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Archfiend Cram School (魔王塾) or Mao School in the original Japanese release, is an organization led by Archfiend Pam in which the members are mostly battle-enthusiasts and strive to be stronger.

By Magical Girl Raising Project: Black, the institution no longer exists; likely the result of the passing of its headmistress

General Information[edit | edit source]

A long-time ago, the Archfiend Cram School was founded by Archfiend Pam within the Magical Kingdom with the purpose of attracting Magical Girls who strove to seek strength or any Magical Girls who were battle-enthusiasts. Sometime later, the school was bought and under the jurisdiction of the Department of Diplomacy. The school was eventually discontinued after the fall of its founder.

Within the school lies many individual groups such as:

  • The six Pyromancers - Led by Flame Flamey.
  • The Twelve Demon Generals
  • The Three Celestial Maidens
  • The Five Pentagrams
  • The Four Fists
  • The Seven Fortunes

Known Members[edit | edit source]

Note: All the members beside Archfiend Pam and Marika Fukuroi were graduates.

Members of Archfiend Cram School
Archfiend Pam
Cranberry Flame Flamey Twin Stars
Cutie Altair
Dragons Panas
Mao Pam.jpg Clamberry.jpg Flame Flamey.png Logo-Image Unvalaible.jpg Logo-Image Unvalaible.jpg Logo-Image Unvalaible.jpg
Negino Amy Monako Dark Fang Limit Thunder General
Marika Fukuroi
Logo-Image Unvalaible.jpg Amy icon.png Monaka icon.png Logo-Image Unvalaible.jpg ThunderGeneralAdelheit.jpg Marika Fukuroi.jpg

36th Hell Survival Games[edit | edit source]

Hell Survival Cover

The 36th Hell Survival Games is a battle royale event hosted by Archfiend Pam where the strongest Magical Girls of the generation come together to seek strength and fight each other with a 5 million yen prize money on the line. There were no rewards other than the first place, making the game more of a king of the hill.

A pre-game interview was conducted for every participant prior to the event by Archfiend Pam who also broadcasts the games and provided her live commentary with her assistant "Pammy". Pammy is actually one of Archfiend Pam's wings turned humanoid and given enough to analyze the games and provide commentary. They also asked Fav to keep track of the flag counts as well as helping out with the camera crew.

For the first time, the whole event was recorded and would later be edited and sold to the public. For a limited time, a limited-edition would also be sold with additional footage of the participants' interviews prior to the game.

A contingency plan was also accounted for every occasion.

  • Medical Team
    Multiple tents were set up with staffs attending to the injured. It's also a place where the participants would be sent after being eliminated.
  • Rescue Personnels
    They are people who put out the fire with their magical fire extinguisher. They also resolve the aftermath of the participants' battle. Uttakatta was one of the volunteers who help put out the fire along with the rescue personnel. She would later carry along the magical fire extinguisher with her.

At the end of the game, the environment with all its plantlife would be restored to normal via magic.

See Hell Survival Sponsored by Mao’s School for the synopsis.

Rules[edit | edit source]

The rules of the games were simple:

  1. The Games will last 24 hours. From sundown till tomorrow's sundown.
  2. The objective is to collect points in the form of "flags". The Magical Girl with the most flags wins the games.
  3. To earn flags, you must hit your opponent. A hit is counted as anything that causes damage. The hit can be via a punch, a kick, or damage from a magical ability.
  4. No killing is allowed.
  5. If you leave the area for 5 seconds, you're disqualified and all your flags are forfeited.

Participants[edit | edit source]

The Games are open to all Magical Girls. Most Magical Girls from Mao's School participated in the Games, but outside participants were welcome as well.

Note: The list of participants only covers confirmed participants of the Games.

Archfiend Cram School Participants
Cranberry Marika Fukuroi Blue
Dragons Panasu
Flame Flamey Twin Stars
Cutie Altair
Clamberry.jpg Marika Fukuroi.jpg Logo-Image Unvalaible.jpg Flame Flamey.png Logo-Image Unvalaible.jpg

Other Participants[edit | edit source]

Outside Participants
Styler Mimi Hana Gekokujou Blue Comet Uttakatta Lady Proud Umbrain
Styler Mimi.jpg Hana Gekokujou.jpg Lapis Lazuline.jpg Uttakatta.jpg Lady Proud.jpg Umbrein.jpg
Mina Mad
Gardener Acre
Metally Meyer Barter Ranko Duchess Sanae Utatane
Logo-Image Unvalaible.jpg Logo-Image Unvalaible.jpg Logo-Image Unvalaible.jpg Logo-Image Unvalaible.jpg Lethe.jpg Logo-Image Unvalaible.jpg
Mol Mol Morgue Puchidevi
Logo-Image Unvalaible.jpg Logo-Image Unvalaible.jpg

Non-Participants[edit | edit source]

Archfiend Pam
(Host &
(Cameraman &
(Score Keeper &
Mao Pam.jpg Logo-Image Unvalaible.jpg Fav.png Logo-Image Unvalaible.jpg

Face-Off[edit | edit source]

The following list the participants challenging other participants.

36th Hell Survival Games
Challengers Winner Winner's Flags Win Method
Cranberry VS Marika Fukuroi No Results N/A Camera was cut off after Cranberry used her special move.
Hana Gekokujou VS Styler Mimi Styler Mimi N/A Hana stepped out of bounds after being fooled by Styler Mimi's magic.
Lady Proud VS Mina Mad Gardener Acre Lady Proud 1 Thrown by Lady Proud's suplex into a patch of trees.
Lady Proud VS Metally Lady Proud 1 Kicked by Lady Proud and was sent flying into the trees.
Uttakatta VS Flame Flamey Uttakatta N/A Uttakatta used her magic to create bubbles and filled them up with white foam from the Magical fire extinguisher. The bubble then exploded, causing the white foam inside to cover up Flame Flamey, defeating her.
Blue Comet VS Blue Dragons Panasu Blue Comet N/A Blue Dragons Panasu was sent to the emergency staff by Blue Comet after the former was caught in an explosion in the middle of their fight. Blue Comet was allowed to take her flag as she was the last person touching her even though she did not win fairly.

Eliminations[edit | edit source]

The following list only covers confirmed participants that were eliminated. After a Magical Girl is defeated, they will be sent to the medical team.

36th Hell Survival Games
Magical Girls Defeated by
Hana Gekokujou Styler Mimi
Mina Mad Gardener Acre Lady Proud
Metally Lady Proud
Flame Flamey Uttakatta
Blue Dragons Panasu Blue Comet
Amy N/A

Results[edit | edit source]

Note: The total flags count are a rough estimation and are highly inaccurate as most of the numbers were not mention while the positions were taken from Fav's announcement.

Top 10s
Position Magical Girls Total Flags Reference/Quote Pages
1 Twin Stars Cutie Altair 41 “The results are out ~pon. In first place is Twin Star Cutie Altair, by one flag.” 60
2 Umbrain 40 “It changed again, now it’s Umbrain, by one flag.”
“And after that, Contestant Umbrain caught up!”
3 Duchess 39 “There’s a big melee ~pon. The top rankers are… Umbrain, Duchess, Twin Star Cutie Altair, Blue Comet, Uttakatta, Utatane Sanae, Maya, Barter Ranko, Morumoru Molg, Styler Mimi and Puchidevi. The final champion ought to be among these people ~pon.”
4 Blue Comet 38
5 Uttakatta 37
6 Sanae Utatane 36
7 Meyer 35
8 Barter Ranko 34
9 Mol Mol Morgue 33
10 Styler Mimi 32 “Ah, the first place changed. The top scorer is now Styler Mimi by a difference of three flags.”
“Contestant Styler Mimi finally took the pole position!”
“There’s a big melee ~pon. The top rankers are… Umbrain, Duchess, Twin Star Cutie Altair, Blue Comet, Uttakatta, Utatane Sanae, Maya, Barter Ranko, Morumoru Molg, Styler Mimi and Puchidevi. The final champion ought to be among these people ~pon.”
11 Puchidevi 31

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Hell Survival Games is conducted yearly with a reward given to the winner.
  • Although not shown, its assume that 35 other Hell Survival Games had been played before and only the members of Archfiend Cram School could participant.
  • The 36th Hell Survival Games was slightly different from the previous games.
    • It is the first hell survival game to be open to the public.
    • The battlefield has been greatly expanded due to the number of participants
    • The whole event is recorded and commentated and would later be sold to the public.
    • Although it is unsure what rewards were given in the previous games, this year, the 36th Hell Survival Games will be giving out cash prize to the winner.
  • According to Archfiend Pam, the event and its cash prize was sponsored by the Department of Diplomacy and were used to attract external Magical Girls into participating.
    • They would then select the strongest Magical Girl among them to join Archfiend Cram School which in turn, they would be recruited to the Department of Diplomacy after graduation.
      • These new recruits would be used to expand Archfiend Cram School and its sponsors who are the Department of Diplomacy itself.
  • After the death of Archfiend Pam in Limited, The school was shut down however, the members within still remains.

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