Magical Girl Departments, also known as the Magical Girl Division (魔法少女部門) in the fan translation, are various factions established in the Magical Kingdom for dealing with various affairs about Magical Girls and other things magic-related.

General Information

Inspection Department

The Inspection Department, also known as the Examination Division (監査部門) in the fan translation, is in charge of ensuring that divisions are working correctly, investigating cases involving Magical Girls and Mages, exposing actions that violate the rules, and carrying out detention of rogue Magical Girls.

Mana Mana Snow White ACES Snow White Hana Gekokujou Hana Gekokujou Fal Fal
N/A (Outside Staff) N/A N/A
Pukin Pukin Fan Lit Fan icon Fan Lit Fan Unnamed Person icon Unnamed Person Miss Margarite Miss Margarite
(Former) N/A N/A (Former)
Logo-Image Unvalaible Death Prayer Armor Arlie Black Ark Arlie


Magical Girl Resources Department

The Magical Girl Resources Department, also known as the Human Resources Division (人事部門) in the fan translation, manages the Magical Girls' personal affairs, as well as excavating human resources such as scouting, selection tests, education, training, and mental care of Magical Girls. It is also in charge of the rearrangement of Magical Girls. The position for the head of HR is currently vacant.

Pfle Pfle Clio icon Clio 7753 7753
(Former Head) (Deputy Head) (Guidance)
Clamberry Cranberry Dark Cutie Dark Cutie Monoshiri Mi-Chan Micchan the Dictionary
(Former Examiner) (Secret Team) (Secret Team)
Glassianne Glassianne Flame Flamey Flame Flamey Alma icon Alma
(Secret Team) (Former Examiner) N/A
Fav LN Fav Toko Toko Pythie Frederica Pythie Frederica
(Former) (Former) (Former Head and Examiner)
Logo-Image Unvalaible Birgitta Pastel Merry Pastel Merry WrappyTip Wrappy Tip
(Director) (Temporarily Examiner) N/A


Department of Diplomacy

The Department of Diplomacy, also known as the Foreign Affairs Division (外交部門) in the fan translation, negotiate with other nations, local governments, companies, and other organizations. The use of force is also part of its task; therefore, covering a town with a barrier or wiping out a whole city will be conducted if necessary.

Mao Pam Archfiend Pam Lady Proud Lady Proud Umbrein Umbrain ThunderGeneralAdelheit Thunder General Adelheid
(Former Head) N/A N/A N/A


Research and Development Division

The Research and Development Division (研究部門), or R&D Division for short, collects various data and conducts research on anything that is magic-related.

Jouvet icon Jouvet Puppeta icon Puppeta Jelly Marie icon Jelly Marie Spinon icon Spinon
(Deputy Head) N/A N/A N/A
Blue Bell Candy Bluebell Candy Princess Deluge ACES Princess Deluge Logo-Image Unvalaible Olga



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Public Relations Division

The Public Relations Division (広報部門), or PR Division for short, conduct public relations of Magical Girls. The members create an advertisement that improves the public's impression of Magical Girls and make people believe that Magical Girls are real. As such, many animation programs are produced periodically.

Palette Palette Magical Daisy Magical Daisy Logo-Image Unvalaible Twin Stars Cutie Altair Logo-Image Unvalaible Cutie Vega
SallyRaven Sally Raven

Anime and its Characters


Information Technology Department

The Information Technology Department, also known as Information Technology Division (IT部門) in the original Japanese release, or IT Department for short, is in charge of electronic information.

Keek2 Keek Fal Fal
(Former) (Former)


Magical Girl Management Division

The Magical Girl Management Division (魔法少女管理部門) manages the personal information of Magical Girls.

Logo-Image Unvalaible Ragi Jie Nent


Ragi was originally from the Osk's Faction. Sometime later, he was transferred to the Magical Girl Management Division as the head.


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