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Cyber Fairies

Mascot (マスコットキャラクター) are creatures created by magic.

General Information


Mascots are responsible for finding potential Magical Girls in the human world. They can utilize a variety of ways to choose Magical Girls.

According to Styler Mimi, a Magical Girl with her mascot is seen as someone with high authority in the Magical Kingdom.


Cyber Fairies

Cyber Fairies are Mascots like Fav and Fal. They are black and white, resembling a goldfish, with one purple eye and one black eye. They are default motion is bouncing left and right and can't seem to move anyway else. They can't blink and move their mouth and their expression is always fixed but they do contain emotion. Because of it, Magical Girls like Snow White will be able to read their minds. They also tend to say "pon" at the end of their speech. They only exist in the Magical Phone or Administrator Phone and do not have a physical form. They are the newest type of Mascot.

They were abandoned and discarded after the events of Unmarked and were replaced by fairies with Fal being an exception as he was picked up and fixed by Keek. He was later passed on to Snow White and became a recurring character throughout the later arcs.

Animal Fairies

Animal Fairies are Mascots like Palette and Mees whose appearance is similar to an actual animal with the only difference being that Animal Fairies could talk and communicate.


Fairies are Mascots like Toko whose appearance looks like small winged humanoid creatures that resemble an actual fairy.


Unmarked Restart Limited F2P
Fav Fal Palette Toko Mees
Fav LN Fal Palette Toko Mees chibi

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