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N-City at night in the Anime

N-City (N市) is a location in Magical Girl Raising Project universe and the main stage for Magical Girl Raising Project.

General Information[edit | edit source]

N-City is the largest city near the coast of the country due to it being the result of four boroughs merging together. It is a very diverse city architecturally with each district seemingly having its own design. Some have a futuristic feel to it, while others have neglected mountainous ruins scattered around them.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Kubegahama[edit | edit source]

Snow White's district where she does her Magical Girl duty. There is a beach and a nearby steel tower where she and La Pucelle often meetup.

Monzen Town[edit | edit source]

Monzen Town or Nishimonzenchō is a west Temple district where anywhere you look is filled with temples and shrines from small temples to the big, majestic temples. One of these temples is the Ouketsuji Temple where Team Ruler operates from.

  • Ouketsuji Temple
    Ouketsuji Temple is an abandoned shrine temple that said to have the longest history or rather, the oldest temple in Monzen Town. According to Ruler, due to it being old and abandoned, nobody would come here or even pay attention to it. It was the perfect hideout for her team, Team Ruler.

Nakajuku[edit | edit source]

A district where Ripple is in charge of that looks like an old town.

  • Nakajuku Department Store
    A department store in Nakajuku. There is an amusement park on the rooftop.
  • Central Park
    A popular spot of Nakajuku where the fountain lights up on the 15th of every month.
  • Hotel Priestess
    A hotel where Calamity Mary was causing terrorism and the rooftop serves as a battlefield between her, Ripple and Top Speed.

Seventh Industrial Light Building[edit | edit source]

A building where Top Speed and Ripple met for the first time.

Kitayado[edit | edit source]

A district which Top speed is in charge of. It is adjacent to Nakajuku, Ripple's district.

Mount Meishou[edit | edit source]

A mountain area where Team Ruler was earning candies by cleaning trash thrown out by other people.

Jounan District[edit | edit source]

A district where Calamity Mary was in charge of. She calls it her "territory".

  • Jounan Park
    A location that appeared in Flower Viewing Without Magical Girls where it is located in the centre of the entertainment district that is surrounded by tall buildings. It is a park that people rarely visit due to its location that looks like someone had punched a hole in the city. However, it is a great place to view cherry blossoms.

Mizudai Town[edit | edit source]

Mizudai Town or Mizushirochō, is an area where Magicaloid 44 and Sister Nana met for the first time.

Mount Takanami[edit | edit source]

Takanami Mountain or Takanamiyama, is the highest mountain in N-city where Cranberry lives in a destroyed hotel in ruins.

Mount Funaga[edit | edit source]

Funaga Mountain or Funagayama, is the second-highest mountain in N-City. The southern side of the mountain had apparently been rebuilt into a ski resort after its initial development plan failed while the northern side was a steep, unpaved road which requires someone with professional knowledge to climb. The northern side serves as a meeting place where Swim Swim, Minael and Tama confronted Cranberry.

  • Koutoudai Station
    A station located around Mount Funaga's area.

Koshimadai Dam[edit | edit source]

The dam is an area where the final battle between Ripple and Swim Swim commence. Swim Swim chose this location as it is her hometown.

Children's park[edit | edit source]

A location that appeared in Snow White Raising Project where Snow White and Ripple go for their meeting.

Kobiki Town[edit | edit source]

Kobiki Town or Kobikichō, is a location that appeared in Conditions for an Anime Adaptation. There is a factory where Hardgore Alice tested her magic.

H-city[edit | edit source]

H-City (H市), is a city under the same prefecture as N-City. It can be reached by taking Tokyo's limited express.

Characters From This Place[edit | edit source]

Participants Non - Participants
Snow White Ripple La Pucelle Top Speed Fav
Snow White.jpg Ripple.jpg La Pucelle.jpg Top Speed.jpg Fav.png
Ruler Swim Swim Minael Yunael
Ruler.jpg Swim Swim.jpg Perky Angels.jpg Perky Angels.jpg
Tama Nemurin Calamity Mary Magicaloid 44
Tama.jpg Nemurin.jpg Calamity Mary.jpg Magicaroid44.jpg
Sister Nana Weiss Winterprison Cranberry Hardgore Alice Sumire Yoshiko Yoshinoura
Sister Nana.jpg Weiss Winterprison.jpg Clamberry.jpg Hardgore Alice.jpg Sumire 1.jpg Yoshiko.jpg

Characters That Came to This Place[edit | edit source]

PR Division Others
Palette @Meow-Meow
Palette.png @NyanNyan.jpg

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Reference[edit | edit source]

Several information were retrieved from Toranoana

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