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Lucky Rabbit's Foot shown in the item selection screen

Lucky Rabbit's Foot is a Magical Item that takes on the form of a rabbit's foot.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Magical Girl Raising Project[edit | edit source]

After La Pucelle's death at the hands of Cranberry during Unmarked (Arc 1), Fav send a message to the Magical Kingdom. He blamed the death on an accident and demanded that Cranberry be given magic items under the pretext so that she could better protect the remaining participants.

The Magical Kingdom send five items, including the bag. Fav and Cranberry would, however, not use them to protect the other participants. Instead, they wanted to use them to make the fighting even bloodier. Fav set up an online shop where participants could buy the items in return for their life span.

Hardgore Alice bought the Lucky Rabbit's Foot in order to give to Snow White. During her initial meeting with Snow White, her head was beheaded by Magicaloid 44 however she survived due to her magic and pierce a hole through Magicaloid 44's body. This cause Snow White to faint due to all the blood and gore she had seen. Hardgore Alice would bring her back to her home during which she would give Snow White the Lucky Rabbit's Foot.

Sometime later when Fav announced that the number of Magical Girls would be cut down to 4, Snow White broke down and threw the Lucky Rabbit's Foot back to Hardgore Alice before she leaves.

The next day, Hardgore Alice as Ako Hatoda was ambushed and killed by Swim Swim. During her final moments, she wishes to talk to Snow White which cause the Lucky Rabbit's Foot to glow and activate. After her final talk with Snow White, she gave back the Lucky Rabbit's Foot and passed away in her arms.

After the battle between Ripple and Swim Swim, Snow White arrived at the battlefield in which the Lucky Rabbit's Foot magic's activate again, saving Ripple's life before killing Fav.

After Magical Girl Raising Project [edit | edit source]

At some point after the events of Unmarked (Arc 1), Snow White gave her Lucky Rabbit's Foot to Ripple. The Lucky Rabbit's Foot magic's would once again glow and activate to saved Ripple's life during her battle with Pythie Frederica.

Owners[edit | edit source]

Current[edit | edit source]

Former[edit | edit source]

Unmarked (Arc 1)
Ripple Snow White Hardgore Alice Cranberry
Ripple.jpg Snow White.jpg Hardgore Alice.jpg Clamberry.jpg

Ability[edit | edit source]

The Lucky Rabbit's Foot causes something lucky to happen to its owner, or whoever just happens to be near it. Its magic cannot be freely used and only activates during random intervals. However, it seems that it activates when someone is in trouble.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This item showed up in a form of a card during Episode 1 of the Anime where Himekawa Koyuki (Snow White) was playing the mobile game, Magical Girl Raising Project.
  • In Unmarked (Arc 1), this magical item cost 6 years of the buyer's lifetime.

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