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You see... unlike you, I don't engage with Magical Girls because I want to become stronger or more powerful than my opponents. The only reason why I fight is because I enjoy killing those who are strong.

— Cranberry to La Pucelle

Musician Of The Forest, Cranberry or Cranberry, the Forest Musician (森の音楽家クラムベリ) in the original Japanese release, is one of the main antagonists of Magical Girl Raising Project and appeared as a flashback character in Magical Girl Raising Project: Restart.

She is a recluse living within the forests in the outskirts of N-City as well as supposedly the city's first Magical Girl.

Fav LN.pngClamberry.jpgFal.pngSpoiler(s) Below!
In Unmarked (Arc 1), it is eventually revealed that the other Magical Girls are just candidates and the killing game is a selection exam, of which she is the overseer, making her a secondary antagonist.
In Restart, it is eventually revealed that all the Magical Girls are actually survivors from her previous exams.
In Black, a homunculi clone of her attacked Group 3 during the second mock battle.




It is unknown what Cranberry's human form looks like, as she remains in her Magical Girl form at all times. All that is known about her human self is that she was apparently 9 years old when she first became a magical girl.

Magical Girl[]

As a Magical Girl, Cranberry has short, dirty-blonde hair with wavy front strands and salmon-red colored eyes.

She has pointed elf ears and her attire has a strong rose motif, with her clothing being adorned by dark blue-magenta roses around her head with vines and leaves; even wearing a blue-magenta rose flower crown with dark green leaves. Cranberry wears a button-down white dress and a short dark green jacket that has long sleeves and a flared collar that almost resembles a ruff collar with a white stripe in the middle.

She has white cuffs with 2 black stripes at the ends of her cuffs. In the middle, it has a black flower design in the middle with white outlines.

The collar is frilly and she wears a white choker with laces. To close her jacket, a golden bell-like button clasps the two sides together.

Her light novel/manga adaptation legs are wrapped in red roses and thorns around her right thigh and at the back and wears white tights, while her anime adaptation wears pale green tights that have a red rose and thorny vine print design on her right thigh. She wears black high heels with a single leaf protruding from the back of them. her dress is a bit more longer


Cranberry appears to be quite reserved at first, staying in her cabin, but over time, it is shown that she hungers for fights with strong enemies, even having a sadistic side to her. This darker side of her is shown prominently during her fight with La Pucelle. Despite this dark nature, she is quite formal and even somewhat chivalrous in battle.


Can freely manipulate sound.

Cranberry's magic allows her to freely manipulate sound. She can generate sound from any location, as well as recreate someone's voice. It's also possible for her to erase sound waves.

She can generate destructive sound waves. By generating explosive sound, she can use it as a shock wave that is powerful enough to destroy a huge object.

As a result of her magic, she has enhanced hearing, better than that of normal Magical Girls. She can identify a sound with very high or low frequency. Also, her hearing allows her to identify the location of objects. If they are living things, she can identify them by their heartbeats. If they are non-living things, she can locate the objects by using sound waves.

Special Move(s)[]

  • Forte - Striking Sound: A shockwave attack that strikes multiple targets at once.
  • Sforzando - Internal Fracture Sound: A single-target directed soundwave attack.
  • Fortissimo - Large Explosive Sound: An area-of-effect attack that targets a wide range of enemies. It is strong enough to create a crater in the ground.

Special Item(s)[]

She owns all the 5 Magical Items since Fav and her requested it from the Magical Kingdom.

  • Ruler (Former): A magical item. Similar to a halberd, it's a weapon with a blade length of 30 centimeters and a handle the length of 1 meter. It is completely unbreakable and indestructible. Formerly owned by Swim Swim, who named it Ruler.
  • Lucky Rabbit's Foot (Former): A magical item that grants good luck to the owner when they're in a pinch. However, it's quite unclear as to how it will manifest.
  • 4-Dimensional Bag (Former): A magical bag that allows you to store a variety of items, regardless of size. The bag itself is small and portable, but its contents are large.
  • Invisibility Cloak (Former): A magical cloak that can erase appearance and smell. However, sound and heart movement is ineffaceable.
  • Healing Medicine (Former): A magical medicine. It strengthens the ability of those who take it.



Cranberry is Fav's master in Unmarked (Arc 1). Their relationship blossomed when a Demon who had gone berserk, according to Fav, was slain by Cranberry after every other Magical Girl was killed.

Cranberry and Fav both shared darker opinions on how the process of testing Magical Girls was boring, and so together in the Arc 1, they orchestrated the free-for-all battling of Magical Girls to make things more interesting under the guise of collecting Candies.

After Cranberry is killed, Fav doesn't even take time to mourn her death and proceeds to casually think how her killer could work as the new mastermind of the magical girl raising project, Fav later has a conversation with the killer of Cranberry's killer about the same topic. This reveals that Fav never saw Cranberry as something more than a tool for his own plans with the testing of Magical Girls.

However, Fav actually cared for Cranberry, and Cranberry cared for Fav as well. Although caring for Cranberry, Fav did not actually care if she died or not, even calling her reckless. Despite this, Fav began to miss Cranberry upon discovering that the new master didn't actually care much about the selection.

La Pucelle[]

During the events of Unmarked, Cranberry confronts La Pucelle in order to challenge her to a fight. Cranberry wanted to fight La Pucelle after hearing about the latter's fight with Team Ruler.

Cranberry ultimateley wins the fight, directly leading to La Pucelle getting killed afterwards.

Sister Nana[]

Upon realizing that Sister Nana and Weiss Winterprison were trying to gain allies to stop the elimination game, Cranberry decided to meet up with them with the intention of stopping the two from succeeding.

Weiss Winterprison[]

Weiss Winterprison was the first Magical Girl Cranberry directly confronted in Arc 1 in order to fight, hearing that Winterprison was a strong Magical Girl. Cranberry overpowered Winterprison, but Sister Nana's magic gave Winterprison the upper hand in battle, allowing them to escape Cranberry's surprise attack. Cranberry let them escape for the time being. Ever since then, Winterprison has been skeptical of other Magical Girls and the current system they are facing, wondering if Cranberry had anything to do with the grim turn of events. Cranberry was disappointed when the former was killed by what she calls "boring opponents".

Archfiend Pam[]

Archfiend Pam was Cranberry's mentor and graduated from Archfiend Cram School by managing to land a hit on Archfiend Pam.


Cranberry was Melville's mentor. Melville worshipped and adored Cranberry to extreme levels, following her guidance almost entirely. In Melville's elimination test, Cranberry accepted Melville as her student and her request to retain her memories.

Melville was extremely angered after finding out her master died and killed caused by Tama. She'll avenge her mentor.

Marika Fukuroi[]

Marika and Cranberry both attended Archfiend Cram School and would fight together for long periods of time. They both referred to it as "the best fight of their lives".

Swim Swim[]

Cranberry is interested in Swim Swim because of the number of Magical Girls she killed. In Cranberry's eyes, this means she is a strong and worthy opponent. When Cranberry fights Swim Swim and her team, she is attacked by Tama and Swim Swim, but ultimately overpowered her and rendered Swim Swim unconscious. Cranberry comments on her disappointment towards Swim Swim's quick defeat, mocking her lack of experience.

Upon revealing Swim Swim's true identity and age, Cranberry briefly hesitated to kill her, expressing her confusion on how such a young girl could achieve such a leading role in the elimination test.


Tama accompanied Swim Swim and Minael on a mission to kill Cranberry, although Tama wasn't fond of the idea. Cranberry discovered Tama, who was using her invisibility cloak and threw a rock to Tama, hurting Tama and making her bleed. Cranberry wasn't interested in fighting Tama.

When Tama perceives that Swim Swim was about to be killed by Cranberry, Tama uses her magic and scratches Cranberry's chest, which creates a massive hole on Cranberry that manages to kill her. Immediately after Cranberry's death, Tama threw up at the sight of her disfigured corpse. 


Minael accompanied Swim Swim and Tama on a mission to kill Cranberry. Minael and Tama decide to make a surprise attack on Cranberry. Minael would use her magic to transform into a rock and Tama would use her invisibility cloak so that Swim Swim could kill her with Ruler. Unfortunately for Minael, Cranberry hears her heart beating while transformed and stabs Minael using her arm. Cranberry was notoriously disappointed at how the girl who managed to kill Weiss Winterprison didn't represent a challenge.

Calamity Mary[]

As Cranberry planned to enter in the exam of the first novel as another participant, Fav thought that she could become Calamity Mary's mentor and arranged a meeting. The reunion quickly backfired, as they disliked each other's attitudes. Fearing that they would start a fight before the exam could begin, Fav made sure that they wouldn't meet each other again.

All that changed weeks later, when Cranberry and Fav accepted a mission of the Magical Kingdom to kill a magical creature that escaped to the mountains of a neighboring city. As the fight quickly escalated and went out of control, Mary, who secretly followed Cranberry, assisted her with a bulldozer. The two of them worked together to kill the remaining magic creatures.

After that, although Cranberry wasn't very fond of Mary's fighting methods, she respected her a little more and the idea that the other candidates could have the same fighting spirit as Mary motivated Cranberry for the exam.


Cranberry visited Akane's house and convinced her and her whole family to become Magical Girls. Unfortunately for Akane, this leads to all of her relatives dying in an elimination test which only Akane survived.

As a result of the trauma of seeing her family dying, Akane developed PTSD and started searching for Cranberry in order to kill her as an act of revenge for leading her relatives to a horrible death. Her hate for Cranberry was strong enough to ignore the erasing of memories Akane was a victim of, although it managed to make Akane forget how Cranberry physically looked like. However, she still remembered she was a musician and her main goal was to kill her. She never discovered that her target had already passed away, that her seeking of revenge was completely pointless and that Melville, a student of Cranberry, knew about it.


  • It is stated she was the first Magical Girl of N-City.
  • In Unmarked (Arc 1), she is the only Magical Girl where her human form and real name was never revealed in any media.
  • The names of all her special moves were based on musical notation.
    • Forte means "loud".
    • Sforzando indicates a forceful accent.
    • Fortissimo means "very loud".
  • In Fanbook 1, Cranberry has the following stats:
    Physical Ability: 5/5
    Communication Skill: 3/5
    Magic Rarity: 3/5
    Magic Experience: 5/5
    Mental Strength: 4/5
    Singing: 3/5
  • Cranberry has a height of 170 cm. [1]


  1. "Magical Girl Raising Project Official Fanbook", "TV アニメ 魔法少女育成計画 才フィシャルファンブック"


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