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The Cyber World is the main stage of Magical Girl Raising Project: Restart with its beta version appearing later in Magical Girl Raising Project: Episodes Φ and Magical Girl Raising Project: Episodes Δ. It is a virtual world created by Keek.

General Information

The Cyber World was Keek's own version of Magical Girl Raising Project. It was both created to find an Ideal Magical Girl, and to punish those who had survived Cranberry's tests. A prize of 10 billion yen was to be given to whoever defeated the one known as the Demon King within the game.

Magical Girls who were bought into her Cyber World would stay there for 3 in-game days in which time is compressed. After that, they would be released back into the Real-world(unofficial) for another 3 days. This is called the logout period. During the logout period, an event will trigger prior to them leaving the game during which all the current Magical Girls would be automatically teleported to the wasteland area to participate. The events vary from being the first to reach the objective to win a magical item to playing scissor-paper-stone to receive a large sum of magical candies(1000 in fact), however, there's one event where the Magical Girls had to compare the number of Magical candies each of them had and the Magical Girl with the least amount would be "eliminated". This cycle will continue until the Magical Girls beat the game with the exceptions of Uluru, Sorami Nakano and Premium Sachiko as they took part in the beta version of the game. The whole objective of the game was to work together as a team to find and defeat the demon king.

Originally, it was stated by Fal that any injuries sustained in the Cyber World would not affect the Real-world. However, he later announced to the Magical Girls that he had made a mistake and informed them that if they were to die in the game, they would die in real life with their death being covered-up by a heart attack.

According to Keek's logic, surviving Cranberry's test meant that those Magical Girls were willing to betray the ideal of a pure and innocent Magical Girl. Thus, Keek forcefully dragged many of Cranberry's survivors into her own game.


Upon entering the Cyber World, Magical Girls had to complete a small section of tutorial in order to progress within the game. The tutorial was short and simple, each Magical Girl had to:

  1. Defeat 5 monsters
    The players(which are Magical Girls) will have to defeat 5 skeletons that spawned in the nearby area. Upon defeating them, they will earn 1 magical candy for each skeleton destroyed. Making a total of 5 candies.
  2. Travel to the nearest town
    The players will then be informed to travel to the nearest town located in the wasteland area.


Monsters in the Cyber World
Monsters Candies Loots Areas Types Weakness Descriptions
Skeleton 1 N/A Wasteland TBA N/A A normal Skeleton that can be destroyed instantly via direct attacks.
Powered Skeleton 8 – 12 N/A Grassland TBA Fire A red variant and a slightly better version of the Skeleton that can reflect any long-ranged attacks. Similar to the original Skeleton, it can be destroyed instantly via direct attacks.
Goblin N/A N/A Mountain N/A N/A A group of goblins that wore leather armor and wield different weapons such as spears, daggers, bows, javelins and shield. They have slightly more brute strength and tactical organization. Some goblins were double in size and wore dirty robes and wielded a crooked staff while muttering chants to summon a fireball the size of a human head.
Robot Soldier N/A Body Parts City N/A N/A A Soldier with 4 different variants, an attacker, a defender, a gunner and a general. Each has its own unique attack such as one that could cast lightning strike with another shooting mini-missile and some even use their body to slam their enemies.
Dragon TBA TBA Subterranean Fire TBA A dragon that is 11 meters long with 4 meters of wingspan. A roar from it can shake the very caves themselves.
Great Dragon TBA Dragon Shield Subterranean Fire The Dragon Killer Another dragon that is 30 meters long. It is far stronger than a regular dragon.
Demon 100 N/A Library Evil Holy Amulet A completely black-colored angel that could shapeshift into any other animals even dragons from the Underground Area.
Devil 100 N/A Library Evil Holy Amulet A completely black-colored angel that could shapeshift into any other animals even dragons from the Underground Area.
Wraith 100 N/A Library Evil Holy Amulet A monster with a mass of black mist. One could see a figure that resembled a woman if you look closely. They are able to phrase through anything, rendering physical attack useless. Magical Girls can only make contact with them if they were wearing the Holy Amulet.
Fiend TBA TBA Library Evil Holy Amulet TBA
Armored Knight TBA TBA Castle TBA TBA TBA
Giant Robot TBA TBA Castle TBA TBA TBA


Wasteland Area

The wasteland area was described as an endless expanse of land that looks flat in every direction you look. The buildings were all abandoned and dilapidated with its walls being stained brown from the dusty clouds with cracks everywhere. One particular building was leaning to a side with everything beyond the 10th floor destroyed and crumpled.[1] Going further, a much better-looking town could be seen. An open space in the center of the town lies a fountain with a mermaid statue sitting on top.[2] At the end of the wasteland area lies an ancient wooden gate sitting between two steep peaks that look like it was constructed from the Edo period. The gate acts as a checkpoint that when entered, brings the Magical Girls to the Grassland area.[3]

Glassland Area

The grassland area was described as a bright field of green that stretches out all the way to the horizon where the ankle-height grass swayed gently in the wind. The sunshine was considerably more gentle than before and the temperature went down as well. Looking at the scenery was easier on the eyes compared to the endless building and dirt in the wasteland area.[4] The town within had haphazardly arranged buildings with no signs of life, however, it has poster and hints that contains important information that was plastered everywhere. According to Nonako Miyokata, there was no dresser nor treasure chest in any buildings.[5]

Mountain Area

City Area

Subterranean Area

Library Area

The library area was described as a run-down, old, shabby and dusty place. A slight movement may even cause the clouds of dust around the area to billow up. The library also contains certain characteristics that no other areas previously had. The first was the monsters' behaviour while the other was intrinsic to the area itself.[6] A special feature that this area contains is that if a Magical Girl were to sit on a chair, she will not get attack by the surrounding monsters, making it a safe zone. This also meant that one could enjoy a peaceful meal without getting interrupted, unlike previous areas.[7]

The Devil King's Castle



Non - Participants

Team Clantail Information Technology Division
Clantail (Leader) Pechka Rionetta Nonako Miyokata Keek Fal
Clantail Pechika Rionetta Miyokata Nonako Keek2 Fal
Team Daisy Examination Division
Magical Daisy
Nokko-chan @Meow-Meow Genopsyko
Snow White
Magical Daisy Nokko-chan @NyanNyan Yumenoshima Genopsycho Snow White
Team Bell
Detec Bell
Lapis Lazuline Melville Cherna Mouse
Detick Bell Lapis Lazuline Melville Cherna Mouse
Team Pfle Solo
Pfle (Leader) Shadow Gale Masked Wonder Akane
Pfle Shadow Gale Masked Wonder Akane
Puk Faction
Uluru Sorami Nakano Premium Sachiko
Uluru Sorami Nakano Premium Sachiko


  • Uluru, Sorami Nakano, and Premium Sachiko took part in Keek's beta version of Magical Girl Raising Project unintentionally. Majority of the rules written above do not apply to them. Upon their return, they gave Keek feedback and suggestions.
  • After hearing that Keek went rogue, the Magical Kingdom sent Snow White to deal with her.
    • Although Snow White, Keek and Fal didn't participate in the game, they were all in her Cyber World nevertheless.



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