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Affiliations and teams are a group of people in an organization that exist in the Magical Girl Raising Project universe.

Magical Kingdom[]

See Magical Kingdom.

Three Sages[]

Central Authority[]

Magical Girl Department[]

Archfiend Cram School[]

See Archfiend Cram School.


Team Ruler[]

Team Ruler (ルーラチーム) is a group created and led by Ruler during Magical Girl Raising Project.

(Former Leader)
Swim Swim
Minael Yunael Tama
Ruler.jpg Swim Swim.jpg Perky Angels.jpg Perky Angels.jpg Tama.jpg
  • Summary
    In order to bring down Calamity Mary, Ruler gathered a small group of Magical Girls, intending to use them as shields to protect her. Despite looking down on her subjects and frequently calling them 'idiots', she genuinely cares for them and vowed to not let anyone in the group drop out of the rankings.


Team Clantail[]

Team Clantail (クランテイルチーム) is a group led by Clantail during Magical Girl Raising Project: Restart.

Clantail (Leader) Pechka Rionetta Nonako Miyokata
Clantail.jpg Pechika.jpg Rionetta.jpg Miyokata Nonako.jpg
  • Summary
    In the beginning, Team Clantail was firstly composed of only Clantail, Rionetta, and Nonako Miyokata. Pechka joined later on, though she felt unwanted due to her being weak. Their team dynamic improved over time, despite Rionetta and Nonako Miyokata's constant fights, with Clantail watching over the group and Pechka often cooking meals to put everyone in a better mood.

Team Daisy[]

Team Daisy (デイジーチーム) is a group led by Magical Daisy during Magical Girl Raising Project: Restart.

Magical Daisy
Nokko @Meow-Meow Genopsyko
Magical Daisy.jpg Nokko-chan.jpg @NyanNyan.jpg Yumenoshima Genopsycho.jpg
  • Summary
    After Daisy rescues a maid-looking Magical Girl named Nokko, the latter asks her if she is the famous protagonist of the Magical Daisy Series, to what she answers as affirmative. Nokko gets excited at meeting her, while Daisy is a little embarrassed of dealing with a fan. They soon make their way towards a town Daisy spotted earlier. When they arrive at the town, Daisy is quickly approached by another enthusiastic fan of her anime. She is introduced to a sci-fi Magical Girl named Genopsyko Yumenoshima and a Magical Girl resembling a china doll named @Meow-Meow. 

Team Bell[]

Team Bell (ベルチーム) is a group led by Detec Bell during Magical Girl Raising Project: Restart.

Detec Bell
Lapis Lazuline Melville Cherna Mouse
Detick Bell.jpg Lapis Lazuline.jpg Melville.jpg Cherna Mouse.jpg
  • Summary
    Sometime near the beginning of the game, Detec Bell teams up with Lapis Lazuline, Cherna Mouse, and Melville. She is regarded as the team leader by other groups, but Lapis Lazuline is the only one from her own team that appears to acknowledge her as the leader, as the other two view her as incapable and act without her knowledge.

Team Pfle[]

Team Pfle (プフレチーム) is a group led by Pfle during Magical Girl Raising Project: Restart.

Pfle (Leader) Shadow Gale Masked Wonder
Pfle.jpg Shadow Gale.jpg Masked Wonder.jpg
  • Summary
    Originally composed of only Pfle and Shadow Gale. When the two were exploring the area, they found a girl named Masked Wonder who promptly introduces herself as an “avatar of justice meant to punish evil”, striking her signature pose. Due to Pfle’s frail and bandaged appearance, Masked Wonder was very quick to agree to protect Pfle. Team Pfle is the only team from Restart with three members instead of four.


Namiyama Middle School[]

The Namiyama Students (波山中学校) are a group led by Weddin during Magical Girl Raising Project: Limited.

Namiyama Students
Weddin (Leader) Captain Grace Funny Trick Kuru-Kuru Hime
Updated Wedin.png Captain Grace.jpg Funny Trick.jpg Kuru-Kuru Hime.jpg
Postarie Rain Pow Tepsekemei Toko
Postarie.jpg Rain Pou.jpg Tepsekemei.jpg Toko.png
  • Summary
    The Namiyama students were transformed by the fairy Toko. They were told that they were chosen to become Magical Girls and that their task was to protect Toko from an evil witch that wanted to destroy the world. Due to Weddin's magic, the other seven girls obey everything she orders them to do.

B-City Investigation Team[]

The B-City Investigation Team (B市捜査班) is a team led by Mana, sent by the Magical Kingdom in order to capture the assassin in B-City during Magical Girl Raising Project: Limited.

Mana (Leader) Hana Gekokujou 7753 Ripple Archfiend Pam
Mana.jpg Hana Gekokujou.jpg 7753.jpg Link=Ripple Mao Pam.jpg
  • Summary
    Originally, the team only consisted of Mana and Hana Gekokujou. They went to Namiyama Middle School to capture the assassin. However, when they were outnumbered, they retreated and called for backup. The Magical Kingdom later sent out Archfiend Pam, Ripple, and 7753 from different divisions to assist them. Together, they formed a plan to capture the assassin and later engaged with the Namiyama students once more.

    When the situation escalated, they worked together with the students and Pythie Frederica to defeat Pukin.


The Prisoners (脱獄囚) Or also Known as The Revolutinary Special forces (by Pukin) are a group of former prisoners, led by Tot Pop, who broke out and came to B-City looking for the assassin during Magical Girl Raising Project: Limited.

Pythie Frederica Tot Pop Pukin Sonia Bean
Pythie Frederica.jpg Tot Pop.jpg Pukin.jpg Sonia Bean.jpg
  • Summary
    A mysterious sponsor hired Tot Pop to break Pythie Frederica out of prison. Unplanned, Pythie also released Pukin and Sonia Bean, and then promptly invited them to join her cause. As B-City was currently quarantined, Pythie used her crystal ball and teleported her team into the city in search of the assassin to accuse her of something big. They later interfered in the battle between the Investigation Team and the Namiyama students.

See more information on Magical Girl Prison


Pure Elements[]

The Pure Elements (ピュアエレメンツ) are a group of Artificial Magical Girls in S-City in Magical Girl Raising Project: JOKERS.

Princess Inferno Princess Deluge Princess Quake Princess Tempest Prism Cherry
Princess Inferno.jpg Princess Deluge.jpg Princess Quake.jpg Princess Tempest.jpg Prism Cherry.jpg
  • Summary
    They were created by Professor Tanaka. Soon after their initial creation, Princess Deluge invited Prism Cherry to the Pure Element's underground lab. Together they formed the Pure Elements. As a team, they would strategically shout out their names and pose with catchphrases before engaging in battle with the disruptors.


Secret Team[]

The Secret Team (機密チーム) is a group of Magical Girls, led by Dark Cutie and sent by Pfle to collaborate with Princess Deluge on the mission of capturing Premium Sachiko in Magical Girl Raising Project: ACES.

Dark Cutie
the Dictionary
Dark Cutie.jpg Monoshiri Mi-Chan.jpg Glassianne.jpg
  • Summary
    They are bounty hunters. Dark Cutie specializes in assassination, Micchan the Dictionary is the strategist of the team, and Glassianne scouts the area with her magical glasses to provide information on the go.

Black & White[]

Class 2-F[]

Class 2-F (2年F組) is a Magical Girl class where Magical Girls came to study. All of them are elite Magical Girls that came from different divisions and factions that take place in Magical Girl Raising Project: Black.

Group 1[]

Tetty Goodgripp
Rappy Taype Miss Ril Drill Dory Arc Arlie
Tetty Goodniegl.jpg WrappyTip.jpg MissLille.jpg Drill Dolly.jpg Armor Arlie Black.jpg
  • Summary
    Group 1 (1班) is a team made out of Magical Girls supposedly from the Osk's Faction. In actuality, only two of them are actually connected to the faction.
    • Rappy Taype is a spy sent from the Magical Girl Resources Department.
    • Arc Arlie is a spy sent by Snow White and Princess Deluge.
    • Miss Ril is affiliated with no division or faction, as Ragi Zwe Nento recommended her specifically because she wasn’t affiliated.
    • Tetty Goodgripp and Drill Dory are the only two magical girls from divisions directly connected to the Osk’s Faction.

Group 2[]

Mephis Pheles
Kana Kumi-Kumi Classical Lillian Thunder-General
MepisPheles.jpg Kana.jpg KumiKumi.jpg ClassicalLilian.jpg ThunderGeneralAdelheit.jpg

Group 3[]

Princess Lightning
Ranyi Diko Narakunoin Sally Raven Pshuke Prains
PrincessLightning.jpg Ran Yui.jpg Narakuno Indiko.jpg SallyRaven.jpg PsychePlains.jpg
  • Summary
    Group 3 (3班) is a team made out of Magical Girls from the different divisions and factions. According to Calcolo, group 3 has the highest physical abilities combined and the most versatile magic.
    • Princess Lightning, Ranyi, and Diko Narakunoin are spies sent by The First Lapis Lazuline in order to infiltrate the school and find the ruins.



The Freelancers (フリーランス) are Magical Girls who have no real job and accept temporary job offers from anyone.

Filru Uttakatta Kafuria Kokuri Auro Negino
Filuru.jpg Uttakatta.jpg Kafuria.jpg Logo-Image Unvalaible.jpg Logo-Image Unvalaible.jpg Logo-Image Unvalaible.jpg
Miss Margarite Pshuke Prains
Miss Margarite.jpg PsychePlains.jpg
  • Summary
    Kafuria initially was friends with Kokuri, Auro and Negino since they all felt their magics were useless. They went to a Cosplay Cafe, where Kafuria detected a young boy who was close to dying, combining all of their magic, the girls managed to avoid the boy's death.
  • Kafuria later befriends another freelancer named Uttakatta, the two accept the request of capturing the Pure Elements and dividing the money. They later befriend Filuru who joins them.
  • Miss Margarite is a former member of the Inspection Department in the Magical Kingdom who retired and became a Freelancer. She was assigned by Death Prayer to accompany Touta Magaoka to The Island for the inheritance.
  • Pshuke Prains is a former member of Puk's Faction and a freelancer who once guarded the Cutie Healer's 20th Anniversary Party.

Team Lazuline[]

Team Lazuline(Unofficial name), are a group of Magical Girls that affiliate themselves with The First Lapis Lazuline. They are often either her successors or her apprentices.

The First
Lapis Lazuline (Leader)
The Second The Third Apprentice Apprentice Apprentice Apprentice
Old Blue Blue Comet Bluebell Candy Ranyi Diko Narakunoin Princess Lightning Love Lulu
Old Blue.png Lapis Lazuline.jpg Blue Bell Candy.jpg Ran Yui.jpg Narakuno Indiko.jpg PrincessLightning.jpg Love Lulu.png
  • Summary
    During Restart, the Second Lapis Lazuline reveals to a friend of hers the existence of another Lapis Lazuline besides her who was later revealed to be the Third Lapis Lazuline.
  • During Black, Diko Narakunoin, Ranyui and Princess Lightning are competing for the title of The Fourth Lapis Lazuline. However, both the formers are unaware about the latter competing.
  • During White, Love Lulu is revealed to be an apprentice of The First Lapis Lazuline. However, she did not pass the qualifications to become a Lapis Lazuline

Experimental Site[]

The Experimental Site are groups of Artificial Magical Girls that belongs to the Osk's Faction and was created through inhumane means.

Drill Dory Francisca Francesca Other Homunculi
Drill Dolly.jpg Francisca Francesca fanmade.png Logo-Image Unvalaible.jpg

The Resistance[]

The Resistance (反体制派) are groups of Magical Girls who view the Magical Kingdom as corrupted and want to overthrow it or completely reform it. (Note: Currently there is no connection between the "Resistance" led by Tot Pop and the "Resistance" in F-City. This is a rather general term used to describe those who oppose the Magical Kingdom and plan to take action on it; therefore not all the "Resistance" are guaranteed to be connected.)

Limited & Episodes Φ[]

The Rebel
Tot Pop
Tot Pop.jpg
  • Summary


Lala Luna
Stella Lulu Sera Sera Melty Pane Wen Heizwald Mees
Akira Osanai icon.png Stella Lulu icon.png Sera Sera icon.png Melty Pane icon.png Wen icon.png Mees icon.png
  • Summary


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