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The blue flash descends on the battlefield! Lapis Lazuline!

— Lapis Lazuline to Masked Wonder

Lapis Lazuline (二代目ラピス・ラズリーヌ), also known by her previous name Blue Comet (ブルー・コメット), is one of the main protagonists of Magical Girl Raising Project: Restart.

She is a high school dropout who quit to focus on her training as a Magical Girl. After being kidnapped by Keek and put through her "Re-Examination", she became a member of Team Bell.

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Her full name is Lapis Lazuline II, which she inherited from her mentor, Lapis Lazuline I, and she is actually the only Magical Girl in the re-examination who is not a survivors of Cranberry's tests, as Keek mistook her for her master.



As a human, Lapis Lazuline is described as a flashy looking high-school girl about 16 or 17 years old, with blue eyeshadow and braided hair colored a reddish maroon.

She wears a school blazer over a typical school uniform with a tie, buttoned vest, and plaid skirt.

Magical Girl[]

As a Magical Girl, Lapis Lazuline has short dark brown hair, pale reddish eyes and wears fluffy white tiger-patterned earrings. She has a mole on her right cheek.

She wears a short, navy blue dress with slight vertical lines around it and white circular designs along the edges. Her sleeves are unattached from her dress and expand outwards in a bulb shape up to her hands. She wears a white tiger-patterned cape secured by two blue star clasps in front, and a jabot lined with blue stars pinned to her collar with a blue brooch.

She has a white tiger tail, thigh high socks with small white tiger-patterned balls attached to the top on the outer sides, and black boots with tiger-patterned trim around the top. Her nails are painted blue.


Lapis Lazuline is described as childish, showing great enthusiasm and joy in everything she does. She is easily excitable and makes a lot of gestures while talking. She also demonstrates bravery while fighting, stating that she likes being a hero.

She is also very perceptive and intuitive. She notices details that others overlook and claims that she can easily understand what somebody is trying to say after a few minutes with them, regardless of language, by observing their actions and using context clues. This is further evidenced by the fact she is the only one who understands Melville's typical speech.

She has a habit of using nicknames for everybody. She explains that she adds "chi" to names that end with "-ru", "sie" with names that end in "l", and seems to replace the ending of most other names with "-y". (Cherny, Melvy, Pecchy, etc)

Lapis Lazuline always does her signature pose and says her motto whenever meeting other people.


Can use gems to teleport.

She can instantly teleport to where her gem is, and as long as it's her own gem, she can use it to teleport, even if it's cracked in pieces.

Special Item(s)[]

  • Gemstones: Gemstones that allow Lapis Lazuline to teleport with her magic.
  • Mermaid's Tear: A noble piece of jewellery (A blue gem that nobility loves). It's a jewel that Pfle's grandfather gave to Rionetta to deliver to Pfle, but it ended up in Lazuline's hands instead.
  • Lazuline Ball: Made by the children of the facility for Lapis Lazuline in exchange for teaching them. its made with Bouncy balls made with scrap jewellery.


Detec Bell[]

Detec Bell and Lapis Lazuline are both on Team Bell. Lazuline fully trusts Detec Bell and is the only one that views her as a true leader. She also nicknamed her "Bellsie". She thinks that Detec Bell is cool and clever, and aspires to be a detective like her. When asked to leave the team by Melville, Lazuline chooses to stay with Detec Bell.

At one point, Detec Bell visits Lapis’s apartment, where she told her that she wasn’t the original Lapis Lazuline and revealed her original Magical Girl name was "Blue Comet". She offered Detec Bell to be her assistant as well. Lapis broke down in tears when she saw Detec Bell’s corpse.


Melville and Lapis Lazuline are both on Team Bell. Lazuline is the only one who understands Melville's speech patterns and acts as a translator between Melville and the rest of her group.

She finds it hard to believe Melville would be the one who was killing the other Magical Girls, but decides to attack her, along with Clantail, in order to stop the deaths. Lapis gets killed by Melville and it becomes clear that Melville and Lapis's "friendship" was unilateral.

Cherna Mouse[]

Cherna Mouse and Lapis Lazuline are both on Team Bell. When Cherna and Masked Wonder were about to fight, Lazuline was quick to intervene and end the fight. Lazuline envied Cherna because she didn't have to buy food rations from the shop.

The First Lapis Lazuline[]

The First Lapis Lazuline was Lapis Lazuline's mentor, with the latter often running errands for the first. Lapis trained with her mentor in the mountains.

Following Lapis's death, The First Lapis Lazuline started erasing memories of her.

Lapis Lazuline's Father[]

Her father works at night, leaving Lapis Lazuline all by herself. Despite this, they have a positive relationship.


Shadow Gale[]

Masked Wonder[]

Masked Wonder and Lapis Lazuline get close during the events in Restart. Prior to Restart, they briefly meet in the Dream World and is said to have a personality that would resonate with Masked Wonder's. She was devastated by her death.


Clantail and Lapis Lazuline fought together in order to kill Melville. Lapis Lazuline sacrificed herself so that Clantail could kill Melville. Clantail later mentions to other girls she wouldn’t die since Lapis Lazuline saved her.

Miharu Yatsu[]

Miharu is a non-Magical Girl friend that Lapis Lazuline met prior to the events of Restart. After helping her, she told Miharu all about the Magical Kingdom. After her death, the first and third Lapis Lazulines erase Miharu's memories of Lapis and the Magical Kingdom.

Twin Dragons Panas[]

Twin Dragons Panas is a Magical Girl that Lapis met during Archfiend Pam's 36th Hell Survival Games. Panas thinks that Lapis defeated her in battle, but that wasn't the case.

Bluebell Candy[]

Bluebell Candy felt guilty when having to erase memories of the Second Lapis Lazuline and promised to cherish her own memories of her. Lapis' opinion on Bluebell is currently unknown.

The two later appear together in ☆★Trio of MagicalGirls★☆.


Lapis Lazuline and Nemurin first meet in Magical Girl Raising Project in Dreamland, and later again in ☆★Trio of MagicalGirls★☆ with Bluebell Candy.

Ideal Lapis Lazuline[]

Ideal Detec Bell[]

She is her ideal version of Detec Bell.


  • In the First Character Popularity Vote, Lapis Lazuline ranked #2.
  • In Fanbook 1, Lapis Lazuline has the following stats:
    Physical Ability: 4/5
    Communication Skill: 4/5
    Magic Rarity: 2/5
    Magic Experience: 4/5
    Mental Strength: 5/5
    Intuition: 5/5
  • Originally Lapis Lazuline was supposed to be Calamity Mary's daughter, but this never became canon.
    • Similarly, Lapis Lazuline was originally supposed to survive instead of another Magical Girl. This was changed because her death would have a relevance in the future arcs.
  • Lapis Lazuline appears to be based off a white tiger (due to her tail and cape) combined with lapis lazuli (a type of gemstone).
  • In the original Japanese text, Lapis Lazuline ends her sentences with the suffix “~su”
  • She is the first Lapis Lazuline canadiate shown in the novels


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