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My boss is a bit of a homicidal maniac so it'll be even better for me if I give her a two-for-one special. 'Kay, say goodbye.

— Magicaloid 44 to Snow White

Magicaloid 44 (マジカロイド44), also known by her real name Makoto Andou (安藤真琴), is one of the main protagonists of Magical Girl Raising Project.

Magicaloid 44 is a robotic Magical Girl who is shrewd.



As a human, Makoto has short brown hair with her forehead exposed. Her eyes are dark. She wears a navy-blue beanie with a long-sleeved graphic tee, a grey skirt, and chunky black boots. She carries a black backpack around with her. underneith her beanie she has black root hairs, implying that she must have dyed her hair brown.

Magical Girl[]

As a Magical Girl, her eyes are hot pink with pink crosses in them. She has white "hair", with white cone-shaped things protruding out of it. The white cones have black stripes going horizontally, and a thin pink stripe going vertically.

Magicaloid 44 has a completely robotic body, accompanied by a white shirt with a collar and a dark blue skirt. She wears a red bag on her back that contains all of her tools. She also has black crowns on her arms and legs.


Magicaloid 44 describes herself as the person who always takes the easy way out. She doesn't bother putting in much effort at school, which eventually drove her to run away from home and live on the streets, which she considers easy by comparison. The same can be seen during the elimination game, where she allied herself with Calamity Mary, one of the strongest Magical Girls, and targeted Snow White, one of the weakest Magical Girls.

She has also shown to be very selfish. Most likely as a result of living on the streets, Magicaloid is a money-glutton, using her status as a Magical Girl to earn money. She has an eye for business, knowing exactly how to manipulate others. She also doesn't care much about the lives of others, attacking innocent people to then rescue them and earn Candies.

However, despite all of this, she does have a few good relationships, getting along well with fellow homeless.


Receives one useful futuristic tool a day.

Magicaloid 44's magic allows her to randomly pick one of the 444,444,444 useful tools of the future from her backpack. The tools that she picks are completely randomized, and not even she knows what she will get that day. Additionally, she may only acquire one tool per day. After a day has passed, the previous day's tools will no longer work and will break down.

Special Item(s)[]

  • Lunch bag and gym shoes: Magicaloid 44's equipment on both of her sides. She brings these everywhere.
  • Bag-type Propulsion System: Magicaloid 44's equipment in her pack.
  • Magical Tools: Using her magic, she can receive random magical items from the future.
List of Secret Magical Tools
Tools Descriptions Appearance
Razor Floss A hardly visible sharp thread that can slice through anything. Magical Girl Raising Project
Insect Gender Identifier According to her, it's a device that can identify if an insect is a boy or a girl. The Robot and the Nun
Debris Removing Manipulator An item that looks like the mouth of a vacuum cleaner with a pair of eyes and arms.
Fully Automatic Cleaning Device A multi-functional cleaning device that looks like a robotic vacuum cleaner that comes with a drill, a hose and a floor-brush.
A Pen That Lets You Draw Manga in a Day A multi-functional pen that comes with an eraser and a brush.
Anti-Magical Creature Ray Gun A firearm that looks like a toy ray gun. Judging from its name, it can be assumed that this weapon shoots laser beams and is effective against magical creature.
Magical-Power-Amplifying Earrings From its name, it is probably an earring that increases a Magical Girl's abilities. TBA
Boss Battle Victory Generator An item that produces an item that guarantees victory with any boss fight. Items made using this tool will not disappear in a day. Magical Shopping
Oceanic Coaster Item made by the Boss Battle Generator. It's Water-resistant and good for water fights and waterslide parks.
Hair Defender Item made by Boss Battle Generator. Protects your hair from being stolen. Ideal for fighting against hair perverts.
Desu Note Item made by Boss Battle Generator. A black notebook that doesn't kill anyone, but if you write in it, it tells you how to be polite in a language.
Anti-Mind Attack Sticker Item made by Boss Battle Generator. Protects your emotions from being influenced by potential emotion manipulators.
Memory Protection File Item made by Boss Battle Generator. Protects your memories from being taken away.
Royal Cotton Bag Item made by Boss Battle Generator. Wearing this item makes everyone think you're very polite. Ideal for those who might want to ignore rude opponents.
A pen that let you draw manga as good as professional This pen lets you draw like a professional Manga artist. While the pen may not work after a day, the art will still exist.
The Anywhere Door She can pull out this door anywhere she wants, but it goes nowhere. Magical Girl Raising Project Theater
Magical Broom Performance Enhancement Machine Can enhance the vehicle's performance just by attaching it. TBA
Magical Growth Promoting Food for Pet Food that increases the capability of a pet. TBA


Calamity Mary[]

Calamity Mary is Magicaloid 44's mentor. During Unmarked (Arc 1), Magicaloid sticks with Mary, thinking that it's the safest place to be. Magicaloid was the only magical girl Calamity Mary treated slightly good for her average behavior.

Despite that, Calamity Mary still wasn't very trustful with Magicaloid and told her the only way Mary could trust Magicaloid was that if she killed someone, which Magicaloid agreed to.

Calamity Mary wasn't very sad about Magicaloid's death, but she was definitely willing to avenge her by murdering her assassin.

Sister Nana[]

When Sister Nana wanted Weiss Winterprison to become a Magical Girl, Sister Nana went to Magicaloid 44 for help. Magicaloid manipulated her to get money and was disappointed when she produced an item that actually helped Winterprison become a Magical Girl. Sister Nana never found out about this and she believed Magicaloid to be a good person. As a reward, Sister Nana invites her to her department.

Weiss Winterprison[]

Weiss Winterprison was thankful to her at first. She and Sister Nana invite her to their apartment, although she also doubted Magicaloid's need for money.

La Pucelle[]

La Pucelle and Magicaloid met in The Robot and the Nun due to La Pucelle also being invited to their department since she was Sister Nana's student. Magicaloid felt something strange about La Pucelle and discovered that she had a crush on someone.

Hardgore Alice[]

Magicaloid decapitated Hardgore Alice, following the instructions from Calamity Mary to kill someone. She says that she doesn't feel anything after 'killing' her. As it turns out, she didn't actually kill Alice at all due to her magic. Alice's headless body stood up and proceeded to impale a hole in her body.

Snow White[]

Magicaloid views Snow White as being the weakest Magical Girl in the group and, as a result, she targeted Snow White when she was told to kill someone.

Despite Magicaloid herself stating that it’s no longer necessary to kill her (since Magicaloid thought she had killed Alice), Magicaloid still tried to kill Snow white anyways, in order to impress her mentor.


Top Speed[]

Elementary School Girl[]

Magicaloid helped her give her mother a gift. They never saw each other again after that.


Shark attempts to destroy Magicaloid 44.


  • In Fanbook 1, Magicaloid 44 has the following stats:
    Physical Ability: 3/5
    Communication Skill: 4/5
    Magic Rarity: 5/5
    Magic Experience: 2/5
    Mental Strength: 4/5
    Cheapskate: 4/5
  • Magicaloid 44 herself is a reference to Doraemon
    • Magicaloid 44 is the first mecha type magical girl, with the second being Mecha gale

      Magicaloid 44 receiving a futuristic gadget from her bag

    • Additionally, her Avatar's backstory (where she came from the 22nd century) is similar to Doraemon's backstory.
    • Her magic (where she can receive a random futuristic gadget) and her bag that contains such gadgets is also similar to Doraemon's 4D Pocket which allows him to store and retrieve gadgets.
  • Her "Desu Note" item is a reference to the anime Death Note, where the main character possesses a black notebook he can use to kill people.
  • As a human, Makoto Andou has a height of 158 cm, while her Magical Girl form as Magicaloid 44 has a height of 120 cm. [1]
  • The kanjis in her real name stand for "peaceful" or "relax (安 an) "wisteria" (藤 dou), "true" (真 ma) and "harp" (琴 koto).
    • Her name containing the "true" kanji is ironic considering Magicaloid's deceitful personality.


  1. "Magical Girl Raising Project Official Fanbook", "TV アニメ 魔法少女育成計画 才フィシャルファンブック"


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