Mages (魔法使) are people who specialize in using a variety of magic.

General Information

Mages are ordinary humans who have learned or been taught magic. Their existence predates Magical Girls and they have been known to, or been a member of, some governments in human history. Early Mages are said to have been easy to spot because they tended to be upper-class people who had the resources to study magic.

Mages possess no special physical capabilities and rarely ever leave the Land of Magic once they arrive. The magic Mages are capable of casting appears to be very broad, but requires specific knowledge and materials. Mana has been shown to heal injuries, expel fire, and materialize small objects with the use of a wand. It's stated that many Mages might prefer to use conventional methods for accomplishing something, because a spell might require too many difficult materials, such as a chicken's head for curing a cold.

Mages appear to occupy many Divisions within the Land of Magic, but a Mage who serves as the head of the Management Division claims that Magical Girls are in charge of almost everything.




Mana full

Wen Heizwald Eljeena
Wen chibi Wen's sister chibi

Magical Girl Management Division Ragi Jie Nent
Osk's Faction Navi Ru
Other Affiliations John Shepherdspie - Agrielleimaid Quarky - Yol - Lir Kuem Satabourn

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