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As long as you live, there's... there's hope because there's still a Magical Girl in this town.

— Hardgore Alice to Snow White

Hardgore Alice (ハードゴア・アリス), also known by her real name Ako Hatoda (鳩田亜子), is one of the main protagonists of Magical Girl Raising Project.

She is the 16th and final Magical Girl of N-City who continuously searches for the "White Magical Girl".

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It is eventually revealed that her true identity is a little girl who Snow White had helped earlier in the story, and she simply wants to repay her.



As a human, Ako has short black hair tied into pigtails and dark eyes to match. She wears a pinafore-style dress.

Magical Girl[]

As a Magical Girl, Hardgore Alice has long, wavy black hair with black bows and a black headband. The headband has small pieces of lace attached to it. She also has dark grey eyes, with dark circles around them.

She wears an Alice in Wonderland-style dress, draped in black as her Magical Girl Outfit. She wears a black choker with white lace around it. The neckline of her dress has white lace and a small gray bow. She also wears black shoes and socks.

Alice carries a white rabbit plush with her everywhere. It has a flower pinned to one of it’s ears.


Hardgore Alice is very rather monotonous to the point of seeming completely emotionless. In reality, however, she is just very shy.

Before meeting Snow White, Alice had a very low opinion of herself due to past events, to the point of considering herself a nuisance and burden. This eventually drove her to attempt to commit suicide. However, after meeting Snow White, Alice wanted to become a Magical Girl in order to feel needed by others and to repay Snow White for her kindness. This ultimately caused her to change her opinion of herself and decide to continue living for Snow White's sake.

Should someone threaten herself or Snow White, Alice has shown to have no hesitation to fight them with the full intention of killing them.

Despite her magic making her almost invincible, this did not make Alice overconfident. Alice was shown to be very cautious when testing it. Alice also knew that she had to keep her true identity a secret, as she could easily be killed in her human form.


Can quickly heal any wound.

Hardgore Alice possesses the magic that gives her extreme regenerative properties.

As long as there are any remains of her body, Hardgore Alice will not die. Her body will regenerate from the largest chunk available at the time.

Poison and suffocation will also not work, as she can regenerate tissues anywhere. She is virtually unkillable, despite being able to take damage. Even being dissolved in acid to the point where no chunks are visible will not kill her.

Special Item(s)[]

  • Stuffed Rabbit: Hardgore Alice's personal rabbit decorated with glasses and ribbons. She brought it around since it resembles Snow White.
  • Lucky Rabbit's Foot (Former): A magical item. Although it attracts good luck to the owner, the extent of the effect is unclear. She gave it to Snow White after meeting her for the first time.


Snow White[]

Snow White was Hardgore Alice's partner. When Alice had lost her key to her home, Snow White walked up to her with the key in hand. The day she became a Magical Girl, Alice began looking for "the White Magical Girl", and eventually found Snow White.

Sister Nana[]

Sister Nana was Hardgore Alice's mentor.

Weiss Winterprison[]

Alice agreed to work with her, Sister Nana, and Snow White.

Calamity Mary[]

Trying to avenge Magicaloid's death, Calamity Mary attempted to assassinate Hardgore Alice, but her attempts were futile due to her regenerating power.

Magicaloid 44[]

To protect Snow White, Alice murdered Magicaloid after being decapitated by her.


As Minael tried to attack Snow White, Alice did not hesitate to attack her. Later, Minael transformed into her stuffed rabbit in order to discover Alice's true identity and pinpoint her location.

Swim Swim[]

Alice was ambushed and mercilessly killed by Swim Swim in her human form when she was on her way to her school.


Fav transformed her into a Magical Girl.


Although the two of them never interacted in the real world nor in the chat due to Alice's incorporation happening after Nemurin's death, Hardgore Alice met Nemurin in the Dream World.

Hardgore Alice's Father[]

Hardgore Alice's father was jailed for killing her mother. He turns her away when she tries to visit him in prison.

Hardgore Alice's Mother[]

Hardgore Alice's mother was killed by her father. Alice thinks that back when her mother loved her father, she had a cheerful smile that brought happiness to others.

Hardgore Alice's Uncle[]

Hardgore Alice's uncle is her mother's brother. He takes Alice in after her father kills her mother. He ensures that Alice is never wanting for anything, but Alice feels that she is a burden to him.


  • In the First Character Popularity Vote, Hardgore Alice ranked #17.
  • In Fanbook 1, Hardgore Alice has the following stats:
    Physical Ability: 4/5
    Communication Skill: 1/5
    Magic Rarity: 4/5
    Magic Experience: 1/5
    Mental Strength: 4/5
    Wrong Impression: 5/5
  • As a human, Ako Hatoda has a height of 153 cm, while her Magical Girl form as Hardgore Alice has a height of 156 cm. [1]
  • The Kanjis in her real name stand for "dove" (鳩 hato), "rice field" (田 da), "come after" or "Asia" (亜 a) and "child" (子 ko).
  • Her outfit is a darker version of Alice in wonderland and serve as an opposite to Snow White's white-colored outfit.
  • Her anime seiyuu previously voiced Marika Fukuroi in the Drama CD


  1. "Magical Girl Raising Project Official Fanbook", "TV アニメ 魔法少女育成計画 才フィシャルファンブック"


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