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Settle down! If you don't resist, you won't get kicked or punched!

— Hana Gekokujou to Weddin and Kuru-Kuru Hime

Hana Gekokujou (下克上羽菜) is one of the main characters of Magical Girl Raising Project: Limited.

From the Magical Kingdom, Hana Gekokujou is a member of Inspection Department. She is Mana's adoptive sister and partner, and acts as her trust and support.

She once participated in 36th Hell Survival Games.

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Initially presented as an antagonist, she is later revealed to be part of an Investigation Team sent to capture an assassin hiding amongst the Namiyama Magical Girls.



In her human form, she is described by 7753 as being in her late teens with brown hair.

Magical Girl[]

Hana Gekokujou

As a Magical Girl, Hana has short, periwinkle hair with bangs and white bunny ears with pink insides. On the sides of her hair, she wears two fluffy white clips, with patterned red bows at the end of each clip, with two strands on each side with a spherical decorative ornament at the end of each strand. She has red eyes with circle patterns inside.

Hana wears a white, kimono-like attire with wide sleeves. She also wears a black ribbon choker. The sleeves of her kimono reach to her knees and have red insides. On the outside of each sleeve, there is a red flower pattern. Around the body of her kimono is a wide red and black patterned belt with white lace decorated with red and black circles around the edges. There is a white, fluffy ball that resembles her ear clips in the middle, tied around with a black string.

She wears white stockings with black lace at the top that resemble garter belts and red sandals with a black line.


Hana is an extremely kind individual with a happy-go-lucky outlook on life. She often finds herself apologizing for Mana's brash personality and was warm and welcoming to newcomers of the investigation team, such as happily greeting 7753, despite being late and shy sometimes.

When angered, however, she shows no fear or remorse and would happily sacrifice herself for the ones she cares about.

Due to her magic and position within the Examination Division, Hana is extremely competent at tracking individuals and fighting, her strength being her agility and fast reflexes.


Can make senses incredibly sharp.

Due to her magic, her five senses are extremely keen, and she has the ability to enhance other's senses as well. Hana is able to arbitrarily choose and adjust the target of her magic, the sense that she wants to amplify, and how much it will be amplified. If used on the opponent, the increase in sense sharpness can inhibit or worsen the enemy's condition, causing them to faint.

The range of effect is within a radius of about 3 meters. She can apply her magic to multiple people at the same time, but the more people there are under her magic, the harder it is for her to adjust the effect.



Hana and Mana consider each other to be like sisters. The two share a mutual affection for one another. They are introduced as teammates and later revealed to be like family.

Hana is the one that understands Mana most, and feels comfortable enough with Mana to tease her. Hana assures those around her with confidence that Mana is a good person, even though Mana is quick to anger when stressed.

Hana puts her life on the line for both Mana and 7753 when Pukin stumbles upon their path, even despite her injuries.


Hana and 7753 are teammates.

Opposite to Mana, Hana was polite and welcoming to 7753 upon her recruitment into the Investigation Team, attempting to explain Mana's hostile behavior as kindly as possible and defuse tension. The two of them later share a conversation in which 7753 tells Hana to call her just 'Nana,' as Hana calling her by her full name of "seventy-seven-five-three" seemed odd. The resulting confusion causes Ripple to laugh at their mix-up.

Archfiend Pam[]

After spectating Hana's battle against Styler Mimi in her 36th Hell Survival Games, Pam acknowledged her strength and dedication to fighting, believing she still had potential.

In Limited, Hana and Pam were teammates. Although having rarely interacted, both Hana and Pam appear to share a mutual trust as teammates, as demonstrated when Pam prioritized Hana's safety before battle.


Ripple and Hana were teammates during the events of Limited.


They were not on good terms with each other. Hana was tied up by Kuru-Kuru Hime after getting distracted by Weddin. However, Hana was able to break free and tied up to two instead. Eventually, she saw Weddin escaping and proceeded to chase after them until the Prisoners interrupted them.

Kuru-Kuru Hime[]

They're enemies at first since they were in opposite sides. After Kuru-Kuru Hime ends up with the Investigation Team, they both realize they’re not each other’s enemy.



During the events of Limited, Hana is captured by Pukin and the rest of the escaped prisoners. The two of them are extremely confrontational towards one another, with Pukin even slicing the top of one of Hana's ears.

Sometime later, after Hana escapes, the two of them run into rach other again. They fight, which ends with Pukin stabbing Hana in the chest. Hana dies shortly after their fight.

Sonia Bean[]

Pythie Frederica[]


Styler Mimi[]

Styler Mimi and Hana fought during Archfiend Pam's 36th Hell Survival Games and was outplayed by her as Hana stepped out of the ring unintentionally. This resulted in her being disqualified.

Miss Margarite[]

Hana was one of Miss Margarite's students. Though what Hana felt for Miss Margarite was never shown, it is revealed in Breakdown that Miss Margarite considered her to be one of the best and was shocked that she had died in the incident that took place in B-City.


  • In the First Character Popularity Vote, Hana ranked #20, along with Pukin and Pythie Frederica.
  • In Fanbook 1, Hana has the following stats:
    Physical Ability: 4/5
    Communication Skill: 4/5
    Magic Rarity: 3/5
    Magic Experience: 4/5
    Mental Strength: 4/5
    Sensitivity: 4/5
  • In the calendar art, Hana is holding telosma cordata, whose meaning is "noble heart", which might be related to her personality.
  • The Gekokujou in her Magical Girl name is not a surname, but a well-known Japanese phrase that means "overthrowing or surpassing one's superiors," "the lower rules the higher," or "the low overcomes the high."
  • Mana's father, and therefore Hana's godfather, was the one who gave Hana her magical girl name 'Hana Gekokujou' to rhyme with Mana's name.


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