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The Character Popularity Vote - Drama CD Postcard Edition (キャラクター人気投票 ドラマCD応募ハガキ編) was the first ranking of the fanbase's favorite Magical Girls.

How to Participate[edit | edit source]

Note: This event has already ended

Within your copy of the Magical Girl Raising Project in Dreamland Drama CD, there will be a gift postcard. After filling out your personal information and the included survey, the postcard will allow you an autograph from an actress performing on the CD. One survey question is in regards to a character popularity vote and asks you to choose your top three favorite characters in the entire series.

Results[edit | edit source]

Position Magical Girl
1 Snow White
2 Lapis Lazuline
3 Shadow Gale
4 Nemurin
5 Rain Pow
6 Pfle
7 Detec Bell
8 La Pucelle
9 Marika Fukuroi
10 Postarie
11 Ripple
12 Pechka
13 Top Speed
14 7753
15 Calamity Mary
16 Swim Swim
17 Hardgore Alice
18 Clantail
19 Nokko
20 Hana Gekokujou
21 Pukin
22 Pythie Frederica
23 Ruler
24 Filru
25 Magical Daisy
26 Archfiend Pam
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