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Blitzsparkz Blitzsparkz 4 April

Mahoiku Blue

  • This is the shortest novel out of all the novels.
  • This is the first novel/story where all Lazuline or girls affiliated with her are shown together.
  • Several notable background Magical Girls are shown during the Lazuine training. They are:
    • Blue Archive
      A Magical Girl who wields a book that can cast a variety of spells.
    • Blue Reflection
      A Magical Girl who can enter the world of mirrors by jumping into a reflection of any kind.
    • Blue Exorcist
      A Magical Girl who wields a flaming katana that can summon a burning demon.
    • Sky Chaser
      A Magical Girl who distract people by summoning a smokescreen.
    • Tailwing
      A Magical Girl whose body will automatically evade when she comes in physical contact.
    • Night Gaze
      A Magical Girl who can stop one's movement and her own when she f…

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This is a very important question...

1: do you ever think. Who is ruling the entire magical kingdom in the MGRP universe, like not in diffrent factions but the whole kingdom itself because the three sages only rule certain parts of the kingdom.

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Blitzsparkz Blitzsparkz 20 February

Spoiler 4 Template

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Chiiori-chan Chiiori-chan 5 June 2021

Volumes I have

Hiya, so I wanted to make a blog post and here it is!

I currently have the physical versions of Volumes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. Only 1, 10 and 11 to go!

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Ruby00w00 Ruby00w00 5 August 2020

Other creator fanbook


i found a bunch of images from the Other Creator Fanbook but i'm unsure if i should add them to the wiki. I'm pretty sure it's an official product, since the Manga Illustrator took part in it but i just want to make sure before i upload anything.

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Toby Pecan Toby Pecan 5 August 2020

Characters Who Could've been Great Additions to the Main Cast

Many of us have at least one character (regardless of if we liked them or not) that we think could've been an interesting survivor... these are my options... 

  • 1 Tama
  • 2 Lapis Lazuline
  • 3 Funny Trick
  • 4 Weddin
  • 5 Filru
  • 6 Prism Cherry
  • 7 CQ Angel Hamuel 
  • 8 Dreamy☆Chelsea

It would’ve been awesome to see how Tama would be received by the land of magic since she killed one of the strongest girls they knew and maybe Mao Pam would've offered her to join her school and in the worst scenario Melville would’ve planned to kill her. I think she could befriend Clantail and Mei since they all three have something to do with animals (they could meet during Breakdown). Also, we need someone to carry team Ruler’s legacy.

Although her death is already an important storyline she co…

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Blitzsparkz Blitzsparkz 17 September 2019

Source Code Reference


This blog served as a coding reference for me to easily copy and identify the designs that I want to use. Most of the examples here will be copied from another wiki.

Force debugged: ?debug=1

1px Style

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Blitzsparkz Blitzsparkz 3 September 2019

Experimental Site

This blog is dedicated to testing varies formats before implementing on the actual articles.

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Blitzsparkz Blitzsparkz 28 July 2019

All Characters Color Palette

Merge together a list of all Characters(not really) Color Palette because I don't want to scroll all the way to the next page just to find a color.

All these are new colors that I already change. I never understood why some character's color doesn't match their background icon but some do. So I decided to change them all to match their background icon color.

Mahoiku Main Theme: #EA5C81

Secondary Theme : #FCAEBA

Light Novels

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Lemon1212 Lemon1212 15 April 2019

images kind of guy here

probably can find a number of random images 


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Primal Groudon 156 Primal Groudon 156 17 June 2017


So anyways, as you may know (or don't know), I' m doing fanart and I'll be posting my drawing of Hana tomorrow. Hopefully. Also, I'm doing this for the badge. Anyways I hope I can show you my art tomorrow.

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NymphiaP NymphiaP 18 March 2017

Hello. I'm new so here is a drawing!

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PrincessChynna PrincessChynna 8 March 2017

Magical Girl Raising Project RP

Hi! Like the title says, this is a RP. This is based on a AU version of the series, where nobody dies. Meaning you can interact with the characters, while pretending. Have fun everyone!

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PrincessChynna PrincessChynna 28 February 2017

who's your favorite character?

Hi! Like the title says, who's your favorite character from the Magical Girl Raising Project series. My favorite character is La Pucelle.

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Mizuwaifu Mizuwaifu 2 January 2017

MGRP Webgame Fail

Soo, I`ve been playing this little official webgame (here`s the link if you want to play it yourself: )  and if you get 20 candies you get the icon of the girl you chose to play. And I did this with every girl of Unmarked and saved the pictures for this wiki, ofc. But then, the time I wanted to put them in Official Art I realized they cant be put in it. (atleast not my way rip) 

I literally wasted 30 minutes of my life. I mean the icons are cute and all but I just dont need them ;_;

Ah well

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TheMegaMeowstic TheMegaMeowstic 31 December 2016


HI! My name ish Deph and I'm a huge Hardgore Alice & Pukin fan!

I'm currently reading the ACES arc (thanks to PlatFleece-Senpai for translating the novels!)

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand (IDK why I put so many A's) I think Cherna Mouse is kawaii!

That's it. Bye.

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Coolkitty849 Coolkitty849 20 December 2016

My favorite characters from unmarked in order

1. Hardgore Alice

2. Wiess Winterprison

3. Sister Nana

4. Nemurin

5. La Pucelle

6. Ripple

7. Top Speed

8. Tama

9. Snow White

10. Ruler

11. Magicaloid 44

12.Calamity Mary

13. Minael

14. Yunael

15. Swim Swim

16. Cranberry

Magicaloid and down is characters i dont like

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OmegaPri OmegaPri 2 December 2016

A Magical Girl Fandom RP Wiki!!

So yah,I need all the help I can get,but you don't have too,but it would be nice.Her'es the link!!

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Cuddlekitten Cuddlekitten 9 November 2016

Hi there

Uh, I am a nerd. And I like to roleplay. (A site for role playing if anyone bothers to read this)

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Hoto Cocoa Hoto Cocoa 8 November 2016


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