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Dream World (夢の世界) is the main stage of Magical Girl Raising Project in Dreamland It is also the world Nemurin lives in after her death.

General Information[edit | edit source]

The Dream World is a place in which all people's dreams are connected. Nemurin, as a dream spirit, has control over this world.

Characters From This Place[edit | edit source]

Ideal Magical Girls
Nemurin Beautiful Calamity Mary Ideal Snow White Ideal Pfle Ideal Shadow Gale
Nemurin.jpg Calamity Mary CD.png Snow White.jpg Pfle.jpg Shadow Gale.jpg
Ideal Detec Bell Ideal Lapis Lazuline Ideal Rain Pow Ideal Postarie Ideal Marika Fukuroi
Detick Bell.jpg Lapis Lazuline.jpg Rain Pou.jpg Postarie.jpg Marika Fukuroi.jpg
Ideal Sister Nana Ideal Weiss Winterprison Ideal Ruler Ideal Pukin
Sister Nana.jpg Weiss Winterprison.jpg Ruler.jpg Pukin.jpg

Characters That Came To This Place[edit | edit source]

Original Magical Girls
La Pucelle Snow White Marika Fukuroi Pfle Shadow Gale
La Pucelle.jpg Snow White JOKERS.jpg Marika Fukuroi.jpg Pfle.jpg Shadow Gale.jpg
Detec Bell Lapis Lazuline Rain Pow Postarie Swim Swim
Detick Bell.jpg Lapis Lazuline.jpg Rain Pou.jpg Postarie.jpg Swim Swim.jpg
Sonia Bean Sister Nana Weiss Winterprison
Sonia Bean.jpg Sister Nana.jpg Weiss Winterprison.jpg

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