl, receiving the Rabbit's Foot from the dying Alice.

At this point, there were only 3 remaining Magical Girls in N-City, and believing that the death games were indeed over, she received a text from Ripple, asking to meet up with her. They agreed to meet up in the old tower where La Pucelle used to meet with Snow White.

Volume 1-LN-262

Snow White meets Ripple

When she arrived there, she found Ripple, cold and distant. Ripple asked her for information about Swim Swim, and when asked, Ripple bluntly stated that she was going to kill Swim Swim. Snow White attempted to stop Ripple, but to no avail, as Fav appeared and gleefully revealed Swim Swim's weakness.

Ripple then set an appointment with Swim Swim, and left to fight, leaving Snow White alone with Fav. Here, Snow White discovered the true nature of Fav and his death game. This was the moment where Snow White showed no signs of remorse or forgiveness. Realizing that Fav planned to make Ripple and Swim Swim fight each other in order to ensure only one survivor remains.

Snow White hurried to the scene as fast as possible, but when she arrived, she found both of the Magical Girls mortally wounded in human form, with Swim Swim having a katana through her chest, and Ripple with one arm and a lost eye.

Angered, Snow White heard Fav's voice resonating through Swim Swim's Magical Phone, pinpointing that Fav, in fact, lived physically inside that phone. Attempting to destroy the phone to no avail, Snow White's Rabbit's Foot vibrated and caused Ripple to regain consciousness, using Swim Swim's halberd along with Snow White to finally destroy the magical phone.

Finally free from the death games, the two decided to work together for now, revealing Cranberry's crimes towards the Magical Kingdom and seeking out any other rogue Magical Girls.

Snow White Raising Project


After revealing Cranberry's crimes, the Magical Kingdom moved quickly to do damage control. Both Snow White and Ripple were interviewed by people from the Magical Kingdom. During her interview, Snow White was given the option to stop being a Magical Girl and have her memories erased, but she refused the offer.

Desiring strength

One day Snow White was called by Pythie Frederica, who revealed herself to be her new mentor. Snow White asked her if she could teach her how to fight. However, when asked why she wanted to become stronger she wouldn't give a straight answer. Pythie stated she would give it some thought.

Sometime later, Pythie called Snow White again to try to talk her out of trying to become strong, but she wouldn't listen. Seeing that there is no talking her out of it, Pythie began to question her resolve. While Snow White didn't care what would happen to herself, her revolve was shaken when asked if she would abandon her family and friends for power. Pythie then told her to think about it and hung up.

Snow White called Pythie when she learned that she had told Ripple of her desire for strength. Pythie stated she simply wanted to know why she desired strength. Snow White attempted to cut her off by saying she would just train herself. However, Pythie argued she would need a sparring partner and suggested she asked Ripple before hanging up.

However, Ripple refused to teach her how to fight, resulting in the two getting into an argument. Afterward, a crying Snow White contacted Pythie and finally told her why she desired strength. She told her she wanted to hunt down rogue Magical Girl so that tragedies like what she went through could never happen again. Pythie accepted her resolve and told her that she had already convinced Ripple to train her.


Volume 1.5-LN-318

Snow White, training with Ripple

Snow White began training with Ripple each night. She started her training with hitting blocks Ripple would throw at her. Progress was slow, but she steadily started to get better. Pythie eventually contacted her about her lack of progress and advised her to stop going to school and focus solely on her training, which she did.

From then on Snow White's improvement began to speed up until one training session she asked Ripple to spar with her. Though she lost, Snow White was able to get Ripple to fight her seriously by using her handicaps to her advantage.

The training continued and Snow White's strength and skill continued to increase to the point where she became able to fight on par Ripple. She contacted Pythie to tell she was now able to fight Ripple evenly. Pythie congratulated her and advised her to analyze her opponents' fighting styles, tells and habits while in turn watching out for her own. Thanks to Pythie's advice, during their next sparring section, Snow White ended up absolutely dominating Ripple.


Unbeknownst to Snow White, Pythie has been secretly manipulating her training from the shadows the whole time, hoping to turn her into "the ideal Magical Girl". However, Ripple refused to allow Snow White to face real danger. Pythie thus decided that Ripple had become an obstacle to Snow White's development and needed to be gotten rid off.

Snow White was walking home from a night training when her ability told her that Ripple was in danger. She ran back to see Pythie trying to kill Ripple. Feeling betrayed, Snow White along with Ripple fought Pythie. During the fight, Pythie wanted to grab Snow White and flee. However, she was able to see it coming and dodged. After incapacitating her, Snow White, both angry and sad at being betrayed by a person she trusted, approached Pythie and hit her with all of her strength, knocking her unconscious.

Magical Girl Raising Project: Restart

Magical Girl Hunter

At some point before the events of Restart, Snow White had built up a name for herself. She had efficiently hunted and arrested several rogue Magical Girls, and thus earned the nickname Magical Girl Hunter.

One of these encounters was an encounter with another Magical Girl, Flame Flamey. The two met when Snow White was hunting down rogue Magical Girls, and Snow White found Flame Flamey within a burning school building.

At this point in time, Snow White had possession of Swim Swim's halberd, and using it as a weapon, proceeded to battle with Flame Flamey. Despite the latter's raw power and abilities, Snow White was able to use her powers in order to predict Flame Flamey's next move before she did.

Unable to hit Snow White, and feeling threatened and scared as Snow White seemingly was untouchable, Snow White was easily able to best her, damaging Flame Flamey with her halberd until her opponent was too tired to continue.

Afterwards, Snow White finished off the fight by pulling out a fire extinguisher, ridding the flames within the school building, and knocking out Flame Flamey with it.

A New Selection

Volume 3-LN-045

Snow White confronts Keek

After the Magical Kingdom was informed by Fal that Keek had abducted sixteen Magical Girls and forced them into a Magical Girl Selection Process where they were put into a Cyber World and had to kill each other, Snow White was sent to confront her.

When Snow White confronted Keek, she demanded her to release the Magical Girls immediately. Keek was willing to do so if the land of magic reorganized the Selection Process to be like Snow White's. Snow White wasn't willing to negotiate, however.

Snow White and Keek continued to talk about their beliefs until she had enough and once more demanded Keek to release the Magical Girls. Fal told her to hurry as six girls had already died. This news infuriated Snow White, who went to grab her halberd, but found that she couldn't. Keek then revealed that they were in a Cyber World she created, allowing her to shut down Snow White's powers. Realizing she couldn't win against Keek, Snow White left.

Magical Girls Department

Needing a plan to deal with Keek, Snow White visited the Magical Kingdom's Magical Girl Resources Department, which had files on every Magical Girl. Not having time to go through normal procedures, Snow White read the mind of the department head to get access through his password.

Cranberry's Legacy

Having learned that the abducted Magical Girls were all "Children of Cranberry", Snow White once again confronted Keek.

The two talked about the nature of Keek's Selection Process. While Keek thought it would turn them into the "Ideal Magical Girl", Snow White thought of it as nothing more as Cranberry's selection process under a new skin. Keek then created copies of La Pucelle and Hardgore Alice and gave Snow White the offer to be reunited with them in her Cyber World, shocking her.

End of the Selection

Ultimately, Snow White wasn't able to save the Magical Girls before the Selection Process ended, leaving only three survivors.

Afterwards, Snow White asked Keek what comes next. Keek revealed her intentions to do another Selection Process. When Snow White asked why she wasn't abducted, Keek stated that she already considers herself an "ideal Magical Girl" as she survived her Selection Process without killing anyone, revealing her hatred towards Cranberry. Snow White then gave Keek her file, which revealed that Keek's mentor was a sympathizer of Cranberry and that she passed on her teachings to her. Fazed with the flaws in her logic Keek suffers a mental breakdown. Snow White then leaves, taking Fal as her fairy.

Magical Girl Raising Project: Limited

Missed Connections

Ripple had grown concerned for Snow White, seeing how she's changed from a naive and carefree child into a ruthless and aggressive person. One of the reasons why she wanted to enter the Magical Kingdom was so they could potentially become partners again, seeing that she needs help.

Magical Girl Raising Project: JOKERS


By JOKERS, Snow White had successfully arrested over 30 rogue Magical Girls all by herself without killing even one. At this point, her strength and reputation had grown to a point where some roque Magical girls didn't even bother fighting her, instead just surrendering to her on the spot.

Because of her achievements, Snow White was given honorary status in the Magical Kingdom, with many different divisions wanting to recruit her. However, Snow White rejected them all, preferring to remain solo.

However, Snow White was pushing herself to achieve all this, often returning from a fight covered in wounds and once nearly beating a rogue Magical Girl she was having trouble with to death. She had also seized to have any form of contact with Ripple, not wanting to put her into danger.

Fal, now her Fairy Mascot, tried to talk her out of doing such dangerous work, but Snow White didn't listen and stated that "she had to be the one to deal with the bad guys".

During Limited

It is revealed that during the events of Limited, Snow White traveled to B-City upon learning that Ripple was part of an investigation squad tasked with tracking down and arresting a dangerous assassin. However, the Magical Kingdom's Department of Diplomacy erected a barrier around the city to prevent the assassin from escaping, locking Snow White out until the battle was over.

After the battle, Snow White moved quickly to find Ripple before the Magical Kingdom could do damage control. She questioned a survivor and checked each battlefield, becoming enraged upon seeing all the deaths that could have been prevented. She continued searching for weeks until she read the extermination squad's report, which stated that Ripple had been killed in action.

Believing she was now the sole survivor of Cranberry's Selection, Snow White fell into a depression. However, she was able to find comfort with her friends and family. At Fal's request, she would spend the next three months as Koyuki Himekawa, living an ordinary life.

However, Snow White when received a message from the Magical Kingdom's Inspection Department, informing her that Pythie had escaped prison during the events of Limited, she resumed being a Magical Girl. However, she was still rusty as a result of not fighting for three months. Still, she didn't care and once again began hunting rogue Magical Girls.


Volume 7-LN-030

Koyuki encounters Akari

Snow White was informed by Fal that she had received a message stating that a mysterious facility in S-City was trying to create Man-Made Magical Girls. While the sender was unknown Fal tracked the message to its source and discovered that it was sent using Ripple's Magical Phone. Now having a sliver of hope that Ripple might still be alive, Snow White immediately left for S-City.

Upon arriving in S-City, Snow White had Fal using his abilities as a Cyber Fairy to scan for Magical Girls. However, Fal's maximum scan range was only 200m, not enough to scan the entire city, forcing her to move around as Koyuki Himekawa.

While moving around S-City as Koyuki Himekawa, she ran into her childhood friend Akari Hiyama. The two talked a bit, during which Koyuki acted like her pre-selection self. After parting ways, Koyuki asked Fal if Akari might be a Magical Girl, but Fal informed her that his scan on her turned out negative. Fal suggested they head back home as it was becoming late, but Koyuki refused to leave until she had found some kind of clue.

A Miraculous Meeting

After circling all of S-City three times without any payoff, Snow White asked Fal about the Magical Girl in charge of the city. Fal hacked into the Magical Kingdom servers and discovered her name was Prism Cherry. Snow White decided to slowly move through the city and use herself as bait to draw Prism Cherry out, against Fal's wishes.

Volume 7-LN-160

Snow White challenged by Marika Fukuroi

A short while later, Snow White was ambushed by another Magical Girl. Fal identified her as Marika Fukuroi and her partner as Styler Mimi. Marika, having heard tales of her achievements as the Magical Girl Hunter, challenged her to a fight. Snow White, however, having read her mind and discovered she bore no ill intentions, rejected her challenge.

Marika continued to try and pick a fight with Snow White until they spotted a Magical Girl dressed in a joker costume. The girl seemed to be a mute and acted like a mime, but what surprised Snow White was that Fal couldn't find info on her and that she couldn't read her mind. The girl then started running with Snow White, Marika and Styler Mimi following her.

Snow White along with Marika and Styler Mimi were led to a facility by the girl. Here they encountered Lady Proud and Umbrain. Fal feared had fallen into a trap, but Snow White, having read their minds, informed him they had no such intentions.

The girl gave everyone present a card, identifying herself as Stuntchica. Lady Proud deduces she gathered them because she wanted them to join forces, to which she shook her head "yes". Snow White decided to go along with the team-up.

Man-Made Magical Girls

As Snow White and the others began to explore the facility, she noticed she could only read the minds of those inside the building.

When the group came across a crossroad, Snow White suggested they split. Lady Proud was against this, but Snow White argued they could cover more ground and that they were all veterans who could take care of themselves. Lady Proud saw the logic in her statement and divided the group. Snow White, Lady Proud and Umbrain became one group and Marika, Styler Mimi and Stuntchica the other.

Snow White's group traveled deeper into the facility, entering the Jungle Area where they encountered Princess Quake and Princess Deluge. Snow White tried to tell them they didn't wish to fight, but they didn't believe her due to her halberd being out.

Umbrain, despite Snow White telling her not to fight them, ended provoking the Princesses, causing them to attack. Umbrain along with Lady Proud fought them, until Snow White angrily told them to fall back.

After falling back, Snow White got into an argument with Umbrain about provoking the Princesses, until Lady Proud told them both to stop. Snow White decided to go back to the place where they were supposed to meet up with the other group to decide their next move.

Becoming A Leader

Snow White's group met up with the other group and found even more Magical Girls had joined them. The newcomers introduced themselves as Filuru, Kafuria, Grim Heart and Shufflin. Together they planned their next move and concluded that the path Snow White's group took was the safer one.

Snow White then left the group to consult with Fal. Fal informed Snow White that Filuru, Kaguria, and Uttakatta are all jobless and that he couldn't find any info on Grim Heart and Shufflin. Snow White likewise informed Fal that she had couldn't read Grim Heart's mind.

Upon learning that she's been reading everyone's minds, Fal got into a fight with Snow White about her lack of trust towards others. During the fight, Fal snapped and told her that he was worried about her. Snow White promised they would talk about it later and rejoins the group.

After rejoining the group, Snow White announced her intention to negotiate with the Man-Made Magical Girls. However, because of previous events, everyone, with the exception of Styler Mimi, disagreed with this. In response, Snow White reveals her ability and explains that the Man-Made Magical Girls are just afraid and don't actually want to fight.

Just it seemed that Snow White had convinced everyone, Umbrain suddenly disappeared without anyone noticing. Lady Proud asked Snow White to use her ability to find her, but she found she couldn't. Believing the Man-Made Magical Girls took her, Lady Proud wanted to fight them again as did Grim Heart. However, Snow White told them to calm down and that needed to stop acting rashly.

After considering their options, the other Magical Girls decided that Snow White was the best suited to lead them.

The True Enemy

Snow White's group once again confronted the Princess Quake and Princess Deluge along with Princess Inferno. They demanded they release Princess Tempest, while Lady Proud demanded they release Umbrain.

Upon reading the mind of Princess Inferno, Snow White was shocked to discover she was Akari. Snow White transformed back into Koyuki, revealing herself to Princess Inferno. However, revealing her identity only confused Princess Inferno and the two groups were about to fight. Snow White tried to calm everyone down, realizing that they were being manipulated by a third party.

At that moment dozens of demons suddenly began to spawn and began to attack everyone, killing Shufflin. Snow White thus ordered everyone to retreat. Lady Proud, however, refused to leave and ended up killing herself along with a demon. Enraged at the sight of lives being lost, Snow White once more ordered everyone to retreat. Everyone complied and left the room, with the exception of Marika, who used one of her abilities to take out all the demons.

Snow White's group walked to the next area. They were joined by Princess Deluge, who had escaped with them during the battle, while Grim Heart and Stuntchica had disappeared. On the way, Snow White questioned Uttakatta about Grim Heart.

Upon arriving at the entrance of the Desert Area, Snow White's group was attacked by three Shufflins in Spade costumes. Snow White fought one of them together with Princess Deluge. In the end, they were no match for Snow White and co and were defeated.

After defeating the Spade Shufflins they decide to head back to the Forest Area. Upon arrival, however, Uttakatta was suddenly killed by two Shufflins in Club costumes whom faded into the environment. They tried to attack Snow White, but she was able to counter them using her ability. In response, she ordered everyone to cover each other's backs, she herself pairing with Princess Deluge.

Princess Inferno suddenly came bursting in and informed them that Prism Cherry and Princess Quake had been killed. They were then suddenly confronted by the strongest Shufflin, the Ace of Spades.

The Ace proved to be quite a match for Snow White, but with everyone's help she was able to defeat her. However, she was forced to kill her, which, even though she wasn't human, marks the first time Snow White killed someone.

With several of them severely injured after the battle against the Ace, Snow White and the others decided to rest in the hallway. They concluded that Grim Heart was the mastermind behind the Shufflins.

With their group being severely outnumbered, Snow White decided their best plan would be to flee from the facility and inform the Magical Kingdom of Grim Heart's crimes. She also theorized that the reason why they all received a message informing them about the facility and the Man-Man Magical Girls was because whoever sent it wanted them to take down Grim Heart.

Snow White then had a little heart to heart with Princess Inferno. When Inferno learned of her achievements as the Magical Girl Hunter she was amazed. She couldn't believe she did all that because she used to be shy and obsessed with Magical Girls, causing Snow White to give an embarrassed smile, with Fal noting that this is the first time he's seen her smile.

Once everyone was able to move, Snow White told them they were going to leave the facility. However, Princess Deluge informed them that Grim Heart was likely to have changed the password, locking them in unless they make it to the command room and change it.

At that moment, the group was attacked by four Spade Shufflins, including the Ace. Snow White sensed something behind her and told everyone to get down. A grenade was then thrown, killing three of the Shufflins and severely injuring the Ace, who was killed after being hit by several knives. Looking behind them, the group saw Stuntchica standing on the corpses of several Club Shufflins.

Losing Another Friend

With almost all of them tired and injured and their enemy seemingly able to revive infinitely, the group was forced to engage the Shufflins in guerrilla warfare. They eventually relocated to the Water Area where Princess Deluge created a mist wall to prevent cameras from spotting them and Filuru created several traps using some of Stuntchica's grenades.

Snow White tried to ask Stuntchica about her identity and motives, but she, as usual, wouldn't give a straight answer.

The group was then once again attacked by the Ace of Spades. Despite triggering one of Filuru's traps, the Ace survived by using several Heart Shufflins as meat shields.

Volume 7-LN-240

Snow White & Filuru vs. the Ace

Filiuru then moved to attack the Ace directly. Using her ability, Snow White sensed the Ace was going to throw her spear and warned Filiuru. However, despite dodging in time, Filiuru couldn't avoid critical injury. Snow White engaged the Ace in a battle to save Filuru but was outmatched. Stuntchica then used her grenades as a distraction to allow the group to get away.

Knowing all the Shufflins would be here soon, Snow White created a plan to have Princess Deluge create an ice wall to use as a dam for a massive body of water. When all the Shufflins gathered in front of it, Deluge made the ice wall collapse, causing all the Shufflins to the washed away.

Now having an opening, Snow White, Princess Inferno and Stuntchica moved to the command room, while Princess Deluge, Filuru, Styler Mimi and Marika took care of the remaining Shufflins.

Upon arriving the in command room Inferno made her way to control console while Stuntchica guarded her and Snow White guarded the door. However, despite their precautions, Inferno and Stuntchica were ambushed by the Joker Shufflin. Snow White tried to help them but was confronted by Grim Heart.

During the battle, Snow White was continuously beaten but ultimately made her way over to Inferno. Still outmatched, Stuntchica pushed Snow White and Inferno out of the command room before using a grenade to attempt to take out Grimm Heart and the Joker Shufflin in a suicide attack.

With Inferno fatally injured, Snow White attempted to take her somewhere safe so she could be treated. However, Inferno told her that she won't make it. Though initially unwilling to listen, Snow White was ultimately forced to accept reality. Inferno's last words to Snow White were that she has grown a lot and that her only regret was that she couldn't have met her sooner. Inferno then passes away in Snow White's arms, leaving her devastated over losing another friend.


Snow White made her way back to the Water Area with Inferno's body where she handed it over to Princess Deluge and gave her time to mourn. She also gave a bag to Filiuru to lay on to recover from her injuries.

Snow White talked with Styler Mimi and Marika. She informed them that she was able to read the Joker Shufflin's mind and learned several important things. Joker Shufflin was the original and if they beat her they beat the whole army. She also learned that Grim Heart's power allows her to control who can interact with her and that she wanted the Man-Made Magical Girls alive.

Snow White suggests going with their previous plan to leave the facility. However, Deluge announced her intentions to kill the Joker Shufflin to avenge her comrades. However, Snow White told her that it wasn't that simple and even if the enemy wanted her alive they won't value her life over theirs.

Despite Snow White's words, Deluge remained set on killing Shufflin. Snow White then told her that she knew that it was like to lose someone but she was able to hold on and that she now needed to do the same. Deluge asked her if she would be able to stick to her beliefs even if she were to be confronted by her friends' killer and if she would sacrifice herself if she could bring back those she lost, to which she replied "yes".

Deluge offered herself to be used as a hostage against Grim Heart. Snow White was against this, but Deluge used her previous remark against her. She then went on to plead with Snow White to accept her plan.

Snow White ultimately went along with Deluge's plan. The group pretended to be willing to negotiate with Grim Heart, handing over Deluge in return for their safety. Grim Heart allowed them to negotiate with her. However, expecting a trap, she only allowed Filuru to meet with her.

Snow White had Styler Mimi use her ability to change hers and Filuru's appearances to make them look like each other. Falling for the trick, Grim Heart allowed Snow White to approach her. During their meeting, because Grim Heart allowed her to interact with her, Snow White was able to read her mind and get the password.

Upon making it back to the group, Snow White dropped the disguise and told Filuru to get inside her four-dimensional bag. Everyone then started to run to the exit to leave the facility. On the way, they encountered several Shufflins, but they defeated them easily.

Upon reaching the entrance of the Desert Area, Marika decided to remain behind to prevent the rest from being followed. Styler Mimi decided to remain behind with her. Snow White and Princess Deluge hesitated to leave them behind for a moment before moving on.

Continuing to move for the exit, Snow White and Princess were shocked to see Prism Cherry suddenly appearing out of nowhere. While Deluge was overjoyed at seeing Cherry alive, she told them to continue moving while she joined Marika and Styler Mimi.

The two continued moving until they finally reached the exit of the facility. Snow White typed in the password, causing the door to open. However, at that moment, Grim Heart altered the password from the control room, causing the doors to close again.

Thinking fast, Snow White used her halberd to keep the door open and told Princess Deluge to get inside her four-dimensional bag. She then threw the bag containing Princess Deluge and Filuru through the small gap she made. Knowing her side had won, Snow White removed her halberd from the door and fell down from exhaustion.

Now alone with Fal, Snow White continued her earlier talk with him. Fal told her she had really grown throughout everything that had happened and that deep down she was still a true Magical Girl. Fal told her he would remain with her, causing Snow White to joke about her backtrack record with keeping friends.

Snow White sensed that she was about to pass out from exhaustion and accepted that with Grim Heart and Shufflin still out there she was probably going to die. She told Fal she was going to pass out and thanked him for always being there for her. She then lost consciousness, not expecting to wake up again.

Back to Business

Despite being completely convinced that she was going to die, Snow White regained consciousness at a hospital. After checking if she was okay, she got up and left for home. It rained, but she didn't care.

Volume 7-LN-00e

Snow White heading home through the rain

After what happened to Princess Inferno, Snow White made up her mind to cut herself off from the people close to her. She believed this was for the best as those who involve themselves with her always end up dying.

She also wondered what happened after she passed out. However, all she could do now to continue to look for Ripple.

At that moment, Snow White received a text message. According to the message, the events of S-City were masterminded by a high ranking member of the Magical Kingdom's Magical Girl Resources Department named Pfle. For further information, the sender told her to come to meet her personally on top of a school.

Snow White decided to meet the sender and made her way to the meeting point when she suddenly heard the voice of someone in distress through her ability. She then decided to go help the person in distress with a smile on her face.

A while later, Snow White confronted the sender of the message, a girl in a nurse outfit. The girl introduced herself as Shadow Gale. Fal knew her as she was in Keek's Selection Process.

Shadow Gale gave Snow White a small blue ball. When she asked what it was, Shadow Gale told her it contained Pfle's memories and that without it she won't know what to do. Snow White was skeptical, however, as Pfle might just start all over again. Shadow Gale asked Snow White to kill her if that were to happen. Snow White told her that she couldn't just do that, but Shadow Gale argued that Pfle cared about her and that killing her will make her realize that what she was doing was wrong.

The two then bowed to each other and went their separate ways.

Primula Farinosa

Primula Farinosa

A few weeks after the events of Jokers, Snow White attended the first day of the new school year at her school as Koyuki Himekawa. She had said goodbye to her friends and was about the go home when her arm was suddenly grabbed by the new science teacher.

Primula Farinosa

Koyuki meets the new science teacher

Koyuki was asked by her friends about their relationship. The teacher claimed they had met during the opening ceremony, which was a lie since Koyuki didn't attend the ceremony. Koyuki then bowed to the teacher and left with her friends following her.

Koyuki and her friends went to a fast-food restaurant. There she was once again questioned about her relationship with the teacher, but Koyuki told them she didn't know her. They were eventually joined by Koyuki's middle school friend, Sumire, who revealed the teacher's name to be Mariko Fukuroi. This news caused Koyuki to spit out her drink in shock, having deduced that the new teacher was actually Marika Fukuroi in human form.

A short while later, Koyuki sent Mariko a message, telling her to meet her at the rooftop of the school building.

After school, Koyuki, as Snow White, waited at the rooftop for Mariko to arrive. Fal feared that Mariko was still looking to pick a fight with Snow White, but she told him that he was overreacting. Fal continued to throw his worries onto her until Snow White informed him that Mariko had arrived.

Contrary to her Magical Girl self, Mariko was a very shy woman. She approached Snow White and offered her some cake, which she accepted. As they ate their cake, Mariko thanked Snow White for everything. Snow White asked Mariko if she just wanted someone to hang out with as Magical Girls. Hearing this caused Mariko to run inside the school building and emerge moments later as Marika. Snow White then proceeded to show Marika around.

Magical Girl Raising Project: ACES

Puk's Faction

After the events of JOKERS, Snow White had Fal look into Grim Heart and Shufflin. He discovered that Grim Heart was the current incarnation of Shayta・Osk・Val・Mer, one of the Three Sages who helped found the Magical Kingdom. Official reports stated that Grim Heart and Shufflin died in an accident while going back to the Magical Kingdom, through Snow White and Fal doubted the credibility of the reports.

A few weeks after the events of JOKERS, Snow White received a message from another member of the Three Sages, the current incarnation of Av・Lavchi・Puk・Valta, Puk Puck. The message stated Puk Puck wanted a meeting with her. Snow White decided to accept the invitation and traveled to Puk Puck's mansion in the Magical Kingdom to meet her.

Upon meeting Puk Puck, Snow White's heart sped-up. Puk Puck tried to start a friendly relationship with Snow White, but she told her to get to the point. However, Puk Puck insisted that she'd get to know her first, causing Snow White's heart to once again speed-up.

After a while, Puk Puck finally got to the point. She told Snow White that she had grown interested in her after she heard of the battle again Grim Heart and wanted to hire her to help locate Premium Sachiko who was necessary to complete a ritual.

While Snow White was hesitant to accept the job since Puk Puck refused to give any details about the ritual, she immediately agreed after Puck Puck offered to help her in finding Ripple in return for her services. Happy that she decided to take the job, Puk Puck hugged Snow White, causing her heart to speed-up yet again as well as causing her to blush.

After the meeting, Fal talked with her about how unusually easy she accepted Puk Puck's job and how she was acted strangely. However, Snow White told him that she had read Puk Puck's mind and found that she was truly worried about Sachiko. She had done the same with anyone else in the mansion and discovered no one had any negative thoughts about Puk Puck.

Rescue Mission

Snow White teamed up with Uluru and Sorami Nakano to locate Premium Sachiko. While Uluru was busy trying to bear with the responsibility of being chosen as leader, Sorami and Snow White took the time the get acquainted.

Volume 8-LN-050

Uluru (front), Snow White (back left) and Sorami (back right)

When Uluru stated that they need code-names, Snow White took the code-name "two", following Uluru and Sorami whom both chose "zero" and "one" respectively. Snow White took this opportunity to reveal her ability to Uluru. Upon learning that she's been reading their minds, Uluru became enraged at Snow White and was only calmed down when she told her that she can't turn it off.

Snow White was asked by Sorami if she could use her ability to find people in distress. Sorami hoped that helping others together would make the team members to become closer. Snow White located a college student in distress and Sorami proceeded to help him, leaving Snow White alone with Uluru. Upon seeing a garbage man dropping a can, Snow White and Uluru went to help him, with Snow White smiling lightly while doing so.

Snow White, Uluru and Sorami arrived in W-City, where Sachiko was currently staying according to rumors and began searching for her. After a while Sorami got tired so the trio decided to sit on a bench at a park and rest.

After a little rest, Snow White, Uluru and Sorami were suddenly confronted by three Magical girls in spade card costumes who bore a striking resemblance to Shufflin. Snow White immediately stood forward to face them. Before they fought, however, Uluru used her ability to make everyone present believe they had to get down on the ground or they would die.

With the Shufflins down on the ground, Uluru and Sorami took the opportunity to tie them up and put them in Snow White's 4-Dimensional Bag. Because these Shufflins weren't hive-minded, Snow White concluded that this wasn't the same Shufflin that she fought in S-City.

Snow White was also surprised that she also got down on the ground when Uluru stated she would otherwise die. This caused Snow White to realize that there was still a part of her that didn't want to die.

The Amusement Park

Sorami Nokano came to the conclusion that Premium Sachiko was most likely hiding at Monkey Mountain Amusement Park, where they used to visit a lot when they were younger and is the only place in W-City that she really knew. They then immediately left for the amusement park.

As Sorami predicted, they found Sachiko at the amusement park. However, she refused to go along with them.

As Uluru and Sachiko were arguing, Fal suddenly detected a huge amount of Magical Girls closing in. Deducing it was the new Shufflins, Snow White put Sachiko in her 4-Dimensional Bag and told everyone to start running.

They ran towards the park entrance but were confronted by dozens of Shufflins carrying blasters. Uluru tried to use her magic on the Shufflins, but they wore earplugs. They then fired their blasters, shooting a gluey substance at them. Despite being able to predict their trajectory, there were too many for Snow White to block them all and she ended up being stuck to the ground.

Just as it seemed that the Shufflins had won, they were suddenly attacked by a pack of demons. With their enemies distracted, Snow White broke free of the gluey substance. She, Uluru and Sorami then continued on towards the entrance.

On their way, one of the demons blocked their way. Snow White brought out Ruler and told Uluru and Sorami to run while she stayed behind to fight the demon. She defeated the demon in a short fight but was left heavily injured.

Snow White met up with Uluru and Sorami just in time to save them from another demon. Fal then sensed two Magical Girls. While she feared it was more Shufflins, Snow White sensed their thoughts and informed him that they weren't. The two newcomers revealed themselves to be Dark Cutie, whom Snow White recognized from the popular cutie healer anime, and Glassianne. Sensing they had violent intentions, Snow White stood in front of Uluru and Sorami

Glassianne demanded they hand over Sachiko, but Snow White refused. Dark Cutie then attacked Uluru using her shadows. Snow White, enraged at this, attacked Dark Cutie, but she blocked and counterattacked, causing her to fall to the ground. Snow White got up and continued to fight Dark Cutie. During the fight she was at a severe disadvantage, constantly having to jump around to avoid the shadows.

As Snow White continued to fight Dark Cutie, the latter received a distress signal from Glassianne, who was losing her fight again Sorami. Dark Cutie created a huge shadow that destroyed the house they were in. Snow White tried to warn Sorami. However, a short while later, she could no longer sense her, causing to fear she had died.

Snow White and Dark Cutie continued their fight. Despite being injured and at a disadvantage, Snow White was able to fight on par with her.

The tides of battle began to turn in Snow White's favor when several shurikens were suddenly thrown at Dark Cutie. This caused Snow White to believe Ripple was here. Her belief was further backed by the fact that the shrunken was homing on Dark Cutie.

At that moment, Uluru suddenly shouted she's going to take them all out in a suicide attack. While Snow White was initially scared, reading Uluru's mind, she discovered it was a lie. Dark Cutie retreated, allowing an exhausted Snow White to finally collapse. She then picked up one the kunai that were thrown at Dark Cutie.

Snow White saw Uluru carrying Sorami's body. Her previous fears were correct, Sorami had passed away.

Quarrel between Sisters

It began to rain, forcing the survivors, Snow White, Uluru and Sachiko to take shelter under a bridge. Snow White continued to look at the kunai, noticing its design was similar to Ripple's. She then told Uluru to contact Puk Puck, to inform her that they had found Sachiko and request an escort back to the mansion.

Sachiko, however, refused to go back, enraging Uluru. Snow White between them, but Uluru pushed her aside. Uluru blamed Sachiko for everything that had happened and was about to blame her for Sorami's death However, Snow White stopped her, knowing that Sachiko would have taken Uluru's words seriously because of her magic and not wanting her to have the same incident with communication that she had.

Sachiko revealed that she ran away because she feared that the ritual involved using her magic. However, Uluru comforted her and told her that Puk Puck is not mad and that she should come home, causing her to cry. Uluru also cries but tries to hide it from Snow White. When asked if she saw her cry, Snow White joked that Uluru would have just used her magic to make her believe she didn't.

Uluru then informed Snow White she was going to report of Puk Puck. After contacting Puk Puck, they were informed that she could not save any manpower and that they would need to get back on their own.

During the journey back, Snow White continued to stare at the kunai that she believed to be Ripple's. Uluru asked her about the Magical Girl she fought. Fal informed her that her name was Dark Cutie, a Magical Girl whom because of her popularity was adapted into a Magical Girl anime character. Uluru questioned Fal about Magical Girl anime, causing Fal to start fanboying about it until Snow White told him to stop it.

When Uluru tried to comfort the still on-guard Sachiko, she informed her that she still didn't want to do the ritual. This causes Uluru to once again become enraged at Sachiko, causing Snow White to once again tell her to stop. Snow White then asked why Sachiko didn't want to do the ritual, as reading her mind didn't provide answers. Sachiko told her she didn't know why she just had a bad feeling that people were going to die.

Fal then informed them that he had detected a Magical Girl nearby. In response, Snow White told Uluru and Sachiko to get behind her.

Escaping Again

Snow White, Uluru and Sachiko ran out of W-City. They were followed by a demon. Snow White attacked it, but it blocked her first attack. Uluru then shot her gummy gun, shocking the demon for a moment and allowing Snow White to cut it in half.

Before they could get any further, however, their path was blocked by Dark Cutie. She then attacked Sachiko using a shadow hound, but Snow White killed the hound using the shadow of Ruler. Dark Cutie then attempted by getting Sachiko herself, but Snow White stopped her. The two then started fighting while Uluru and Sachiko ran away.

Dark Cutie made one last attempt to capture Sachiko by jumping over Snow White and landing in front of the two sisters. Snow White attacked Dark Cutie with Ruler, but she blocked it. Uluru tried to use her magic, but Dark Cutie was wearing earplugs.

The sun was setting, thus the shadows were longer and Dark Cutie's magic was boosted. She attacked Snow White with several shadow spears and whips. Snow White tried to defend herself, but the shadows didn't work like real objects and she was continuously beaten. Snow White urged Uluru and Sachiko to continue running while she would remain to fight Dark Cutie.

Because Dark Cutie was wearing earplugs, Snow White was able to get the jump on her. She pushed her against a wall and continuously beat her, with each hit intending to end the fight. However, Dark Cutie endured them and attacked Snow White with her shadows. Snow White dodged them but had to let go of Dark Cutie in the process. Snow White then jumped onto the rooftop of a building and Dark Cutie followed.

Snow White and Dark Cutie continued their fight on the rooftop. Snow White began to get used to fighting the shadows, causing Dark Cutie to increase the pressure.

Dark Cutie made a dog and a fox shadow and made them attack Snow White. However, Snow White defeated them both using Ruler and the fire extinguisher that she used against Flame Flamey. Dark Cutie then created six shadows and had them attack Snow White. Overwhelmed by their sheer numbers, Snow White didn't bother fighting back just focused on dodging.

Eventually growing tired of watching, Dark Cutie attacked Snow White herself, using a shadow hammer. However, Snow White dodged it and sprayed Dark cutie the spray from the fire extinguisher. With Dark Cutie blinded, Snow White jumped off the building and transformed back into human form. She then joined into a crowd that had formed below.

Snow White never wanted to fight and was just buying time to get away. Her plan was to use the spray from the fire extinguisher to blind Dark Cutie and block the sunlight to prevent her from using her shadows. She also had a back-up plan in just waiting for the sun to set. She also led Dark Cutie to the rooftop so her shadows wouldn't surprise her and so many people would see the spray and cause a crowd to gather where she could easily escape in.


Upon meeting up with Uluru and Sachiko at an abandoned warehouse, Snow White suddenly started hearing a voice in her head. The voice introduced herself CQ Angel Hammer. She told Snow White that Puk Puck's magic allowed her to manipulate people's perception towards her. She also warned Snow White that any trust she may have in Puk Puck may have been caused by her magic.

This news caused Snow White to begin to doubt everything. She began to consider if everyone thinking of Puk Puck so positively may have been the result of her magic. She had admitted that it made sense considering how she acted strangely during her first meeting with Puk Puck and that she wasn't sending any reinforcements.

Fal asked Snow White if she was okay, but she insisted she was fine. Snow White decided that this wasn't the time for doubts and that she still has a mission to complete.

Farewell, My Friend

Snow White spend the next few hours planning how she along with Uluru and Sachiko will escape back to Puk Puck's mansion. She decided to wait for nightfall when Dark Cutie couldn't use her shadows and proceeded to move. Snow White would walk to the manor as Koyuki while Uluru and Sachiko were put inside her Four-Dimensional Bag and Fal would scan if there were any Magical Girls closing in.

Using this strategy, Snow White nearly reached the mansion when Fal suddenly detected a Magical Girl coming first for them. Uluru exited the Four-Dimensional Bag and she and Koyuki transformed in Snow White. The two then started running towards the mansion.

Volume 8-LN-280

Snow White, stunned as Ripple kills Sachiko

Just as they were about to reach the mansion, Snow White saw that the Magical Girl closing in on them was Ripple. Ripple greeted Snow White and Fal asked if it was really her. Snow White read Ripple's mind and discovered that it really was her. Snow White then embraced Ripple and asked where she had been. However, Ripple then grabbed her sword and thrust it into Snow White Four-Dimensional Bag. She then pulled out Premium Sachiko, who had been stabbed through the neck.

Snow White was stunned by this turn of events. Uluru then rushed at Ripple, managed to disarm her, push her to the ground and started pushing her. Snow White tried to restrain her, but she broke free. Ripple then went to attack Uluru, but she shot her in the leg with her gun. Snow White held Uluru down and told her to calm down, but Uluru stated that she doesn't have the right to say that since Ripple killed her sister. This caused Ripple to look over at the Sachiko, her expressions changing from anger, to shock, to realization and finally to fear. Ripple then got up and began hopping away. Reading her mind, Snow White discovered that Ripple through that she couldn't be with Snow White anymore. This caused her to wonder what was going on.

Uluru broke free of Snow White's hold and ran to Sachiko. Uluru asked Snow White why she stopped when they were almost at the mansion. However, Snow White couldn't give an answer, realizing someone died because of her carelessness. Uluru told Fal to get an ambulance, but it was already too late, Sachiko had died. Snow White then broke down in tears, having failed Uluru.

Magical Girl Raising Project: QUEENS


Upon coming back the mansion, Puk Puck stripped Snow White of Fal along with her other Magic Items and locked her in the drawing room for her role in Sachiko's death. There, Snow White fell into a state of depression, blaming herself for Sachiko's death. She concluded that someone must have been manipulating Ripple, most likely Pythie Frederica. However, this didn't change her mood.

Uluru eventually came to confront Snow White about Sachiko's death. Uluru asked her what she was thinking at the time, to which she replied that she didn't know. Uluru ranted about how Snow White said that Ripple could be trusted. Snow White told Uluru about her theory about Ripple being manipulated. However, Uluru claimed that that didn't forgive what she did. Uluru wanted to say more, but couldn't find the right words.

Snow White asked Uluru what she wanted and why she came here. Reading Uluru's mind and discovering that she actually didn't know why she came, Snow White became disgusted with her and attempted to leave, but Uluru stopped her. This caused Snow White to finally snap and lash out against Uluru, terrifying her.

Uluru then admitted to Snow White, that she actually has nothing but admiration towards her. However, this only enrages her more and she tells Uluru to not make her out to be someone she's not. Uluru tried to convince Snow White that she is an amazing Magical Girl and shouldn't act like this, but Snow White continuously told her to shut up.

Finally having had enough of Uluru, Snow White head-butted her, causing her to fall to the ground with a nosebleed. However, Uluru continued talking to her, telling her that if she continues to be angry with herself she might become a rogue Magical Girl. This causes things to become too much for Snow White; she covers her ears and pleads Uluru to stop.

Uluru tells Snow White that if she is the Magical Girl Hunter then she should be hunting down the person that manipulated Ripple instead of being depressed. However, Snow White complained that she didn't ask for that title, people just started calling her that and she stuck with it. She also added that she isn't the ideal Magical Girl and savior that everyone seems to believe that she is.

Uluru asks Snow White if she is just going to abandon Ripple. This enraged Snow White to the point that she grabbed Uluru by the collar, lifted her up and was about ready to seriously injure her. However, she lowers Uluru again when she states that it seemed that she really is going to abandon Ripple.

Uluru states that she decided to find the person who manipulated Ripple and made her kill Sachiko and would like Snow White's help. Snow White was touched by Uluru's resolve and decides to help her, but she also argues that if she sneaks her out she'll be betraying Puk Puck. However, Uluru believed that she needed to do this. Snow White told her that she'll need Fav and her Magic Items. Uluru left to get them so they could escape together.


After Uluru left Snow White is left alone again in the drawing room. After what had happened, she considered Uluru to define what being a Magical Girl is all about, helping others. Snow White remembered La Pucelle, Hardgore Alice and Princess Inferno and how continued fighting for all these years because she didn't want to betray the expectations that they had in her.

At that moment, Snow White heard footsteps coming towards the room. Deducing it was Puk Puck, Snow White remembered the words of CQ Angel Hammer about how Puk Puck's magic allowed her to make people adore her upon making visual contact. Snow White thus resolved to keep staring at the floor.

After entreating the room, Puk Puck greeted Snow White. Despite not making visual contact, Snow White's heart began to pump and she began to sweat. She concluded that Puk Puck must work through sound as well.

Puk Puck began to ask how Snow White defeated Grim Heart and tells her that that makes her "super cool". Puk Puck's praises made Snow White extremely happy, wanting to be praised more. Puk Puck says that she wants to be friends with Snow White, causing Snow White to wonder if they could be friends. She also wants to introduce her to another friend named Shadow Gale, causing Snow White to remember Shadow Gale. Puk Puck then mentions Uluru and how she has been her friend for years, causing Snow White to believe that being Puk Puck's friend isn't so bad.

While this was happening, Snow White continued to stare at the floor, but she now found it hard to not look at Puk Puck. She was sweating and grinning her teeth. It took all her energy to avoid looking at Puk Puck. However, she eventually began to question why she was avoiding visual contact. When Puk Puck touched her shoulder, Snow White couldn't resist anymore and looked at Puk Puck. Looking at Puk Puck, Snow White was awestruck by her beauty and immediately agreed to her friend.

Now believing that she had some sort of debt to pay to Puk Puck, Snow White told her about Uluru's plan to leave. She also begged Puk Puck to make useful to her and was extremely happy when she told her that she had a plan for her. Puk Puck then padded Snow White on the head and told her that she was happy that she used her magic to make them friends. Snow White, in turn, told Puk Puck that she was also happy that she used her magic to make them friends.


Volume 10-LN-079

A brainwashed Snow White with Puk Puck

Puk Puck asked Snow White for advise when she feared that the Osk Faction would soon attack them. In response, Snow White advised Puk Puck to immediately leave for the ruins, not even taking time to change her clothes.

While traveling through the portal to the ruins, Puk Puck held Snow White's hand for protection. When they arrived there, Puk Puck told everyone present that her goal is to use a device left behind by The First Mage to "save" the Magical Kingdom, but the other Sages rejected her plan. Hearing that they rejected Puk Puck's kindness, everyone, including Snow White, began crying until Puk Puck swept away their tears, Snow White's last.

While traveling into the ruins, Snow White served as Puk Puck's personal bodyguard. While traveling by car, Puk Puck held Snow White hand, causing her to blush and give a small smile. Puk Puck opened the car window and looked outside, causing Snow White to asked her to stop as it's dangerous. However, Puk Puck stated that there was nothing to fear because Snow White was there to protect her.

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