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Princess Inferno (プリンセス・インフェルノ), also known by her real name Akari Hiyama (緋山朱里), is one of the main protagonists of Magical Girl Raising Project: JOKERS.

She is a high school student who retired from the club due to past injury.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Human[edit | edit source]

As a human, Princess Inferno is mentioned to have dyed bright brown hair that goes down to her shoulders and appears to be very gal-like. It is also mentioned that she is Half a Head taller than Snow White. She wears many loud and garish accessories and puts a huge focus on her eyelashes.

Magical Girl[edit | edit source]

Princess Inferno

As a Magical Girl, Princess Inferno has hair that starts out black but fades to red at the tips, with orange eyes. Her hair is styled into two flame-like pigtails. She wears a silver tiara with a sparkling red gem on it. She also wears black earrings with a red gem on them.

She wears a black and white choker with a tear-shaped ruby attached to it. She also wears a black two-piece outfit, the top having poufy white sleeves.

She wears black stockings, and boots striped red and black. She also has a black scorpion tail tipped red.

She wields a scimitar. It is mostly black, with an orange gem embedded in its blade. The bottom tip is barbed.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Despite being a high schooler, Princess Inferno is described to be young at heart and tends to act childishly to the point she is likened to Tempest's level by the other Pure Elements. She is very excitable and does not completely think everything through. Regardless of this, she is a passionate and fiery individual who prioritizes and cares deeply for others.

While she is a "gal" and puts much consideration into her appearance, she is also athletic and sporty and shows a lot of enthusiasm for running.

Magic[edit | edit source]

Fights enemies using the power of fire.

She possesses a unique guandao. This weapon emits heat that can evaporate a large amount of water in an instant and is strong enough to inflict damage to other Magical Girls.

She can also erupt fire from her own body. It is a shock-wave that can blow away the surrounding people.

Special Move(s)[edit | edit source]

  • Ultimate Princess Explosion: This attack can be performed when there are two or more Artificial Magical Girls around. It is a powerful combination attack.

Special Item(s)[edit | edit source]

  • Princess Jewel: The jewelry used for a Pure Elements' transformation. After the transformation, it becomes a tiara.
  • Inferno's scimitar (Former): Princess Inferno's scimitar. It attacks with fire. Snow White took it with her after Princess Inferno's passing.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Princess Tempest[edit | edit source]

Princess Inferno and Princess Tempest know each other in real life and are both in the Pure Elements team. Princess Tempest is the friend of Princess Inferno's little sister. Inferno and Tempest are considered the most childish and reckless of the Pure Elements. Inferno's reckless behavior even has Tempest looking after her at times. They often playfully bicker back and forth but care for one another.

Princess Quake[edit | edit source]

Princess Quake and Princess Inferno are both in the Pure Elements team. When Inferno first met Quake as Chiko, she considered her to look "unrefreshing."

Princess Deluge[edit | edit source]

Princess Deluge and Princess Inferno are both in the Pure Elements team. When Inferno first met Deluge as Nami, she considered her to look "refreshing." As they both licked Marika's special healing fruit one after the other, they jokingly consider each other to be one another's first kiss.

Prism Cherry[edit | edit source]

Prism Cherry and Princess Inferno are both in the Pure Elements team.

Snow White[edit | edit source]

Princess Inferno and Snow White were childhood friends. After getting over the initial confusion of believing Snow White and the others who had come to the facility were invaders, Inferno is impressed and in awe of Snow White's reputation as the Magical Girl Hunter. She asked Snow White to continue hunting Magical Girl before she passed on her arms.

Shou Minamida[edit | edit source]

Professor Tanaka[edit | edit source]

Professor Tanaka turned Princess Inferno into a Magical Girl.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In Fanbook 1, Princess Inferno has the following stat:
    Physical Ability: 4/5
    Communication Skill: 4/5
    Magic Rarity: 1/5
    Magic Experience: 2/5
    Mental Strength: 4/5
    Hot-blooded: 4/5

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