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Magical Ability, or Magic (魔法) is a unique skill that every Magical Girl possesses upon their first transformation.

Magical Girl[]

Each Magical Girl has a special ability that is unique to them. Some magical abilities require the user to have their magical item in order to use it effectively, while others can be used by anyone in possession of their magical item. Depending on the magic, some of its effects can last permanently, even if the user is deceased. On certain occasions, magical abilities have been shown to evolve or change depending on the user's personality and experience level.


Unlike a Magical Girl, a Mage does not possess a unique ability. Instead, they are compensated by being able to perform a variety of rituals and spells, along with a variety of magical items and other forms of magic.

List of Magic[]

Magical Girl[]

Note: Items used in this context refers to the items that are required in order for a Magical Girl to use her magic.

Unmarked (Arc 1)

Magical Girls Magic Magical Items
Snow White Can hear the thoughts of those in need N/A
Ripple Can throw shuriken that always hit their target Shuriken and Kunai[1]
La Pucelle Can change the size of her sword at will La Pucelle's Sword
Top Speed Uses a broomstick to fly at high speeds Rapid Swallow
Ruler Can order those directly in front of her to do anything Scepter
Swim Swim Can pass through any object like it's water N/A
Minael Can transform into any object
Yunael Can transform into any creature
Tama Can quickly open holes in anything
Nemurin Can enter others' dreams
Calamity Mary Can power up the weapons she wields Magical Weapons
Magicaloid 44 Receives one useful futuristic tool a day Magical Tools
Sister Nana Can draw out any person's power to its fullest N/A
Weiss Winterprison Can create walls anywhere
Cranberry Can freely manipulate sound
Hardgore Alice Can quickly heal any wound


Pechka Can create really delicious food N/A
Clantail Can transform the lower half of her body into different animals
Rionetta Can manipulate dolls with her thoughts
Nonako Miyokata Can make friends with any animal
Magical Daisy Can shoot lethal Daisy Beams
Nokko Can change the feelings of those around her
@Meow-Meow Can trap things inside paper talismans Scrolls
Genopsyko Can block any attack with her magical suit Magical Suit
Detec Bell Can talk to buildings N/A
Lapis Lazuline Can use gems to teleport  Gemstones
Melville Can change her color at will N/A
Cherna Mouse Can make herself really big
Pfle Uses a magical wheelchair to race at intense speeds Magical Wheelchair
Shadow Gale Can power up machines by modifying them Wrench and Scissors
Masked Wonder Can change any object's weight N/A
Akane Can cut anything she sees  Japanese Sword
Keek Can do whatever she wants within her personal cyberspace  N/A
Flame Flamey To manipulate flames


Weddin If you make a promise, she can make sure you keep it N/A
Captain Grace Can summon a really cool magic pirate ship
Funny Trick Can swap a hidden thing with another hidden thing
Kuru-Kuru Hime Can control many ribbons Magical Ribbons
Postarie Can send any item back to its owner N/A
Rain Pow Can materialize rainbow bridges
Tepsekemei Can become one with the wind to go anywhere
Hana Gekokujou Can make senses incredibly sharp
7753 Uses magic goggles that tell her all about her targets Magical Goggles
Archfiend Pam Uses her four large black wings to fight N/A
Pythie Frederica Can reflect whoever she wants in her crystal ball Crystal ball
Tot Pop Can materialize music notes with her magic guitar Magical Guitar
Pukin Can change the thoughts of anyone she stabs with her magic sword Magical Sword
Sonia Bean Can make whatever she touches crumble to bits N/A


Princess Inferno Fights enemies using the power of fire N/A
Princess Deluge Fights enemies using the power of water
Princess Quake Fights enemies using the power of earth
Princess Tempest Fights enemies using the power of wind
Prism Cherry Can transform the reflections in her mirror Mirror[2]
Filru Can sew anything together with her magic needle and thread Magical Needle and Thread
Uttakatta Can make mysterious bubbles Magical Straw
Kafuria Knows who will be the soonest to die N/A
Lady Proud Can turn her own blood into whatever liquid she likes
Umbrain Uses a magic umbrella that can block anything Magical Umbrella
Marika Fukuroi Can make various magic flowers bloom from her head Plant Seeds
Styler Mimi Can use magic outfits to alter a person's appearance Makeup Tools
Grim Heart Ignores those without proper manners N/A
Shufflin Her powers change depending on various suits and numbers
Stanczyka Astonishes people with magic performances


Dark Cutie Can manipulate shadows and silhouettes as if they’re real N/A
Micchan the Dictionary Can change whatever she’s holding into something else Any Objects[3]
Glassianne Can see all sorts of places with her magical glasses Magical Glasses
Bluebell Candy Makes magical candies that can alter your feelings Magical Candy
Uluru Is very good at lying Toy Cork Gun
Sorami Nakano Knows what’s inside things without opening them up N/A
Premium Sachiko Can make someone incredibly lucky for a short while Contract
Armor Arlie The more hits she takes, the stronger she gets N/A
Patricia Can render any enemy powerless with her magic handcuffs Magical Handcuffs
CQ Angel Hamuel Can speak directly into people’s heads Magical Radio
Communication Device
Shufflin Ⅱ Her powers change depending on various suits and numbers N/A
Princess Deluge Fights enemies using the power of ice. Trident


Puk Puck To befriend anyone N/A
Lethe To manipulate opponent's sense of distance


Calcolo Can calculate and fight with a magical abacus Magical Abacus
Tetty Goodgripp Has magical mittens that can seize anything Magical Mittens
Miss Lille Can change her body to any metallic material N/A
Wrappy Tip Has magical wraps that can preserve anything Magical Wraps
Drill Dory Has a magical drill that can drill anywhere Magical Drill
Mepis Pheles Can corrupt with sweet words N/A
Kumi-Kumi Can destroy and reassemble objects Kumi-Kumi's Pickaxe
Kana Can know the answer to any question asked N/A
Classical Lillian Can knit whatever she wants with a magical sewing device Magical Sewing Device
Adelheid Can reuse absorbed energy Adelheid's Saber
Princess Lightning Fights with the power of lightning TBA
Diko Narakunoin Can become nowhere for a single moment Magical Medallion
Sally Raven Can create raven familiars N/A
Psyche Plains Can fight with her magical watergun Magical Watergun
Ranyui Can connect doors with other doors N/A


Alma To pull out the opponent's manual N/A
Spinon To use the protean magical yo-yo Magical Yo-Yo
Stella Lulu To master any tool instantly Any Items[4]
Sera Sera To make it that there is no death of a person N/A
Lala Luna TBA TBA
Melty Pane To use magical gloves to change the flow of time Magical Gloves
Jouvet To show the truth with a magical pen Magical Pen
Puppeta To talk to a magical puppet Magical Puppet
Amy To make clones of herself N/A
Monako To create a space that only holds two people with magical khakkhara
Fan Lit Fan To use a magical iron fan Magical Iron Fan
Jelly Marie To act like the ground is water N/A


Miss Margarite To bend straight objects N/A
Love Me Ren-Ren To cause someone to be love-drunk when shot with her bow Crossbow
Pastel Merry To move sheep painted in pastel N/A
Nephilia To hear the voices of the dead
Dreamy☆Chelsea To manipulate stars from her wand Magical Wand
Clarissa Toothedge To know one's location upon biting their outfit N/A
Rareko To repair broken objects Any Components[5]


Twin Dragons Panas She can manipulate the dragon emblems drawn on her hands N/A
Auro To use a magical afro
Negino To generate an onion's smell
Cockle To go through any gaps regardless of size
Metallie To generate metallic product from her body at a very fast speed
Mina Mad Gardener Acre To use a magical murder lawnmower that can run with tremendous speed Magical Murder Lawnmower
Kokuri-chan To freely move coins Any Coins



Mages Magic
Mana TBA


V • T • E
  1. Her magic also works on anything she throws.
  2. Although she carries a mirror, she does not necessarily need her mirror in order to use her magic but rather any surface that have a reflection aka, a mirror
  3. She can only change non-living objects.
  4. She can master both magical and non-magical items.
  5. The components must be related to the thing she's repairing.


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