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Pfle (プフレ), also known by her real name Kanoe Hitokouji (人小路庚江), is one of the main characters of Magical Girl Raising Project: Restart, Magical Girl Raising Project: ACES, and Magical Girl Raising Project: QUEENS. She is also a supporting character in Magical Girl Raising Project: Limited and Magical Girl Raising Project: JOKERS.

Heiress to the influencial Hitokouji family, her strength lies in her mind and ability to adapt to any situation, being intelligent, cunning, and highly manipulative. She does have one weakness, however: her partner, butler, and childhood friend Shadow Gale.

Fav LN.pngPafuru.pngFal.pngSpoiler(s) Below!
In Restart, she is the leader of Team Pfle and tries to act as the mediator between the different teams. However, Shadow Gear fears that she is, in fact, manipulating the killing game to her benefit.
In Limited, she is the new head of the Resources Department. Whilst seemingly aiding her subordinate, 7753, eventually revealed that she was actually manipulating the B-City Incident behind-the-scenes.
In JOKERS, she is put under investigation for her actions during Limited, forcing her to seal away her memories to hide evidence.
In ACES, her memories are still sealed and she is later blackmailed by Princess Deluge after the latter kidnaps Shadow Gale.
In QUEENS, she finally regains her memories and joins the alliance against Puk's Faction to rescue Shadow Gale, who is under Puk Puck's brainwashing.



As a human, Kanoe Hitokouji is described by her grandfather as a beautiful young lady with long blond hair, a hair color he used to have. According to Shadow Gale, Pfle stood out. Her clothing and accessories, regardless of their price, weren’t really too flashy. Her makeup was also thin and elegant. However, she had a gorgeous appearance, like her rolled up hair and her well-organized face.

Magical Girl[]

As a Magical Girl, Pfle has long blonde hair with purple tips, and ribbons of various colors on it. She has red eyes and a light brown bird-shaped eyepatch on her left eye.

Pfle wears a light pink dress, with a lacy collar. The collar has a small black ribbon on it.

She has a yellow and purple wheelchair with bird decorations on it.


Pfle is a very cunning and smart individual and can be manipulative as well, as she was able to kill 98 Magical Girls by manipulating their minds. She is quite good at forming successful plans.

However, she cares and loves her family and those she considers part of her family, including Masked Wonder and Clantail, and is willing to do anything to protect them and puts her trust in them. Shadow Gale describes that as her sole weakness, as she only trusts her family to do right, so she'd never suspect Shadow Gale being traitorous. When some students started calling Shadow Gale her "lapdog" at school, Pfle became mad and punished those students.

Pfle also hates how the Magical Kingdom government is corrupt and wishes to change it for the better. She has a lot of ambition and puts her plan into action.

Pfle also has a playful side as well, and loves to tease Shadow Gale and play pranks on her.

Pfle likes to drink both iced and hot tea, her favorites being red tea and green tea.


Uses a magical wheelchair to race at intense speeds.

She has a personal wheelchair that can run at a very high speed. The maximum speed is faster than the speed of sound, and it's so fast that it would create a shock wave. It also equipped with a bird decoration that can shoot laser rays.

The wheelchair has been modified by Shadow Gale later to equip with better performance. For example, it can automatically move to a destination or automatically attack and defend.

It has also been modified to a Spider Tank. It's a ten-legged tank that has a height of 30 meters. It's protected by layers of metal. Although it supposed to look like a crab-shaped tank, it actually looks more spider-shaped, despite the number of legs. Ten legs are attached to the round torso. Each leg has two joints and the tip is pointed. The legs can endure a Magical Girl's strength. Its eyes can fire laser beams that will explode when they hit the target. However, the Spider Tank has extremely low mobility. The tank also has an escape device, which is a black sphere with a diameter of 2 meters that will be ejected backward from the tank's torso.

Special Item(s)[]

  • Magical Wheelchair: Pfle's personal vehicle and was upgraded by Shadow Gale. It generates shock waves and explosive sounds when traveling. The bird decorations on the wheelchair can fire laser beams from their mouths.
  • Mamori Senser (former): Created by Mecha Gale, it can be used for detecting Mamori Totoyama.
List of In-Game Items from Restart
In-Game Items Descriptions
Miracle Coin It increases the loot/item drop rate. It's a rare item that can only be obtained through events. She won it in an event and gave it to Masked Wonder.
Monster Encyclopedia It's a book that lists a monster's information.
Item Encyclopedia A book that displays a list of items in the Cyber World.
Body Parts It is loot drop from Guard Robot. They can be sold at a high price. They are used for remodeling Pfle's wheelchair.
Magical Carpet A replacement of Pfle's wheelchair in the game. It can withstand about one adult man and run in a speed about as fast as an adult man running.
Toothbrush Set A set that contains a very ordinary cup and toothbrush. It also comes with some toothpaste.
Rubber Bow and Arrow It's a toy bow and arrow that sticks to an object when shot.
Rope A mountain climbing rope which is 30 meters long.
Glasses A pair of glasses that can see through false barrier.
Dragon Shield It is the loot drop from the Great Dragon that is equivalent to a +12 Shield.
Initial Location
Switch Device
It allows a Magical Girl to choose her starting location upon entering the game.
Stun Gun It's effective against evil type monster.
Flamethrower It's effective against evil type monster. It can also burn corpses.

Note: After the events of Restart, all these items were no longer in Pfle's possession.


Shadow Gale[]

Pfle and Shadow Gale have a master-servant relationship and are childhood friends, but they are much closer than that. Both are willing to die for each other. Kanoe likes to prank Mamori, much to the latter's annoyance.

Masked Wonder[]

Masked Wonder and Pfle are both on Team Pfle, Masked Wonder decided to join her and Shadow Gale since she thought of Pfle as someone fragile that needed to be protected, they started a friendship and Pfle gave Masked Wonder her Miracle Coin.

Masked Wonder's death saddened and shocked Pfle who took it as something personal, this led her to try her best to find out Masked Wonder's killer identity.

After the events of Restart, Pfle and the other survivors visit Masked Wonder and the other casualties' graves, they also send money to their respective relatives.

Masked Wonder's death, along with everyone else's became Pfle's motivation to overthrow the Magical Kingdom's current corrupt government and install a new one.

Cherna Mouse[]

Pfle challenged Cherna and her teammates to a battle, which Cherna accepted, Pfle ends up winning the battle which angers Cherna, unlike her, Pfle actually enjoyed the battle and wanted to befriend Cherna.

After Cherna Mouse's death, Pfle is seen as the biggest suspect since they had recently fought.

Detec Bell[]

After Pfle challenged Team Bell to a battle, Detec Bell unsuccessfully tries to stop her claiming a battle wasn't a good idea, they befriended after Pfle and Team Bell's battle.

After a certain Magical Girl is invited to join Team Bell due to the death of all of her teammates, Pfle joins Team Bell as well. Together, Pfle and Detec Bell explored the Library Area after it was unlocked.

Pfle was thankful to the already deceased Detec Bell since if she never bought the Memory Restoration Device, Pfle would've never been able to discover the identity of the traitor.

Pfle visited Detec Bell's grave and send money to her relatives at the end of Restart, Detec Bell, and the other girls’ deaths were Pfle's motivation to overthrow the Magical Kindon's corrupt government.

During Magical Girl Raising Project in Dreamland, Pfle and Shadow Gale were greeted by Detec Bell along with Lapis Lazuline, the first two don't seem remember them and Detec Bell concludes they still haven't met in the real world. Pfle and Detec Bell befriend "for the first time" and participate together in the final battle along the rest of the magical girls, they lose their memories of the event in the real world.


Near the end of Restart, Pfle stood up from her wheelchair to faced off against Clantail after Clantail hurt shadow Gale.

After the events of Restart, Clantail and Pfle start to get close and it's mentioned Nene Ono will always be welcome on the Hitokouji mansion.

During Magical Girls of the Holy Night, Pfle asked Clantail to help her pull the sleigh while she disguises as Santa Claus delivering presents to all the Magical Girls attending Shadow Gale's Christmas Party.

Pfle's Grandfather[]

Pfle shares an exceptionally close bond with him, and her Magical Girl costume has some elements from her grandfather, such as the eyepatch being a symbol of her grandfather's eye disease.





7753 is Pfle's subordinate. Pfle asked shadow Gale to upgrade 7753's goggles and she gives her commands through the upgraded goggles.


Toko previously worked under Pfle.

Rain Pow[]

Rain Pow previously worked under Pfle. They also meet in the Dream World but later forget about it.

Pythie Frederica[]

Pfle is the one who hired Tot Pop to free her from the Magical Prison. Since ACES, Pythie Frederica and Pfle are partners.

The First Lapis Lazuline[]

Both were partners and have been working together prior to the events of QUEENS. Both were secretly developing their own technology to create magical girls. Pfle paid a large sum of money into their project.

The Third Lapis Lazuline[]

Pfle and Bluebell Candy get along fairly well and are allies, though Bluebell tends to think of Pfle as "mysterious". Before Pfle dies, she requested Bluebell Candy to erase her memories from Shadow Gale and passed it to Princess Deluge.


Patricia was a mercenary hired by Pfle to protect Shadow Gale.

Princess Deluge[]

They don't get along very well as Princess Deluge knows she is very manipulative, so she doesn't trust her. Princess Deluge blackmails her by kidnapping Shadow Gale.

Dark Cutie's Team[]

Pfle assigned Dark Cutie and her team to aid Princess deluge and prevent the return of Premium Sachiko to Puk Puck.

Micchan the Dictionary[]

During Magical Girls of the Holy Night, Pfle hired Micchan the Dictionary as a security guard at Shadow Gale's Christmas Party. Pfle hired Micchan once more during ACES to find Premium Sachiko.

Snow White[]

Pfle agrees to save Snow White from Puk's Faction, but only as a second priority.

Puk Puck[]


Pfle respects Fal and can relate to him as they both care for their closest friend/ally (Snow White and Shadow Gale respectively) and would risk their lives for them, despite both being in a master-servant type relationship.


Pfle told her that Shadow Gale has been kidnapped by Puk Puck and ask Mana to recuse her. Mana would later drive to Puk's Manor to investigate.

Tot Pop[]

Pfle anonymously hired Tot Pop to release Pythie Frederica from the Magical Prison.

Ideal Pfle[]

She is Shadow Gale's ideal form of Pfle. She was confused about seeing someone physically identical to her but quickly deduced it had something to do with the place she and Shadow Gale were in.

Ideal Shadow Gale[]

She is Pfle's ideal version of Shadow Gale. Pfle managed to change her voice and appearance to a robotic style and named her "Mecha Gale". She created the Mamori Senser for Pfle.


  • According to the author, in the Top 5 Most Beautiful People Before Transformation, Kanoe Hitokouji ranked #5.
  • In the First Character Popularity Vote, Pfle ranked #6.
  • In Fanbook 1, Pfle has the following stats:
    Physical Ability: 3/5
    Communication Skill: 5/5
    Magic Rarity: 1/5
    Magic Experience: 4/5
    Mental Strength: 5/5
    Fast Thinking: 5/5
  • Pfle's name is derived from the German word pflege, meaning "to care".
  • The kanjis in her real name stands for "person" (人 hito), "little" (小 kou), "path" (路 ji), "7th sign of the Chinese Zodiac" (庚 kanoe) which is the horse sign and "creek" (江 e).
  • Pfle, Shadow Gale, and Clantail were the only 3 Magical Girls that managed to survived both of their horrifying selection tests.
  • In an interview with the author, she was supposed to replace another Magical Girl's death, but this was changed to her surviving instead.
    • This was because she was planned to become a major antagonist in the initial version of Restart. This was later changed after receiving dissatisfied feedback on Pfle’s potential as a character and sudden conclusion.
      • Pfle's character was later rewritten, and she became a protagonist with several antagonistic traits instead.


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