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Sally Raven (サリー・レイヴン), also known by her real name Risa Karasuno (鳥野理沙), is one of the main protagonists of Magical Girl Raising Project: Black and Magical Girl Raising Project: White.

Sally Raven is a member of Group 3 of Class 2-F in Umemizaki Middle School and hopes to be part of the Cutie Healer Series someday.



As a human, Risa Karasuno has medium-short brown hair that reaches to her shoulders with fringe bangs. Her eyes are brown. She has wispy eyebrows. She wears a school uniform.

Magical Girl[]

Sally Raven has short pink hair with four long strands of hairs going down to her hip. She has crimson red eyes and dark red pupils with green eye shadow on her eyelids.

She wears a black dress where the bottom of her dress is slightly transparent. On her stomach, a crystal cyan heart is seen being held on by a pair of white skeleton claws with three fingers. There is a pink cross with a dark red crystal on the middle hanging around her chest. Beads can be seen hanging on both of her shoulders and arms. She seems to have claws instead of fingernails. Following her raven theme, she wears a beret that is shaped like a raven's wing decorated with beads and an orange jewel on her head.


Sally Raven appears very nice and friendly towards everybody and usually appears like airheaded. Although in reality, she is very observant and analytic.

Sally is a fan of Cutie Healer Series and she would love to become a Cutie herself, not for the money, but because it would be an honor to become an anime Magical Girl. She doesn't like it when others bad mouthed about Cutie Healer.


Can create raven familiars.

Sally Raven can create magical ravens to do her bidding. She can give them instructions so that she can focus on other tasks. Her ravens are strong enough to slice through a Magical Girl albeit that Magical Girl is a homunculi that contains strength that rivals a real Magical Girl.


Princess Lightning[]

Sally Raven and Princess Lightning are in the same class group. Sally Raven has formed an alliance against her.

Diko Narakunoin[]

Sally Raven and Diko Narakunoin are in the same class group.

Pshuke Prains[]

Sally Raven and Pshuke Prains are in the same class group. They have formed a secret alliance against Princess Lightning.


Sally Raven and Ranyui are in the same class group.


  • Sally Raven was recommended to the Magical Girl Class by the Public Relations Division.
  • The kanjis in her surname stand for "crow" (烏 karasu) and "plains" (野 no).
  • Her name Sally might be a reference to Sally the Witch, considered to be both the first anime from the Shōjo demography and the creator of the Magical Girl subgenre.
  • Her previously believed human name, Sally Torihara, was revealed in an official blog, "This light novel is amazing".
    • Given that the blog is formatted as Fake anime promotions, the name Sally Torihara was most likely supposed to be an in-universe name for the fake anime. Magical Daisy has a similar situation, where her human name in her anime is just Daisy


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