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Magical Phone in the anime

Magical Phones (マジカルフォン), also known as Magical Terminal (魔法の端末), is a device given to a Magical Girl after their first transformation.

General Information[edit | edit source]

Magical Phones are used to transform a human into a Magical Girl and back. They appear to have the features of a typical smartphone, such as texting, photographing, and accessing the internet. They also have a function to detect Magical Potential within a certain radius. Each one also contains basic information about the powers and capabilities of its owner, as well as a stylized picture of their Magical Girl form. Magical Phones were invented by the Research and Development Division relatively recently in Magical Girl history. Different models of Magical Phones exist such as the "Administrator Phone", also known as the "Master Terminal". These Magical Phones were designed to withstand extreme circumstances and are able to be linked to Magical Girls during selection tests. Cyber Fairies also reside within Administrator Phones.

Differences[edit | edit source]

The Magical Phones seen in the anime and the manga seems to be different. Whether or not if it's a different model is unknown.

Magical Girl Raising Project[edit | edit source]

Magical Phone in Unmarked (Arc 1) Manga

In the anime, the Magical Phone looks like an oval-shaped device that required the user to slide it open in order to use it. Similarly, Magical Phones have to be slid back in order to lock it. The base color of the phone appears to change depending on its owner.

In the manga, however, it looks like a normal smartphone, but with a heart-shape attached on top of it.

Magical Girl Raising Project: Restart[edit | edit source]

Magical Phone in Restart Manga

In the manga, the Magical Phone and its screen are completely heart-shaped. Other than the design, this magical phone retains the same functions as any other magical phone.

Magical Phones[edit | edit source]

Magical Girl Raising Project[edit | edit source]

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Magical Girl Raising Project: Restart[edit | edit source]

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Functions[edit | edit source]

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