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Magical Girls from Unmarked to Black

Magical Girls (魔法少女) are humans that have the ability to transform into Magical Girls that exist in the Magical Girl Raising Project universe.

General Information[]

Only humans with magical potential can be chosen as candidates. Though most of them are female, some potential candidates can be male or animals. Most candidates are often of a younger age, but there are also older ones. even some elderly can become magical girls. The magical potential is also seen to be hereditary, as there have been entire Magical Girl families. It is said that those who believe more in magic or are fans of Magical Girls have higher magical potential. This Magical Girl potential and that of Mages is apparently different, as some Mages cannot become Magical Girls, although it is still possible.

One important thing about being a Magical Girl is to never reveal their true identities to anyone besides other Magical Girls as this would, in turn, forfeit their rights to become a Magical Girl and have their memories of anything relating to the Magical Kingdom be erased. However, exposing their identities to other Magical Girls might also prove to be dangerous as one is revealing their weakness to the other and those with evil intentions might be able to hunt them down more easily. As shown in Unmarked

While a magical girl can have their memories erased, it has been said that they can be able to regain some of their memories as a magical girl back, although it is unknown what is needed to fully regain their memories back.

Selection Test[]

A Selection Test (選抜試験) is a test where Magical Girls compete to enter and to become an official member of the Magical Kingdom.

Humans are chosen to become real Magical Girls by the Magical Kingdom. They can go through a series of trials of defeating monsters to win or collecting magical candies by helping people. The examiners, who choose who can become a Magical Girl, are free to hold their examinations as they see fit. They each have their own methods to judge Magical Girls and decide the winners based on certain values they seek. Most examinations are usually a type of contest in which the winner receives the honor of becoming a member of the Magical Kingdom while the rest have their memories and powers erased and sent back to their normal lives. The known selection test examiners are:


Magical Girls have varying characteristics. They all have powers that they can use for better or for worse.


PV 2 — 53 seconds 2.PNG
  • Appearance
    Magical Girls are said to be the ideal versions of their human counterparts. All of them share the appearance of children, teenagers, and in some cases, go up to their early twenties, which is considered "ancient" for a Magical Girl. They are described as having strikingly beautiful and perfectly aligned features.
  • Outfits
    All of them also possess a unique outfit upon transformation which is considered their soul (metaphorically). Their outfit could just be about anything ranging from, but not limited to, a job in an industry to fairy tales and creatures from folklore. They will always feel comfortable in their outfit and maneuver normally no matter how excessive they may look.
  • Names
    Their names are also customizable such as a generic Magical Girl name, a human name, a historical figure's name or just a random gibberish name. Magical Girls can change their name by making a request from the Magical Kingdom although not all requests will be successful. It's unsure what criteria are needed for a Magical Girl to successfully change their name.


Magical Girls are considered superhuman. They have abnormally enhanced physical strength and agility. They are able to jump to high places and land safely without getting hurt. A Magical Girl will have an unlimited amount of ammo if they possess a disposable weapon that is designed to be thrown onto their enemies (bullets, shurikens, etc.). They will not be required to reload nor restock.

  • Resistance
    Magical Girls do not suffer from diseases or toxins, and man-made weapons are mostly ineffective. However, this only applies to the non-magical version of it as they can still be harm by a magical version of it unless a Magical Girl has some kind of resistance or immunity against it. they can also be able to resist major wounds
  • Strength
    Among the Magical Girls, there is a difference in strength and durability. While some of them can simply shrug off an attack, for others, the attack could be fatal. Even the weakest Magical Girls have capabilities to exceed normal humans[1], being able to send a normal human flying with just a simple slap to the face.[2]
  • Speed
    A Magical Girl's speed is not just limited to their agility, but also to their senses and reaction time. They are able to react naturally as fast as a blink of an eye. Because their reaction is a hundred times faster than a human’s, a single second a human takes to act is a huge time margin for a Magical Girl to act. Most notably, a human attempting to take out a Magical Phone to transform is enough time for a Magical Girl to act a thousand times in this time frame. This ability also includes their eyesight, where Magical Girls can easily react and follow the trajectory of a bullet or read at extremely rapid speeds. Magical girls can move a distance of two-hundred yards instantaneously. Due to the properties of a Magical Girl's costume, they are able to run faster than any human vehicle without damaging their outfit. However, when wearing standard human clothes, the speed of a Magical Girl is enough to entirely damage human clothing and protection from its intensity alone.
  • Health
    They also do not possess basic human needs, such as hunger, thirst, sleep, or expelling waste, though it is possible for them to drift off from boredom, and they can regenerate faster by eating. However some older centry magical girls like Pukin and Sonia bean need food for energy.
  • Temperature
    Magical Girls are naturally resistant to extreme temperatures and weather conditions, including both heat and cold.
  • Healing
    Most wounds a Magical Girl sustains can be healed after they detransform. Their costumes also share this regenerative effect, and some items that are a part of their attire will reappear even if they are thrown away.
  • Age
    Magical Girls' human forms continue to age even while transformed. If they were to detransform, they could suddenly die of old age.
  • Vision
    A Magical Girl eyesight is also significantly increased, which allows them to see miles ahead even in situations where it's cloudy or dusty. They are able to see in detail and make out the shape and sizes. As mentioned in the "Speed" section, this also includes being able to see every bullet that is fired. Their eyesight also comes with night vision, which allows them to see as clear as the day. They are also capable of reading as fast as a blink of an eye. Due to the difference between humans and Magical Girls, a Magical Girl that is walking normally could be considered as walking extremely fast or, as Miss Margarite mentioned, "moving at an unimaginable speed"[3] from a human's point of view.
  • Mental
    Certain Magical Girls may also have a confidence boost upon transformation due to their abilities as a Magical Girl. As such, they may also develop a different personality. Their mental strength is also much stronger compared to their human-self. If they were to be nervous or in a panic, they could calm themselves by transforming. However, if a Magical Girl is knocked out and faints or become unconscious, they will automatically detransform back to their human form. The same applies if they're dead.
  • Vocal
    The voices of Magical Girls are also altered upon transformation. This includes, but not limited to changes in pitch and tone. Their voices usually get much sweeter and are able to chew on food at a much faster pace.
  • Magic
    All Magical Girls have one unique special ability. While it is described in only a few words, it often has a myriad of different uses. Magical Girl abilities can manifest themselves in items. Some of these items can only be used effectively by their owners, while others can be used by anyone. Sometimes the magic of the ability can remain even after the user has passed away. In the novel series, this ability is shown to evolve and in some cases change depending on the personality of its user.

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Artificial Magical Girl[]

Artificial Magical Girl or Man-Made Magical Girl (人工魔法少女) in the original fan translation, are currently defined as Magical Girls who were created without the presence of a Mascot.

Grim Heart was the founder of the Artificial Magical Girls project, but was later overrun by Pfle, who partnered with The First Lapis Lazuline and secretly developed their own technology to create their own Magical Girls with the former funding it. Eventually, the project and their existence were revealed to the Magical Kingdom and the Research and Development Division started to create their own version of these Artificial Magical Girls which would later be called "Homunculi". These Homunculi would be made to serve the Magical Kingdom or anything related to it.

There are currently four different types of Artificial Magical Girls.

  1. Artificial Magical Girls, most of them card soldiers, created by Osk's Faction. They are the first type of artifacal magical girls. The known Magical Girls that fit into this category include:
  2. The Pure Elements, created by The First Lapis Lazuline.unlike other magical girls, the pure elements have to hold their gem on their forehead and say "princess mode on!" in order to maintain their abilaty, they take specal pills to calm them down. The known Magical Girls that fit into this category includes:
  3. The Homunculi Magical Girls created by the R&D Division. They were originally a Demon turned into a Magical Girl. They have a short lifespan,(lasting several years) lacked self awareness, and whenever they die their bodies break up into black pieces and make a big mess. The known Magical Girls that fit into this category includes:
  4. Shadow Magical Girls are another variant of the Homunculi. They have the ability to copy and transformed into deceased Magical Girls along with their magic. The known Magical Girls that the Homunculi had transformed into includes:

Animal Magical Girl[]

Animal Magical Girls are Magical Girls who were originally animals before transfomation. once they transform, they have the abillity to speak actual words, have some sort of empathy, and while some animal magical girls turn human when they transform, some stay in their animal form, (as evidant with Shark). The known Magical Girls that fit into this category includes:

Ancient Magical Girl[]

Ancient Magical Girls are currently defined as Magical Girls who have lived for many centuries. unlike other magical girls, they need food for energy The known Magical Girls that fit into this category include:

Children of Cranberry[]

The Children of Cranberry, or Cranberry's Children (クラムベリーの子供達) in the original Japanese release, are Magical Girls that went through and survived Cranberry's selection test. Cranberry's test was infamous in the Magical Kingdom due to her methods of conducting her test. She would choose and gather a large number of Magical Girls and have them all kill one another until one Magical Girl remained standing. Depending on the test, Cranberry would act as both the examiner as well as one of the participants. This would allow her to kill the other participants and quicken the test. The survivor would have her memory of the entire event erased by Fav after she passed the selection test, with the exception of Melville. This cycle of her test would continue until she met her demise in Unmarked (Arc 1).

Eventually, when the Magical Kingdom took notice of this incident, they started to investigate and fire those who had either followed her footsteps, helped her during the selection test or had a connection to her. These Magical Girls would be kicked out of the Magical Kingdom and have their magic stripped away.

Due to the survivors' harsh experiences, the Magical Kingdom decided to let them live a peaceful life and tries not to interfere with their magic-related work with their everyday lives. This would not last long as Keek, who disagrees with the handling of Cranberry's test and claiming that her winners are not true Magical Girls, decided to re-examine them. She would create the Cyber World using her magic and dragged all of Cranberry's Children into her selection test. Eventually, the survivors would have their memories of Cranberry be returned to them, with the exception of Lapis Lazuline, as she was mistaken for her mentor. who was an actual survivor. The known Magical Girls that fit into this category include:

Rogue Magical Girl[]

Rogue Magical Girls, or Modern Magical Girl Criminals, are Magical Girls that disapproved of the methods that the Magical Kingdom uses and left on their own to pursue their goal. These Magical Girls usually use underhand tactics to commit illegal acts. The Inspection Department often sent out their Magical Girls to capture these criminals. It is said that Snow White has captured over 30 Rogue Magical Girls. The known Magical Girls that fit into this category include:


Snow White Ripple La Pucelle Top Speed
Snow White.jpg Ripple.jpg La Pucelle.jpg Top Speed.jpg
Ruler Swim Swim Minael Yunael
Ruler.jpg Swim Swim.jpg Perky Angels.jpg Perky Angels.jpg
Tama Nemurin Calamity Mary Magicaloid 44
Tama.jpg Nemurin.jpg Calamity Mary.jpg Magicaroid44.jpg
Sister Nana Weiss Winterprison Cranberry Hardgore Alice
Sister Nana.jpg Weiss Winterprison.jpg Clamberry.jpg Hardgore Alice.jpg

Pechka Clantail Rionetta Nonako Miyokata Keek
Pechika.jpg Clantail.jpg Rionetta.jpg Miyokata Nonako.jpg Keek.png
Magical Daisy Nokko @Meow-Meow Genopsyko
Magical Daisy.jpg Nokko-chan.jpg @NyanNyan.jpg Yumenoshima Genopsycho.jpg
Detec Bell Lapis Lazuline Melville Cherna Mouse Flame Flamey
Detick Bell.jpg Lapis Lazuline.jpg Melville.jpg Cherna Mouse.jpg Maruino Flame Flamey crop.png
Pfle Shadow Gale Masked Wonder Akane
Pfle.jpg Shadow Gale.jpg Masked Wonder.jpg Akane.jpg

Weddin Captain Grace Funny Trick Kuru-Kuru Hime Postarie
Wedin.jpg Captain Grace.jpg Funny Trick.jpg Kuru-Kuru Hime.jpg Postarie.jpg
Rain Pow Tepsekemei Hana Gekokujou 7753 Archfiend Pam
Rain Pou.jpg Tepsekemei.jpg Hana Gekokujou.jpg 7753.jpg Mao Pam.jpg
Pythie Frederica Tot Pop Pukin Sonia Bean
Pythie Frederica.jpg Tot Pop.jpg Pukin.jpg Sonia Bean.jpg

Princess Inferno Princess Deluge Princess Quake Princess Tempest Prism Cherry
Princess Inferno.jpg Princess Deluge.jpg Princess Quake.jpg Princess Tempest.jpg Prism Cherry.jpg
Filru Uttakatta Kafuria Lady Proud Umbrain
Filuru.jpg Uttakatta.jpg Kafuria.jpg Lady Proud.jpg Umbrein.jpg
Marika Fukuroi Styler Mimi Grim Heart Shufflin Stanczyka
Marika Fukuroi.jpg Styler Mimi.jpg Grim Heart.jpg Shufflin.jpg Stuntchica.jpg

Dark Cutie Micchan the Dictionary Glassianne Armor Arlie Blade Brenda Cannon Catherine
Dark Cutie.jpg Monoshiri Mi-Chan.jpg Glassianne.jpg Armor Early.jpg Blade Brenda.png Cannon Catherine.png
Bluebell Candy Patricia Uluru Sorami Nakano Premium Sachiko
Blue Bell Candy.jpg Patricia.jpg Uluru.jpg Sorami Nakano.jpg Premium Sachiko.jpg
CQ Angel Hamuel Shufflin Ⅱ
CQ Angel Hammer.jpg Shufflin Ⅱ.jpg

Puk Puck Lethe
Puk Puck.jpg Lethe.jpg

Calkoro Tetty Goodgripp Miss Ril Rappy Taype Drill Dory
Calcolo.jpg Tetty Goodniegl.jpg MissLille.jpg WrappyTip.jpg Drill Dolly.jpg
Mephis Pheles Kumi-Kumi Kana Classical Lillian Thunder-General
MepisPheles.jpg KumiKumi.jpg Kana.jpg ClassicalLilian.jpg ThunderGeneralAdelheit.jpg
Princess Lightning Ranyi Diko Narakunoin Sally Raven Pshuke Prains
PrincessLightning.jpg Ran Yui.jpg Narakuno Indiko.jpg SallyRaven.jpg PsychePlains.jpg
Love Lulu Old Blue Asmona
Love Lulu.png Old Blue.png Logo-Image Unvalaible.jpg

Miss Margarite Love Me Ren-Ren Pastel Merry Nephilia Dreamy☆Chelsea
Miss Margarite.jpg Love Me Ren-Ren.jpg Pastel Merry.jpg Nephilia.jpg Dreamy☆Chelsea.jpg
Death Prayer Clarissa Toothedge Rareko Maiya Francisca Francesca
Logo-Image Unvalaible.jpg ClarissaToothedge.png Rareko.jpg Meyer.jpg Francisca Francesca fanmade.png

Alma Spinon Stella Lulu Sera Sera Lala Luna
Alma icon.png Spinon icon.png Stella Lulu icon.png Sera Sera icon.png Akira Osanai icon.png
Melty Pane Jouvet Puppeta Amy Monako
Melty Pane icon.png Jouvet icon.png Puppeta icon.png Amy icon.png Monaka icon.png
Clio Fan Lit Fan Jelly Marie
Clio icon.png Fan Lit Fan icon.png Jelly Marie icon.png

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