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Minael (ミナエル, left), also known by her real name Mina Amasato (天里美奈), is one of the main protagonists of Magical Girl Raising Project.

Minael is the elder of the "Peaky Angels" twins. She is allied with Ruler.

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After Yunael's death, Minael directs her grief and hatred towards Hardgore Alice. Minael disguises herself as Hardgore Alice's stuffed rabbit, follows her home and discovers her human identity, and then proceeds to ambush her, which results in success.



As a human, Mina Amasato is a university student, with short, brown hair, slightly curled outwards, compared to Yuna, whose hair curls slightly inwards.

She wears a white ruffled blouse, with a pink cardigan on top. She also wears a blue miniskirt and a necklace with a cross on it.

Her trademark color separating her from Yuna is green, as her hair clip and phone case are green, Yuna's being reddish-pink instead.

Magical Girl[]

As a Magical Girl, Minael has short, chin-length light brown-golden hair, slightly curling outwards, and has large, purple eyes with cross-shaped pupils.

She wears a dark blue and white ruffled dress and wears a ribbon on her left ankle. Her dress has a lacy white collar, tied with a black ribbon. Protruding out of her back is a single feathered white wing, and there is also a halo above her head.


Mina and her sister, Yuna, have very similar personalities to the point where they are almost indistinguishable from each other. They can be rude at times, but mostly act innocent. After Yuna's death, her personality became quite dark. and became ruthless about killing other magical girls.


Can transform into any object.

Minael's magic allows her to transform into any non-living object. The object's size, shape, and weight don't matter. Minael's shapeshifting will change her to match the objects.

After her transformation, Minael possesses the properties and the functions of the transformed object. The object is also enhanced in durability. However, it is impossible for the object she transforms into to have a durability that exceeds Minael's own. Also, she cannot transform into a complex machine whose structure she doesn't know about.

Special Item(s)[]

  • Halo: Minael's floating halo with an arrow pointed above her head.
  • Invisibility Cloak (Former): A magical cloak that can erase appearance and smell. However, sound and heart movement are ineffaceable.



Yunael and Minael are twins. After Yunael's death, Minael became quite twisted and lost any compassion that she may have originally had.


Tama and Minael are both Ruler's students. The two of them get along, with Minael taking Tama to a secret hideout after Tama helps the angel twins raise their popularity. Tama is also often victim to the twins' pranks.

Following Yunael's death, Minael becomes a lot less friendly and patient with Tama. She often yells at her for being clumsy and useless,.

Swim Swim[]

Swim Swim and Minael are both Ruler's students.


Minael is a member of Ruler's team with Ruler as her mentor. Minael doesn't like Ruler, thinking that she's too bossy and a know-it-all.

Musician Of The Forest, Cranberry[]

Minael attempts to ambush Cranberry along with Swim Swim and Tama. However, this fails, and Minael is ultimately killed by Cranberry.

Weiss Winterprison[]

Minael and Yunael worked together to transform into Sister Nana, and stab Weiss Winterprison. shortly after that, they were traped with Weiss Winterprison walls resulting in Yunael being crushed by Weiss Winterprison hand. Minael being horrified the latter tries to avenge her sister but to no aveil

Calamity Mary[]

Snow White[]

Although Minael and Snow White rarely interact with each other, she along with the rest of team ruler terrorize her from time to time and view her as weak, however, she transform into axe and attempted attack Snow White, but Hardgore Alice protect Snow White from her, Minael is also jealous of Snow White for have much more candies than her.

La Pucelle[]

Hardgore Alice[]


  • In Fanbook 1, Minael has the following stats:
    Physical Ability: 2/5
    Communication Skill: 3/5
    Magic Rarity: 2/5
    Magic Experience: 1/5
    Mental Strength: 3/5
    Online Manners: 2/5
  • The kanjis in her name stand for "heaven" (天 ama), "village" (里 sato), "beauty" ( 美 mi) and "apple tree" (奈 na).
  • As a human, Mina Amasato has a height of 159 cm, while her Magical Girl form as Minael has a height of 100 cm. [1]
    • She shares the exact same height as her twin, Yunael, as a human and as Magical Girls.
    • This makes them the shortest Magical Girls from Unmarked.
  • Risae Matsuda, Minael's seiyuu, is also the older twin sister of Satsumi Matsuda, Yunael's seiyuu.


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