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It was just kinda like, y'know, I mean, sorta like, I could smell an adventure!

— Captain Grace ~ Limited Chapter 1

Captain Grace (キャプテン・グレース), also known by her real name Umi Shibahara (芝原海), is one of the main protagonists of Magical Girl Raising Project: Limited.

Captain Grace is a second-year of Namiyama Middle School. She is well-known for being rowdy both inside and outside of school.



Umi is described to have hair dyed a shade lighter than what is allowed by school regulations, worn in a ponytail. Tatsuko Sakaki says there is "something sloppy about the way she wears her uniform".

Magical Girl[]

Captain Grace

As a Magical Girl, Captain Grace has long, curly brown hair and brown eyes. She wears a blue pirate hat with gold around the edges. On the sides, there are two gold buttons, and there is some white lace. On the center section, there is a white star with golden accents. She also wears black earrings.

She wears a blue, white and gold pirate outfit. The sleeves have white lace at the ends, and a section of fabric rolls back to form a sort of bell shape. This is fastened with two black connected hoops, and it is lined with gold. Her collar is blue and lined with gold. She also wears a white bow, with lace around the edges. She has on a black belt, with a golden anchor decoration on it. The bottom part of her outfit curves outwards and is blue, with gold edges. On the bottom edge, there is white lace. There are also white spikes on the bottom of her dress.

She wears white socks, with black bands at the top. She has brown and black boots and a brown monkey's tail.


Umi Shibahara is well-known for being a problem child within Namiyama Middle School by teachers and other students alike.

Nozomi Himeno laments that Umi is a part of her Cultural Festival Clean-Up Committee group, knowing of her status as the biggest troublemaker in the school and hoping that she wouldn't cause problems. Tatsuko Sakaki is intimidated by Umi's presence, afraid to even emote around her and thinking of the rumors spread about Umi, such as how they couldn’t measure her grip strength because she’d crushed the hand dynamometer in her bare fist, or how she had supposedly marched into some yakuza office to beat them all up by herself. Her very presence itself is feared, causing others to stear clear of her.

Umi is perfectly aware of what others think about her, though she feels "lawless troublemaker" does not fit the true spirit of who she is. Even with her tendencies of violence and ignoring rules, Umi considers herself to be an adventurer before all else, with her behavior just the consequences of following her heart. Prioritizing thrills and excitement, Umi is somewhat fixated on imitating the adventure storybooks she and her childhood friend Kayo Nemura used to read together as elementary schoolers.

When Toko transforms the Namiyama Middle Schoolers into Magical Girls, Umi is the only one who is enthusiastically ready to accept Toko's explanation and beat up the Evil Mages that are supposedly threatening world peace, thinking of it as the beginnings of her epic tale. She volunteers Kayo, now the Magical Girl Funny Trick, alongside her, not bothering to listen to Funny Trick's personal feelings on the matter out of assumption that she would naturally want to follow Captain Grace as her partner.

Captain Grace is shown to be incredibly hot-heated both in and out of battle. She becomes focused and absorbed in the fight with Hana Gekokujou, determined to defeat her, and later also butts heads with Weddin over who should be the leader of their newly formed group of Magical Girls. She isn't afraid to speak her mind, even if it's often blunt and somewhat crass.

Captain Grace views Funny Trick not only as her best friend, but as her other half. The pair are constantly seen together, not just as humans, but after they are transformed into Magical Girls.


Can summon a really cool magic pirate ship.

She can summon a magical wooden pirate ship that reaches about 10 meters in length. The ship can withstand water and air resistance. If it's in the water, the ship can travel at subsonic speeds (more than 5600 knots), exceeding the law of physics. Although it has the appearance of a sailboat, it does not require wind to travel.

The ship holds items such as cannons, ropes, and foods, which are all magical items and are usable even outside of the ship. These items can also withstand a normal Magical Girl's strength. It also equips magical cannons that can mince a Magical Girl.

Special Item(s)[]

  • Really Cool Magic Pirate Ship: Captain Grace's special pirate ship. It's a sailboat of with the length of 10 meters. It's a surprisingly convenient ship which allows Captain Grace to take out items such as furniture and food. It can travel up to subsonic speed. Because of its size, Captain Grace can use it to kill her target by summoning it on the air and dropping it down, smashing whoever is underneath it.


Funny Trick[]

Captain Grace and Funny Trick are teammates and best friends in Limited. They are always seen side by side.

Captain Grace thinks of Funny Trick as her partner, and usually refers to her internally as such. Captain Grace often thinks back on the pair of them reading adventure books together in their elementary school library, as well as their other fun exploits. Their first meeting was strategically planned by Umi, who had looked at the history of Kayo's library card and later found her reading The Robber Hotzenplotz, a book Umi was also interested in.

From then on, Umi wormed her way into Kayo's heart by following her around, growing their relationship and strengthening their bond. During their summer vacation in fourth grade, Umi and Kayo traversed the entire island of Honshu, and in fifth grade, Kayo beared witness to Umi beating up the master of a dojo single-handedly. In their first year of middle school, Kayo had been there to see Umi beat up the motorcycle gang, Love Live, too. Throughout anything and everything Umi did, Kayo was always with her.

When Captain Grace and Funny Trick were transformed by the fairy Toko, Captain Grace was quick to volunteer Funny Trick to join Toko's cause without listening to Funny Trick's protests or considering her feelings on the matter, thinking it would be natural that her partner would want to be by her side. She even tells Funny Trick to "shut up" when she tries to speak up. Captain Grace doing thoughtless things like this is a constant in their relationship. Captain Grace often orders Funny Trick to only focus on being at her side, discouraging any other individual thoughts or protests against her actions. She also gets irritated when Funny Trick shows any timidity, thinking that her partner should be more bold.

Captain Grace sometimes intimidates Funny Trick without the direct intention to. After Captain Grace and Weddin's spat with each other about who should be the leader of their group, Funny Trick attempts to tell Captain Grace that she should try to get along with Weddin. Captain Grace then slams her cup down on the table, asking if Funny Trick had a problem with what Captain Grace is doing. Captain Grace then tells Funny Trick that she "just has to be quiet and follow her, just like always."

While Captain Grace's feelings about Funny Trick are fond and warm, thinking of Funny Trick as her grounding piece but being too embarrassed to say it to her out loud, the reality is that Funny Trick feared and resented Captain Grace all along, thinking of her as a bully and a monster.

Captain Grace never learns of Funny Trick's true feelings for her, nor does she come to see the error of her ways before she is killed by Sonia Bean.

Captain Grace's final thoughts are of Funny Trick, chronicling their adventures, and how Captain Grace would always protect her.


Weddin and Captain Grace were fighting over who would be the leader, but later became teammates. However, both don't like each others' ways of handling the situation.

Kuru-Kuru Hime[]

Captain Grace and Kuru-Kuru Hime were teammates.

Rain Pow[]

Captain Grace and Rain Pow were teammates. Rain Pow targeted her to become a Magical Girl since she knew Grace was always looking for adventures.


Captain Grace and Postarie are teammates.


Captain Grace and Tepsekemei are teammates. Captain Grace gave her a lamp as a gift.


Captain Grace was turned into a Magical Girl by Toko. Captain Grace was the first to agree to help Toko, despite knowing nothing about her.

Sonia Bean[]


Karate Teacher[]

Captain Grace beat up the Karate Teacher for taking away her playtime with Funny Trick when they were children. He closes his dojo because of this.


  • In Fanbook 1, Captain Grace has the following stats:
    Physical Ability: 5/5
    Communication Skill: 2/5
    Magic Rarity: 2/5
    Magic Experience: 3/5
    Mental Strength: 4/5
    Thoughtfulness: 1/5
  • The kanjis in her name stand for "turf" (芝 shiba), "meadow" (原 hara) and "sea" (海 umi).
  • The name Umi, meaning "sea", is a direct reference to Captain Grace's motif and magic.
  • Captain Grace's human name, Umi Shibahara, is one of the few homages to the Love Live franchise the author put into Limited, named after the character Umi Sonoda. The book directly references Love Live through the motorcycle gang that Umi beats up as a first year middle schooler, literally called "Love-Life".
  • The author revealed in an interview that Captain Grace has the strongest human form of any of the other magical girls from Mahoiku.
  • In said interview, he also said that “the episode where she tears apart a 500 yen coin with her bare hands got cut."
  • In the e-book exclusive afterword of Limited (Part 1), Asari Endō revealed that he has written several unreleased sidestories featuring Umi Shibahara, but was unable to release them, since they didn't have anything to do with magical girls. In one story, he wrote about the time Umi beat up a motocycle gang, as mentioned in Limited. In the other, he wrote a story where Umi dresses up as a magical girl for Christmas and meets the Third Lapis Lazuline.


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