Mascot (マスコットキャラクター) are creatures created by magic.

General Information


Mascots are responsible for finding potential Magical Girls in the human world. They can utilize a vairity of ways to choose the Magical Girls.

Types of Mascots

Cyber Fairy

Cyber Fairies are Mascots like Fav and Fal. They are black and white, resembling a goldfish, with one purple eye and one black eye. They only exist in the Magical Phone, and do not have a physical form. They are the newest type of Mascot.


Fairies are Mascots like Toko. They appear as small winged humanoid creatures.


Unmarked Restart Limited F2P
Fav Fal Palette Toko Mees
Fav LN Fal Palette Toko Mees chibi

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