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S-City (S市) is a location in Magical Girl Raising Project universe and the main stage for Magical Girl Raising Project: JOKERS.

General Information[edit | edit source]

S-City is the second-largest city in K-Prefecture.

While not all, the majority of the districts in S-City were overlooked by Prism Cherry as she was the only human that turned up for the selection test. This makes her the only Magical Girl who won the selection test in S-City without doing anything.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Tonoe District[edit | edit source]

Tonoe District or Tonoemachi, is one of the many districts in S-City. A supermarket is located there. Despite this town is a part of S-City, Prism Cherry is not in charge of this territory.

  • Marudan Supermarket
    An area where Prism Cherry was spotted transforming by Princess Deluge while she was witnessing the fireworks.
  • Abandoned Factory (Research Laboratory)
    The secret base of the Pure Elements. It is located in the basement of an abandoned factory on the west side of Tonoe District.

Mount Takatoko[edit | edit source]

Takatoko Mountain or Takatokoyama, is one of the locations where the disruptors appear. An excursion for the children's association was also planned on this mountain.

Municipal Library[edit | edit source]

The library is a meeting place where The Pure Elements first met Professor Tanaka and transformed for the first time.

A Certain Hotel[edit | edit source]

A hotel where Filru rented a room to stay. She later invited Uttakatta and Kafuria into her room after they bumped into each other while searching for Artificial Magical Girls.

Mount Chinen[edit | edit source]

Chinen Mountain or Chinenyama, is one of the locations where the disruptors appear.

Mount Mountain[edit | edit source]

Fukuroku Mountain or Fukuroyama, is one of the locations where the disruptors appear.

Tanai District[edit | edit source]

Tanai District or Tanaimachi, is one of the many districts where Prism cherry is in charge of.

Abi District[edit | edit source]

Abi District or Abimachi, is one of the many districts where Prism cherry is in charge of.

Ainari District[edit | edit source]

Ainari District or Ainarimachi, is one of the many districts where Prism cherry is in charge of.

Ruined Apartment[edit | edit source]

A location that appeared in Magical Girl Raising Project: Episodes Φ. The hideout of some rebels on the outskirts of S-City.

Characters From This Place[edit | edit source]

Pure Elements
Princess Inferno Princess Deluge Princess Quake Princess Tempest Prism Cherry
Princess Inferno.jpg Princess Deluge.jpg Princess Quake.jpg Princess Tempest.jpg Prism Cherry.jpg

Characters That Came To This Place[edit | edit source]

Veteran Magical Girls
Inspection Department Archfiend Cram
School (Former)
Others Department of Diplomacy
Snow White Fal Marika Fukuroi Styler Mimi Lady Proud Umbrain
Snow White JOKERS.jpg Fal.png Marika Fukuroi.jpg Styler Mimi.jpg Lady Proud.jpg Umbrein.jpg
Freelancers Homeland Department Unknown
Filru Uttakatta Kafuria Grim Heart Shufflin Stanczyka
Filuru.jpg Uttakatta.jpg Kafuria.jpg Grim Heart.jpg Shufflin.jpg Stuntchica.jpg

Reference[edit | edit source]

Several information were retrieved from Toranoana

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