• Light Novels take precedence over other forms of releases.
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  • No excessive spamming/vandalism.
  • Refrain from putting your own (biased) opinions/interpretations and speculations, there must be a written reference from the Light Novel.
  • If you find an article without any content, do not hesitate to input information, and just study the format on the other available articles.
  • If you accidentally messed up the source code of an article and doesn't know how to revert it back to its previous state, do not panic and contact the admins.


  • Do not upload profane images, pornographic images or images containing inappropriate language. Doing so will result in immediate deletion of the image, and the uploader will likely be blocked without warning.
  • The preferred format for uploaded images is png, but jpg is alright as well.
  • Images should to be named properly and categorized where applicable. Random names make it hard to find the file. Example bad naming uynjqw922.jpg
  • Avoid re-upload(s) of the same images. Duplicates will be deleted.
  • Images should be clean where possible. (ie free of subtitles, borders, mouses, etc).
  • Image Sources: Only images from official sources, such as the manga, anime, light novels and databooks, may be used in the articles.
  • Please remove any watermarks or written text on any of the uploaded images unless the text is placed in an area of the image that is hard to clean & redraw. Especially if they come from the manga.
  • All images must be posted with a "fair use" clause if it is a legal image.
  • Once uploaded, you cannot rename the file, so it must be renamed BEFORE uploading it.
  • Please only upload pictures that will be used in articles where appropriate, or on your own pages.
  • Upload fan art is allowed but please put it only on your page, don't flood it on the forum or official pages.


  1. Upload pictures from the same scene. ( For example, A character not smiling, and a character smiling. )
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