The Regulations of the Magical Girl Class

The book opens up with a sets of rules and gudielines that all Magical Girl Students should follow.


Prologue (プロローグ)
Kana, a prisoner and former member of the Caspar members is released from her Magical Seal by Yoshioka and an unknown Magical Girl in order to enter a rehabilitation program after having her memories of her previous life and crimes altered.

Meanwhile, Mariko Fukuroi, now working as a full-time teacher is contacted by Snow White’s friends, Yoshiko and Sari, concerned about their friend’s disappearance. Mariko waves them off, but worries for Snow White’s safety and attempts to contact her.

Snow White later receives the call, but ignores it, in the process of meeting Princess Deluge, Armor Arlie, and the other homunculi Magical Girls. She is accompanied by Uluru, now more rational and compassionate.

Chapter 1

Tetty Goodgripp, Wrappy Tip, Miss Lille, Armor Arlie and Drill Dory getting ready for class.

Opening Theme and Curtains Up! (オープニングテーマは始業ベルで)
Fujino Toyama, or Tetty Goodgripp as a Magical Girl travels to Umemizaki Middle School, enrolled in a special class for Magical Girls as class representative. She greets various classmates as she passes by, before returning to her own social clique, including Wrappy Tip, Miss Lille, and the twins, Ark Arlie and Drill Dory. The group discusses the rumor of a “transfer student”, formerly a prisoner enrolling in their class. Tetty begins to wonder how the new prisoner would adjust to Group 2, another social clique of Umemizaki Middle School. She reflects on her short-tempered friend, Fuko Sayama or Mepis Pheles.

Calcolo touring Kana.

During their discussion, Halna Medhi Melen, principal of the school and distant relative of Chêne・Osk・Baal・Mel, enrolls Kana into the class, along with Calcolo, a Mage transformed into a Magical Girl serving as a teacher. Halna speaks and addresses Kana aggressively, before giving her a “cover story” in order to hide Kana’s past of crimes.

Reminiscing her first day as a teacher in Class 2-F, Calcolo, nervous and anxious, begins to tour Kana around the school while wondering if she should just give up.

Chapter 2

Stand! Bow! Sit! (起立! 礼! 着席!)
Kumi-Kumi, Classical Lillian, Thunder General Adelheid, and Mepis Pheles discuss the new transfer student. Mepis angrily insults everyone in her group, including the future transfer student, as Kumi-Kumi worries for the nature of the student. Later, Kana, the transfer student, enters Class 2-F, introduced by Calcolo to the detransformed students. She briefly introduces herself to Kumi-Kumi.

After the class is dismissed, the students crowd around Kana, interested in her new appearance and her magic. Princess Lightning tries to pressure Kana into using her magic, who refuses, following Yoshioka’s advice. Mepis then steps up, openly humiliating her, despite Tetty’s attempts to restrain her. Mepis begins to beat down Kana upon transforming, who fights back by teasing her, only further angering Mepis.

Meanwhile, Blade Brenda, Cannon Catherine, and Princess Deluge are instructed by Snow White to clean the graffiti of a city. Deluge and Snow White discuss Pythie Frederica’s attempt to transfer a prisoner to a school, as well as Ark Arlie’s well-being. Ultimately, however, their goal is to find both Ripple and Frederica, both of whom have gone into hiding.

Calcolo begins to teach her history class, explaining the crimes of Cranberry, Lake of Fire Flame Flamey, Melville, and Calamity Mary. After the class writes their opinions on the incident, Calcolo continues to worry about Kana and her peculiar behavior.

Chapter 3

Run Transfer Student, Run (走れ走れ転校生走れ)
Group 2 begins to discuss the new transfer student, Kana. Kumi-Kumi attempts to reason with Mepis for her unreasonable anger towards Kana, but the latter is quick to shut down her argument. After taking a restroom break, Kumi-Kumi is cornered by Kana, who asks about the school guidelines and the department of groups.

Kana, curious to know about the division of groups, corners Calcolo as well, notably invading her personal space under the belief that she was making a good impression. Calcolo redirects her to the principal, Halna Medhi Melen. Although the two share a rough conversation, Kana eventually pressures Halna into giving her information on the class divisions, promising not to share her information. She learns that Group 1 were primarily Osk Factions members, Group 2 were mainly Caspar members, and Group 3 were combined nobles and Puk Faction members.

Satisfied with her answer, Kana runs into Group 1, before sharing information about the Information Bureau and other divisions. She then reveals who each member of Group 1 was recommended by, unintentionally causing Tetty to worry about her background but also learning to trust and befriend Kana.

Chapter 4

Middle School of Conflict (闘争中学校)
Calcolo announces to her class a change of schedule to begin recreational sports in the gym. In reality, however, both Calcolo and Halna specifically changed the schedule in order to test Kana’s abilities as a Magical Girl. Calcolo proposes a mock battle against homunculi, causing the groups to begin to plan methodically to take down both other teams and the homunculi. While Group 1 plans out the fight in a concise and effective manner, Group 3 focuses on Kana and their suspicions, noting her as troublesome. Group 2, however, did not form any sort of strategy due to explaining the rules to Kana.

During the mock battle, Drill Dory is quick to use her powers against the homunculi with the rest of her teammates supporting her in a planned manner. Kumi-Kumi and Lillian, despite not having any strategy, also work together against homunculi while Group 3 attempts to attack their defenses. However, the match is then intervened when Calcolo reveals Kumi-Kumi had damaged the gym floor, breaking the rules and forcing Kumi-Kumi to sit out for the remainder of the battle.

Diko Narakunoin and Mepis begin to target one another, with Mepis attempting to use her magic to persuade Diko into relaxing. As the two begin to chase one another, Princess Lightning calls off the match and attempts to blame Dory for damaging the gym floor for dropping her drill. Wrappy defends Dory, proving there was no actual damage, but Lightning then tries to point the blame on Adelheid, causing a mini-argument within the battle. Kumi-Kumi then realizes Kana had not participated in the fight at all and tries to convince her to fight before the match begins.

Sally Raven begins to pick up the fight once more but is also eliminated once she accidentally strikes Miss Lille’s body, mistaking her black color for homunculi. Mepis, in a fit of rage, continues to chase Diko, ruining Group 2’s balance before a great, bright light consumes the battlefield, briefly interrupting the match. Due to the distraction, a homunculi sneaks up on Mepis and attempts to attack her, before Tetty kicks Mepis away to shield her from the attack- only for Tetty to be eliminated and Mepis to turn her anger to Tetty.

Meanwhile, unknown to the students, Pythie Frederica listens to Group 2’s conversation after the mock battle, noting their annoyance to Mepis’ anger and disruption during the fight. She also views Twin Dragons Panas and a Magical Girl talking with a Mage about recommendations. Frederica then attempts to view Snow White-- only to realize her magic suddenly cannot work against Snow White, unable to display any image of her on her crystal ball.

Chapter 5

Where I Should Be (私のいるべき場所)
Calcolo, after teaching her history class, asks Kana about her lack of participation during gym class. Kana reasons that she had used her magic to find the weakness of the homunculi and had begun to ponder about the homunculi’s high level of intelligence due to their capacity to understand her question. Calcolo, in disbelief, gives up on questioning Kana and hastily makes up a report to Halna, attempting to bring out the positives of the gym class. Halna then warns Calcolo about Kana, telling her to stay on guard for a potential threat.

It is then revealed that the mysterious, blinding light was actually from Princess Lightning’s dagger, given to Group 1 to use in the mock battle against Group 2, specifically to focus on Kana. Tetty, feeling slightly guilty for singling out Kana, is quick to confess to Calcolo about the dagger. Calcolo accepts her answer before remarking Tetty’s talent from being recommended by the Information Bureau, leaving her even more distressed about her background.

Tetty walks over to the Gardener mage for help, asking questions about the Information Bureau. Although she was recommended by the Information Bureau, Tetty was completely unaware she was affiliated with the faction in the first place. The gardener Mage points out it was likely due to the Information Bureau’s main role was to file and collect information on Magical Girls and had noticed Tetty’s abilities before indirectly revealing he is also a member of the Information Bureau. Tetty then asks about Mepis, wondering how to make up to her. The Mage suggests to bring her to the garden as a sign of forgiveness, believing although Mepis may appear cruel on the outside, she was still forgiving and kind on the inside.

After school, Ranyui and Diko meet up and briefly discuss Lightning’s odd manner on deciding to team up with Group 1 to take down Group 2, before also talking about their actual identity as students of Lapis Lazuline the First. Meanwhile, Kana remains on the school grounds, unsure of where to go with no home and no longer having contact with Frederica. She runs into Halna, who immediately tells her to go home-- in which Kana argues back she has no home. Mepis accidentally notices the two as well, causing Halna to suggest Kana to stay with Mepis. Mepis, angered by Halna’s suggestion begins to cuss at her. Halna is quick to assert her position as principal, demanding Mepis to take Kana angrily, leaving Mepis embarrassed and distraught.

Chapter 6

The Sweet Trap (N/A)
After arriving at Mepis' apartment, Mepis tells Kana that she owes her for this. Kana offers to tell Mepis how to make up with Tetty, having deduced they were once friends, but Mepis angrily brushes her off and instead demands she tell about her relationship with Halna. She asks her how she knew the students were each selected by a Magical Kingdom division. However, Kana refuses to answer and argues she only told them because she thought it would help her befriend everyone, but Mepis doesn't believe her.

Elsewhere, The Third Lapis Lazuline reports to The First Lapis Lazuline that Pythie has been aggressively recruiting Archfiend Cram School Magical Girls. However, The First argued they needed information, not manpower. She then ordered The Third to tell Princess Lightning to proceed. The Third questioned whether Diko and Ranyui should know about Lightning, but the First insisted it wasn't necessary.

Thunder General Adelheid confronting Princess Lightning.

At night, Adelheid tries to get inside the school, but can't due to the security golems. She then notices Princess Lightning behind her. Lightning claims there's only room for one lightning Magical Girl at Umemizaki and attacks her. After Lightning simply absorbed her lightning bolts, Adelheid manages to overpower her with physical attacks. However, Lightning turns the tide again by entering Luxury Mode. In the end, Adelheid manages to defeat Lightning by absorbing her own lightning bolt to boost her physical strength and knock her out. However, Lightning then mysteriously got back up and walked away as if nothing had happened.

Meanwhile, Diko and Ranyui map out the school under the cover of darkness, but can't enter the restricted sections. They then notice Adelheid and Lightning's fight and are shocked when Lightning got back up seemingly undamaged after Abelheid knocked her out. As the police arrive due to the commotion Adelheid and Lightning caused, Diko and Ranyui decide to fall back and report what had happened to Lapis Lazuline.

Chapter 7

Heart vs Heart (ハートVSハート)
Group 2 gossips about the current events of school, particularly about Kana and Mepis, as well as Thunder General Adelheid’s fight with Princess Lightning the prior night. They theorize over Princess Lightning’s mysterious and peculiar behavior during the fight, only to find her behaving naturally and casually at school.

In Group 3, Lightning announces her fight with Adelheid to her teammates, causing Psyche Plains to arise suspicions towards her. She then notices Tetty Goodgripp returning the lightning dagger to Princess Lightning, much to the shock of Group Two, who was unaware of Group 1 and 3 working together beforehand. Mepis Pheles, in a fit of rage, immediately attempts to attack Tetty before being forcibly restrained by her teammates. As Tetty desperately tries to apologize, her efforts are to no avail as she is interrupted by the start of class.

Mepis Pheles introducing the whole of manga to Kana.

Calcolo continues teaching the history of the criminals of the Magical Kingdom, before receiving an abrupt email from Halna demanding another mock battle, once again focusing on Kana. As the day ends, Kana once again returns to Mepis’ apartment, who remains in a state of anger, repeatedly cursing Kana out despite the latter’s attempts to befriend her. Kana, attempting to find common ground with Mepis, points out her lack of knowledge on manga, a passion for Mepis. Her mood immediately changes, and Mepis quickly calms down, excited to explain her interest in manga to Kana.

Meanwhile, Snow White reviews Ark Arlie’s status at school, thinking about her lost mascot character, Fal, before someone approaches her room.

Chapter 8

We Don’t Want to Go Back (今日は婦リたくないの)
Kana, having finished the battle manga recommended by Mepis, discusses plot elements and shipping. She then questions Mepis’ relationship with other students, including Tetty, in which Mepis immediately grows moody upon thinking about her former friend. She reveals her hatred for Tetty stemming from a result of no longer being able to protect her, and feeling she now acts too self-confident. Changing the topic, Mepis attempts to convince Kana to detransform, who refuses, quoting lines from her battle manga.

Towards the afternoon, Tetty worries about her relationship with Mepis, still trying to understand how to apologize to her. Meanwhile, in a food store, Psyche Plains and Sally Raven meet up, discussing how suspicious their teammate, Princess Lightning was acting. Psyche reveals her status as a professional guard, and Sally explains her dreams to become a Cutie Healer, coming from the PR Division. The two agree to work together in case something happens to the school and their graduation, working as professionals.

Kumi-Kumi, remaining at home before her night class, is suddenly greeted by Pythie Frederica. As a high-status Magical Girl, Kumi-Kumi acknowledges her with respect, before Frederica explains her true motives for her visit—she requests Kumi-Kumi’s help, hoping to gain more information on the school, as well as the other faction’s plans for its development.

In the night, Calcolo gathers all the students together in the mountains, preparing a mock battle. She dismisses the students to their assigned areas, before returning to the lab area. To her horror, a mage’s corpse is left in the room, before realizing the working terminals were now malfunctioning. The homunculi kept in the lab were now loose in the mountains, leaving a distressed Calcolo rushing to the master control.

Chapter 9

Middle School of War (戦争中学校)
Although surprised that the mock battle began so soon, Group 1 manages to persevere and fights the homunculi before them. However, they realize something is wrong when they are confronted by a homunculi that had taken the form of Pukin, who proceeds to brainwash Tetty with her sword.

Meanwhile, Group 3 are separated due to the onslaught of homunculi, some of whom they recognize as having taken the forms of rogue Magical Girls they learned about in class. Psyche meets up with Calcolo, who explains the situation and that the only way to stop the homunculi was to turn off the Master Control. Upon reaching it, however, they are immediately forced to retreat, as they find it to be guarded by a homunculi Grim Heart.

Elsewhere, Group 2 had been surrounded by homunculi, including a homunculi Calamity Mary. In response, Kumi-Kumi uses an exo-suit made using her ability to dispatch the horde, but it is destroyed by a homunculi Sonia Bean, forcing Kana to take her and flee. They are eventually surrounded and Kana, after discovering the homunculi are programmed to not attack each other using her ability, uses one of them as a meat weapon to kill the homunculi Sonia. However, a black wall then spouts up and absorbs her. Believing this was the end, Kana reminisces about her time in Umemizaki Middle School.

Adelheid defeats a homunculi Akane, but loses consciousness from exhaustion, forcing Mepis and Lilian to flee with her whilst being pursued by a homunculi Melville. They are saved by Sally, who kills the homunculi Melville, only to then be attacked by more homunculi, including a homunculi Flame Flamey. In the end, Psyche and Calcolo arrived and defeated the homunculi Flamey while Adelheid regained consciousness and defeated the remaining homunculi with a special move.

Ranyui and Diko Narakunoin facing off against Shadow Cranberry.

In Group 3, the members are overwhelmed by the horde of homunculi. Lightning was defeated and taken away by Sally, leaving only Ranyui and Diko to face off against a homunculi Cranberry. They fight to the best of their ability, but find themselves outmatched. They are saved, however, by the timely arrival of Snow White, who swiftly decapitates the imitation of her former examiner. Uluru arrives shortly after and uses her ability to make everyone believe she is an administrator, causing the fighting to stop.

Meanwhile, Group 1 is on the defensive against the homunculi Pukin and brainwashed Tetty. Dory manages to impale the homunculi with her drill, only to no avail as the latter uses her sword on herself to sustain her life, freeing Tetty from her brainwashing. Using the mercury Wrappy Tip gave to Miss Lille, she used her magic to melt herself into mercury, only for her melted body to be scattered everywhere, all the while more homunculi closed in on them. Fortunately, Princess Deluge arrives and takes out the homunculi using a combination attack with Arlie and Dory, creating a bright ray of light before ending the last of the homunculi fights.


Epilogue (エピローグ)
Kana finds herself floating in darkness, contemplating her situation, notably comparing it to being back in prison. Quickly after, Kana wakes up back in the forest, surprised she is still alive. Mepis and Kumi-Kumi then approach her, happy she is alive, and embrace her, much to Kana's confusion.

The legendary Magical Girl Hunter Snow White, makes her appearance.

After the incident, Calcolo is summoned to Halna's office. While Calcolo expected her to be furious, Halna was strangely in a good mood, explaining that the incident had been dealt with and the cause was a malfunction or human error much to the suspicion of Calcolo. Halna then informs her that they had received another transfer student, remaining in her strange, cheerful behavior.

Three days after the incident, Tetty returns to school as classes resumed. Although there were no fatalities, Adelheid, Wrappy, and Arlie got injured, and Ranyui was hospitalized. As class begins, Calcolo enters with an unfamiliar girl and introduces her as their newest transfer student: Snow White.


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