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  • Light Novels take precedence over other forms of releases.
    • Light Novels > Anime > Manga > Other
    • However, as many people have mostly watched the anime, anime-only information may-be added in Unmarked (Arc 1) related articles.
  • No excessive spamming/vandalism.
  • Refrain from putting your own (biased) opinions/interpretations and speculations, there must be a written reference from the Light Novel.
  • If you find an article without any content, do not hesitate to input information, and just study the format on the other available articles.
  • If you accidentally messed up the source code of an article and doesn't know how to revert it back to its previous state, do not panic and contact the admins or the Content Moderator.
    • Simple Mistakes
      One of the ways to revert the edits is to check the history of the previous version prior to your edits, View that previous version, open the source code and copy the original code that you think you have accidentally changed. View the current version, open the source code, and paste the code that you have copied previously to the one that you have messed up.
    • Majority of Article Deleted
      Contact the admins or Blitzsparkz (Admin/Content Moderator).
  • Please capitalize the first letter when adding terms such as Magical Girl, Mage or Mascot.
  • Please italic when adding the name of a story in the summary. Editors can add italic by clicking "I" on the top of the visual and source editor or type '' on the front and back of the text.
    • Example: ''text'', ''Limited'', ''Magical Girl Assassination Project''
    • Results in: Text, Limited, Magical Girl Assassination Project


Originally, this wiki uses fan-translation however, as the official translation by YenPress is available, this wiki will follow the official translation such as names, terms, etc. If you spot an article where certain parts of the information or names came from the fan-translation material, feel free it change them to the official translation(provided you have and read the official translation).

Major Changes[]

  • Magical Girls
    • Cranberry, the Forest Musician > Musician Of The Forest, Cranberry/(Cranberry)
    • Pechika > Pechka
    • Miyokata Nonako > Nonako Miyokata
    • Nokko-chan > Nokko
    • @Nyan-nyan > @Meow-Meow
    • Yumenoshima Genopsyko > Genopsyko Yumenoshima
    • Detick Bell > Detec Bell
    • Mao Pam > Archfiend Pam
    • Filuru > Filru
    • Stuntchica > Stanczyka
    • Monoshiri Mi-Chan > Micchan the Dictionary
    • Miss Lille > Miss Ril
    • Wrappy Tip > Rappy Taype
    • Mepis Pheles > Mephis Pheles
    • Psyche Plains > Pshuke Prains
    • Ranyui > Ranyi
    • Calcolo > Calkoro
  • Locations
    • Land of Magic > Magical Kingdom
    • Magical Girl Division > Magical Girl Department
    • Examination Division > Inspection Department
    • Human Resources Division > Magical Girl Resources Department
    • Foreign Affairs Division > Department of Diplomacy
    • Information Technology Division > Information Technology Department

See Glossary for more information.

If an article's name has been changed as a result of transitioning from a fan-translation to the official translation (Mao Pam > Archfiend Pam), it will affect the wiki as a whole. As such, you will need to leave a redirect and may choose to change the links to the renamed version on any articles that contain it or contact Blitzsparkz (Admin/Content Moderator).

  • Use What links here and type in original name prior to your renamed version on the search bar to find any articles that contain the original name. From there, change the fan-translation to the official translation. Do note that if the original name appears on a template (particularly navigation template), then all articles that share that particular template will appear on the list of what links here.

Do note that not all of the light novels have been officially translated. As such, this wiki will continue to use fan-translation until the official translation has been released.


Recently, references have been included in certain articles. Please use the <ref> and the <references/> tag on any articles to indicate where your information came from.

Source Material[]

When writing a reference for a piece of information from the source material aka light novel, use the following format:
(Name of the novel), (Chapter), (Page number),

Magical Girl Raising Project: Restart (Part 1), Chapter 1, Page 12.

Please write down the page number starting from the chapter instead of the overall page number or the number written on top of the books. This is done so that both readers of the fan or official translation can find a particular page.

Magical Girl Raising Project: Restart (Part 1), Chapter 4, Page 134.Cross-Red.png
Magical Girl Raising Project: Restart (Part 1), Chapter 4, Page 14.Check-green.png(Number counted from chapter 4 instead of the overall number.)

Reference Tag[]

When using the <ref> tag, use the following format:


Your information here<ref>Your reference here</ref>

Results in
Your information here[1]

  1. Your reference here

Reference Box[]

Replace <references/> with {{Reference Box|<references />}} when writing more than four reference.s.


Info 1<ref>Reference 1</ref>
Info 2<ref>Reference 2</ref>
Info 3<ref>Reference 3</ref>
Info 4<ref>Reference 4</ref>
{{Reference Box

Results in
Info 1[1]
Info 2[2]
Info 3[3]
Info 4[4]

V • T • E
  1. Reference 1
  2. Reference 2
  3. Reference 3
  4. Reference 4


To use a template, either click on the "Preload template" underneath the editing box if you are using source editor. Otherwise, check out the Templates Navbox or the Mostlinkedtemplates. Be sure to take a look at the documentation on how to use certain templates or you may open an article that use that particular template and follow it from here.



  • The preferred format for uploaded images is .png, but .jpg is also acceptable.
  • Images should be named properly and categorized where applicable.
    • Random names make it hard to find the file. Example of Bad Naming: uynjqw922.jpg.
    • For category, Please take a look at the following table or alternatively, you can check other similar images for references.
      • There are no categories for images that is taken from illustrators such as Lerche, Maruino,
        Pochi Edoya or Ryota Yuzuki so you may just add the other categories that needs to be added.
List of Categories
Condition Category
Images Category
All Images Images
Images taken from the LN Light Novel Illustrations
Images taken from the Anime Anime Images
Images taken from the Manga Manga
Images about music Music Images
Images about merchandise Merchandise Images
Profile Icons for characters Profile Pictures
When a character is in the image Images of <character name>
When a image is applied anywhere on this wikia or have no relation to this franchise Wiki images
Example: Click on the image, then on the file name →
Volume 1-LN-043.jpg
  • This is a image - Add Category, Images.
  • This image is taken from the LN - Add Category, Light Novel Illustrations.
  • This image contains both Snow White and La Pucelle - Add Category, Images of La Pucelle and Images of Snow White.
  • Overall, this image should have "Images", "Light Novel Illustrations", "Images of La Pucelle", "Images of Snow White" under it's belt.
  • Category Example.JPG

  • Images should be clean where possible. (i.e: free of subtitles, borders, mouses, etc).
  • Only images from official sources, such as the manga, anime, light novels, and databooks, may be used in the articles.
    • Uploading of fan art is allowed but please put it only on your page, don't flood it on the forum or official pages.
  • Please remove any written text on any of the uploaded images unless the text is placed in an area of the image that is hard to clean & redraw, including panels from the manga
  • Once uploaded, you cannot rename the file, so it must be renamed BEFORE uploading it.
  • Please only upload pictures that will be used in articles where appropriate, or on your own pages.
  • When uploading an image, please select "Fair use" under More Options. If you have forgotten to add, go to the image, click edit and paste the following:
    == Licensing ==


  • Do not upload profane images, pornographic images, or images containing inappropriate language. Doing so will result in immediate deletion of the image, and the uploader will likely be blocked without warning.
  • Avoid re-upload(s) of the same images. Duplicates will be deleted.
  • Avoid uploading non-MGRP related image as well.
  • Upload pictures from the same scene. ( For example, A character not smiling, and a character smiling. )