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Magical Candies in the anime

Magical Candy is a recurring item that acts as a form of a points system in Magical Girl Raising Project, and a currency system in Magical Girl Raising Project: Restart. It later reappeared as Bluebell Candy's magic in Magical Girl Raising Project: Episodes, Magical Girl Raising Project: ACES and Magical Girl Raising Project: QUEENS.

Unmarked (Arc 1)[]

In Unmarked (Arc 1), the magical candies act as a point system that comes with its own leaderboard and rankings for the Magical Girls. Each week, they had to earn Magical Candies by helping people and at the end of the week, the winner would be announced by Fav. When the elimination games began, the magical candies later acted as a way for the Magical Girls to stay as Magical Girls, and the one with the least amount of candies by the end of the week would stop being one, which we later learned meant that they would die from a heart attack.


In Restart, the magical candies act as a currency system that is used to buy various virtual items in the Cyber World. Magical candies can be earned by either defeating monsters or receiving them through an event. Depending on the monster, different types drop different amounts while the events always give 1000 candies. After accumulating enough candies, Magical Girls will be able to purchase items that range from 5 candies to 100 candies from any shop in any area.

Bluebell Candy[]

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In Memories of the Blue Magical Girl, a new Magical Girl was introduce named Bluebell Candy who has the ability to produce magical candies that could change people's mood. She later made her full debut in ACES & QUEENS.

See Bluebell Candy's magic for more information.


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