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Bluebell Candy (ブルーベル・キャンディ) is a minor character that first appeared in Magical Girl Raising Project: Episodes and later became one of the main protagonists of Magical Girl Raising Project: ACES, Magical Girl Raising Project: QUEENS and Magical Girl Raising Project: White. She appeared as a minor character in Magical Girl Raising Project: Black

She is a member of the Research and Development Division tasked with looking after the Man-Made Magical Girl Princess Deluge, following the events of JOKERS.

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In ACES, she ends up getting caught up in Deluge's quest for vengeance but genuinely tries to help her as the latter slowly begins falling in depravity.
In QUEENS, which continues from ACES, it is revealed that she is actually Lapis Lazuline III and had been secretly manipulating Deluge all along.
In Black, she helps Lapis Lazuline I prepare for a war against the Frederica-controlled Caspar Faction for the fate of the Magical Kingdom.
In White, she reaches out to Deluge in order to recruit her to help take down Pythie.



Bluebell Candy's human form is never revealed, as she stays in her Magical Girl form at all times, but she was described as wearing a school uniform in Memories of the Blue Magical Girl.

Magical Girl[]

Bluebell Candy in ACES, QUEENS, and White

As a Magical Girl, Bluebell Candy has light pink hair, tied into two braids on each side of her head, and her bangs are clipped off the left side of her hair. She also has green-yellow eyes and earrings in the shape of a bow. Her attire is similar to a ballerina, with the main colors being dark blue and light pink. She has a blue royal crown, much like a king's, with a blue gem and bow hanging from it in the front. Lily-of-the-valley flowers adorn her hair and the back of her dress.


Bluebell Candy is insecure and doesn't have much ambition, but instead has a kind heart and is polite to everyone. She took good care of Princess Deluge and acted as her therapist by talking with her and giving her magical candies to make Deluge happy again.

She is a virtuous person, as she doesn't like telling lies or causing others trouble. Bluebell herself believes she isn't a very good liar.

Bluebell is a hard worker, as she makes a very high salary, despite not having a top position. She was mentioned to have worked so hard in elementary school cleaning that the principal shook her hand.

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Third Lapis Lazuline

While not much has been revealed about her personality in the story thus far, the Third Lapis Lazuline has been shown to be a gentle person and has a certain empathy with people and their memories. She is a pacifist and doesn't attack other Magical Girls, but uses her candies to make them lose their will to fight. She is a calm person in combat and does not want other Magical Girls to get hurt in any way, as shown after she pacified a dragonfly Magical Girl. Instead of hurting her, the Third Lapis Lazuline caught her as she was falling and gently laid her on the ground.


Makes magical candies that can alter your feelings.

She can produce magical candy from her palms that change people's moods. The candy melts and disappears immediately as soon as it's put into the mouth.

Magical candies can also change people's mood based on memory. When the magical candy of happiness was used, she revived memories of the past. The candy of anger and other various candies have not demonstrated the use of memories.

Fav LN.pngBlue Bell Candy.jpgFal.pngSpoiler(s) Below!
By touching the face of others, she can extract one's memory and emotion into her candies. Different colors of candy may represent different aspects of emotion and memory. Red color represents anger and hostility. Taking people's anger emotion can make them lose their will to fight. The rainbow candy can be used to make a Magical Girl unconscious and has other uses. The blue color is unknown.

Special Item(s)[]

  • Magical Candy: Candy made by Bluebell Candy that can change emotion.


Princess Deluge[]

After the events of JOKERS, Bluebell Candy takes Princess Deluge in. She started to care deeply for Deluge and was willing to travel and protect her.

In White, The Third Lapis Lazuline contacts Deluge again in order to convince her to help in the plan to take down Pythie Frederica.

Armor Arlie[]

Armor Arlie and Bluebell Candy are partners.

The First Lapis Lazuline[]

The First Lapis Lazuline is the mentor of The Third Lapis Lazuline. She follows the orders of The First Lapis Lazuline.

Unlike other Lazuline candidates, The Third Lapis Lazuline does not worship the First. She doesn't hate her, rather liking her quite a bit, but starts questioning her master's actions after viewing Pfle's memories. The Third Lapis Lazuline considers her thoughts both eerie and interesting.


The Third Lapis Lazuline erased the memories of Pfle at her request to "hide her secrets". Bluebell Candy comes to talk to her for a few moments in ACES & QUEENS.

After viewing Pfle's memories in White, The Third Lapis Lazuline begins to feel influenced by them. After figuring out that the emotions that she is feeling must be Pfle's, The Third Lapis Lazuline believes that they shared more in common than initially thought.

Shadow Gale[]

The Third Lapis Lazuline removes Shadow Gale's memories of Pfle and gives them to Princess Deluge after Pfle requested her to do so.


After Lethe injures herself, The Third Lapis Lazuline appears to remove her negative feelings (anger) so that she can die peacefully.

Snow White[]

After Snow White was defeated by Shufflin Ⅱ, The Third Lapis Lazuline appears and extracts a rainbow candy from Snow White, causing her to faint.

The Second Lapis Lazuline[]

The Third Lapis Lazuline felt guilty when having to erase memories of the Second Lapis Lazuline and promised to cherish her own memories of her.

In ☆★Trio of MagicalGirls★☆, they appear in Dreamland at the same time to meet Nemurin, though from different timelines. Due to this, Bluebell Candy does not interact with The Second Lapis Lazuline in the same way The Third Lapis Lazuline would.

Princess Lightning[]

Bluebell Candy hates Princess Lightning and only interacts with her under the orders of the First Lapis Lazuline. In White, Bluebell Candy removes Princess Lightning's memories so Snow White can't find out about their plans.


Bluebell Candy and Nemurin meet in ☆★Trio of MagicalGirls★☆.


  • Her other name, along with the First and Second Lapis Lazuline are based off a gemstone called Lapis lazuli.
  • She's the first minor character in the series to reappear later as a main character.


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