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F City barrier

Barrier surrounding F-City in the Manga

F-City (F市) is a location in Magical Girl Raising Project universe and the main stage for Magical Girl Raising Project: F2P.

General Information

F-City is surrounded by a mysterious barrier. It is said that a Magical Girl who can cancel death appeared in this city.


Characters From This Place

Note: The following are assumptions as F2P hasn't been fully translated yet.

The Resistance
Lala Luna
Stella Lulu Sera Sera Melty Pane Wen Heizwald Mees Eljeena
Akira Osanai icon Stella Lulu icon Sera Sera icon Melty Pane icon Wen icon Mees icon Eljeena icon

Characters That Came To This Place

Magical Kingdom
Human Resources Division Examination Division Mao School
Alma Clio Yoshioka Fan Lit Fan Unnamed Person Amy Monako
Alma icon Clio icon Yoshioka icon Fan Lit Fan icon Unnamed Person icon Amy icon Monaka icon
Research and Development Division
Jouvet Puppeta Jelly Marie Spinon
Jouvet icon Puppeta icon Jelly Marie icon Spinon icon


Note: The following descriptions are assumptions as F2P hasn't been fully translated yet. All descriptions were written base on the scene that came before or after it.

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The Resistance

Research and Development Division



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