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Puppeta icon


Japanese Name パペタ
Romanized Name Papeta
Nickname(s) N/A
Personal Information
Debut Age and Occupation
Gender Female
Classification Magical Girl/Human
Status Alive
Affiliation R&D Division
Magical Kingdom
Partner(s) Jouvet
Mentor(s) Unknown
Student(s) None
Known Relative(s) Unknown
Kills None

Puppeta (パペタ) is one of the characters of Magical Girl Raising Project: F2P.

She is a Magical Girl who accompanies Jouvet in investigating F-City.


  • Puppeta
  • Chibi drawing by manga artist Ryota Yuzuki
  • Rejected Design of Puppeta shown on Maruino's twitter

Magical Girl



To talk to a magical puppet.

Her puppet is white in its normal state. When the puppet bites someone, the puppet will turn into the bitten person, at which point the puppet will have a personality and can talk. It will also learn the knowledge that the bitten person had at the time of being bitten.

The magic effect is canceled upon the bitten person's death.

Special Item(s)

  • Magical Puppet: Her puppet that she always carries with her right hand.



Fan Lit Fan

Jelly Marie



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