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Pythie Frederica (ピティ・フレデリカ), also known by her pseudonym Yoshioka (吉岡), is a recurring antagonist throughout the series. First appearing as one of the main antagonists of Magical Girl Raising Project: Limited, she later played supporting roles in Magical Girl Raising Project: JOKERS, Magical Girl Raising Project: ACES, Magical Girl Raising Project: QUEENS and Magical Girl Raising Project: Black. She also made an appearance in Magical Girl Raising Project: F2P in her human form. She appears again in Magical Girl Raising Project: White.

She was the former head of the Resources Department who ended up being arrested by Snow White after it was discovered that she was Cranberry's benefactor. She dislikes the Magical Kingdom's current system and wants to find an "Ideal Magical Girl" to reform the it.

Fav LN.pngPythie Frederica.jpgFal.pngSpoiler(s) Below!
After Unmarked (Arc 1), she becomes Snow White's new mentor, but ends up being arrested by her after her criminal activities were revealed.
In Limited, she escapes prison with a group of criminals and travels to B-City to find an assassin hiding amongst the Namiyama Magical Girls.
In JOKERS, she works with Pfle and The First Lapis Lazuline to manipulate events behind the scenes.
In ACES, she teams up with The First Lapis Lazuline to prevent Team Puk from retrieving Premium Sachiko.
In QUEENS, she joins Caspar's Faction and cooperates with Osk's Faction in the war agaisnt Puk's Faction.
By Black, she has taken control of Casper's Faction and sends Kana to Umemizaki Middle School while planning a rebellion against the Magical Kingdom.
In White, she is reincarnated as the Sage of Caspar, Kashiki Akarukushihime (カシキアカルクシヒメ).



As a human, Frederica refers to herself as Yoshioka. She has black hair tied into a bun with hair at both sides of her face. She also wears glasses.

Her outfit consists of a grey business suit and short dress with black dress shoes.

According to CQ Angel Hamuel, she looked to be somewhere either in her early 20's or late 30's, but couldn't really tell due to her glasses.

Magical Girl[]

As a Magical Girl, Pythie Frederica has long, chocolate brown hair. The edges of two strands of hair on either side of her head are orange, with long, thin, curly strands flowing all the way down to her feet. Her eyes have the top half purple, and the bottom half a pale orange. She also has small star-shaped marks of various colors beneath her eyes and rectangular brown earrings.

Pythie wears a long hooded cape that is cream-colored. The hood of the cape has a slightly darker edge, with black and white star-shaped charms hanging from it. A black line goes across it, and two parts of the hood curve up to form horns with stars on them.

The bottom of her hood is edged in translucent white lace, with several cream-colored ribbons curling down from it.

Beneath her cape, Pythie wears a white and gold outfit. She has golden rings, and her nails are painted gold and black. She also wears a brown choker with small, white stars on it. Her shorts and sleeves are brown and transparent. She also has two black stars on her upper legs. Connected to her outfit is a black and orange skirt that reaches her feet. The front is open, showing her legs. Parts of the shirt come up in pointy, petal-like shapes.

She wears black sandals. She has a black belt around her waist that holds her crystal ball. It is pinned to her skirt with a black star.


Pythie loves hair very much and is obsessed with it, even valuing it more than food. She is a bit of a pervert as well, as she habitually thinks of other Magical Girls and blushes, usually, at the ones with beautiful hair and elegant costumes, such as Snow White or Prism Cherry.

Regardless of whether she achieves victory or defeat, she’s a special one who can find joy in either. Pythie is very cunning and smart, as she knows that a living hostage has much more use than a dead one.

She is quite fond of Snow White and thinks she is cute, often blushing whenever thinking about her. Pythie vows to continue to nurture Snow White, as Pythie believes that she is the ideal Magical Girl.

Pythie was the one who came up with Snow White's nickname The Magical Girl Hunter due to the hunter-type look in her eyes the first time they fought.


Can reflect whoever she wants in her crystal ball.

With hairs wrapping around her fingers and looking at her unique crystal ball, she can see the hair's owner through her crystal ball. However, she cannot hear the words from them. Due to this, she tries to observe her target to understand the situation and act accordingly. In this state, the target cannot perceive her. Although she can only see one person at a time, it is possible for her to switch channels with hairs wrapping around multiple fingers. The hair must come from the head. Hair from other body parts are not allowed and the hair must be long enough so that she can wrap it around her fingers, which means the magic does not work on people with hair too short or bald. Also, this magic does not work on dead people.

Putting her hand or body into the crystal ball allows her to interfere with the surroundings of her target. It is also possible to send objects from her side to the target, or in reverse. There is no restriction in the size of the object being sent, but she can not send objects that can't be moved in the first place. Such implication works regardless of the distance between the subject and Pythie, or the dimension the subject is in. It is also noted that if the person she is reflecting dies, the crystal ball will turn black.

Special Item(s)[]

  • Crystal ball: Pythie's unique magical crystal ball that is necessary to use her magic.
  • Magical Sword: Pukin's Rapier. This sword can alter the mind of whoever is stabbed by it. The sword works for Pukin as well. The sword will also work if it's being used by someone other than Pukin. Although Pukin can possess several swords, this is the only one that has magical abilities. Currently in Pythie Frederica's possession.
  • Tot Pop's handkerchief: a handkerchief that Pythie fredrica keeped after Tot pop died. she still has it in her possesion


Snow White[]

After the events of Unmarked (Arc 1), Pythie Frederica becomes Snow White's mentor. Pythie believes that Snow White is the Ideal Magical Girl and helps her become stronger. She tends to watch her from behind the scenes.


After Ripple was defeated during the events of Limited by Rain Pow, Pythie Frederica found her and brainwashes her with Pukin's sword.

She first brainwashed her to become Stanczyka. She then erased her memories of Stanczyka but retains the brainwashed. As Ripple once again, she was sent out as an assassin to eliminate Micchan the Dictionary and Premium Sachiko during the events of ACES. Afterwards, Pythie Frederica released Ripple's brainwashing in front of Snow White after she had killed Premium Sachiko, claiming that it was the right time, as Ripple could no longer grow if she was still under her and that both Ripple and Snow White could only grow from that experience.


Keek is one of Pythie Frederica's students. According to Snow White, it was implied that Keek is the survivor of one of Pythie's killing games and she most likely had her memory erased after that.

Tot Pop[]

Tot Pop is one of Pythie Frederica's students. Before the appearance of Snow White, Pythie considered Tot Pop as her best apprentice. Tot Pop frees her along with Pukin and Sonia Bean fro their incarceration. Pythie cares very much for Tot Pop and was affectionate with her, and also very proud of her personality and capabilities.

When Tot Pop was murdered, Pythie is genuinely enraged, which surprises and excites her. Pythie keeps Tot Pop’s handkerchief with her after her death, as seen in the Limited epilogue.


During the events of Limited, Pythie Frederica and Pukin team up.

Pythie genuinely enjoys going along with Pukin’s self-centered antics and holds no particularly negative feelings towards her. After Pythie and Pukin go their separate ways following the fight with Archfiend Pam, Pythie briefly considers teaming back up with Pukin before realizing there are other options that better benefit her. Pythie turns on Pukin, breaking her wrist as she dies and stealing her rapier. This is not done with malice but rather convenience.

Pythie keeps Pukin’s rapier with her to this day, and uses it to brainwash Ripple.

In White, Frederica is made to believe that Pukin is alive and a threat to her from the effects of Love Lulu's magic. She reflects back on how different the Frederica with Pukin was, and how she gallivanted about by her side with no fear. Thinking that she was now scared of the type of person Pukin was, she also muses that Pukin was a companion, a friend, and her beloved; an exciting and addictive person, no matter how frightening she may have been.

Sonia Bean[]

During the events of Limited, Pythie Frederica and Sonia Bean team up.

Pythie devises Sonia’s death at the hands of Archfiend Pam, using Sonia as a sacrifice to attempt to take down Archfiend Pam. She purposely delays saving Sonia from Archfiend Pam and lets her get killed. She feels no remorse for this, though recognizes it as a despicable action.

Archfiend Pam[]

Pythie is enamored by Archfiend Pam. Upon seeing Archfiend Pam for the first time, Pythie vividly describes her physique in her head, even going so far as to describe Archfiend Pam's red eyes as "sucking her in." Pythie thinks that she wants to rub, stroke, and feel Archfiend Pam's hair on her cheeks, and that she wants to taste it and suck her horns.

Though Pythie attempts to devise Archfiend Pam's death at the hands of her team, she is shocked by the brutal manner in which Rain Pow kills her instead.


Weddin, her team, Mana and 7753 allied with Pythie in order to stop both Pukin and Rain Pow. Pythie promised her to never attack them, never lie to them and when the barrier goes away, she wouldn’t use her powers against them. Although Pythie acknowledge there was a way Rain Pow could die without any other casualties, Pythie made sure Weddin died so she could escape the effects of Weddin's magic, only to realize the effect is permanent.

Dark Cutie[]

Pythie believes Dark Cutie is selfish for wanting Snow White on her own, but believes that Dark Cutie may be good for Snow White's development as the Ideal Magical Girl.

Prism Cherry[]

Pythie taught Prism Cherry how to use her powers correctly and saved her when she was ambushed by the Joker Shufflin. Wanting to make things right, she requests Pythie to return her to the battlefield, to which Pythie complies.


Pythie brainwashes Ripple into becoming Stanczyka. However, after the events of JOKERS, her memories of Stanczyka would be erased by Pythie in order to not raise suspicions. Pythie prepared all of Stanczyka's tools with excitement, much like before going to an excursion.

The First Lapis Lazuline[]

They are partners during the events of ACES, as their goals were the same. Despite their partnership, Pythie does not trust her.

In White, the two of them are essentially at war with one another.

CQ Angel Hamuel[]

Hamuel met with Yoshioka and Ratsumukana-honome-no-kami during Queens, in order to start an alliance with their respective factions; The way Yoshioka talks about Ratsumu makes Hamuel think that she sees Ratsumu more as a burden instead of paying respect to her for being one of the Three Sages. When Hamuel met Yoshioka during the middle of the battlefield, Hamuel asks her why is she still in her human form and she just answers that those are the policies of her faction. Although Hamuel felt weirded out towards Yoshioka, she still respects and calls her "Miss Yoshika". At the end of Queens, she kicks what was presumed to be Hamuel's corpse in order to get acces to Fal.


Pythie was Ratsumukana-honome-no-kami's translator during their meeting with the Osk Factions. They're both part of Casper Faction.


Pythie found Fal lying in the rubble. She picked him up, turned off his power and threw him into space with her magic.


Pfle was the one who hired Tot Pop to free Pythie from her prison.





Pythie was known as Auro's stalker in Have Our Real Lives Been Fulfilling?. She was fascinated by Auro's afro, but once she got a strand, she abruptly stopped stalking her. She kindly told Auro that her hair was not to her tastes.


Kana is released from her prison seal by Pythie Frederica as Yoshioka. Yoshioka helps Kana recall a few memories of her life before they were altered by magic, and gifts Kana her school uniform. She then informs Kana that she will be transferred to a class full of Magical Girl students.


Asmona is a Magical Girl who is working with Pythie Frederica in White. Pythie was flattered when Asmona implied that the only people who would be drawn to Pythie are Magical Girls who are just like Pythie herself.


After rising to power in the Magical Girl Resources Department, Jouvet was the one who officially fired Pythie. Pythie’s personal opinions on Jouvet are currently unknown.


  • According to the author, in the Top 5 Biggest Breasts After Transformation, Pythie Frederica ranked #5.
  • In the First Character Popularity Vote, Pythie Frederica ranked #20, along with Pukin and Hana Gekokujou.
  • In Fanbook 1, Pythie Frederica has the following stats:
    Physical Ability: 4/5
    Communication Skill: 5/5
    Magic Rarity: 4/5
    Magic Experience: 5/5
    Mental Strength: 5/5
    Pervert Level: 5/5
    • She has the highest stat sum known of any Magical Girl.
  • Pythie's name is based after Pythia, an Oracle of Delphi in Greek mythology.
  • The name "Yoshioka" that Frederica uses for herself in QUEENS is actually a pseudonym, as revealed by Asari Endō in the e-book exclusive afterword of QUEENS. Endō says that he subconsciously named her after Takao Yoshioka, the scriptwriter for the MGRP anime, since he was somebody he had been working closely with.
  • The kanjis in her pseudonym surname stand for "good luck" (吉 yoshi) and "hill" (岡 oka).
  • It is revealed at the end of QUEENS that Pythie likes looking at elegantly dressed Magical Girls because she believes her own costume isn't elegant enough.


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